How To Bring Back The Passion Of Your Honeymoon To Your Relationship

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How To Bring Back The Passion Of Your Honeymoon To Your Relationship
How To Bring Back The Passion Of Your Honeymoon To Your Relationship

Video: How To Bring Back The Passion Of Your Honeymoon To Your Relationship

Video: How To Bring Back The Passion Of Your Honeymoon To Your Relationship
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Bring passion back into a relationship
Bring passion back into a relationship

At the beginning of falling in love, all couples experience enchanting sex. But this passion begins to subside literally in six months or a year. Even if your affection and love grow stronger, sex gradually becomes calmer and more mundane. Such a regularity may suit, but all couples dream of experiencing the same fire that burned at the beginning of the relationship. A few tricks can help change your body chemistry, and bring the heat back to the sexual world with a longtime partner.

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  • 2 Get carried away with novelty
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  • 4 "Uncertainty is the essence of romance"
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Dopamine rules the ball

Why does the erotic fire in our bodies go out in long-term relationships? The culprit, as always, is hormones. When we fall madly in love, our brain begins to release dopamine, a biologically active substance that activates the limbic system, the so-called center of pleasure and positive emotions.

When it enters the bloodstream, the action of this neurotransmitter is reflected in the behavior and psyche of people. Lovers become agitated, have less need for food and sleep, their heartbeat increases, it is difficult for them to concentrate on anything other than the object of desire, which they seem to be possessed.

In addition, increased dopamine levels stimulate testosterone production in men and estrogen with progesterone in women. These are hormones that increase sex drive and sensuality, as a result of which the sex of a couple in love turns into a wild marathon.

Such an agitated state cannot last too long, otherwise there will be a threat to the physical and mental health of a person. Therefore, the body regulates the level of dopamine, gradually returning it to normal, which turns the fireworks of passions into the warm comfort of attachment. But it turns out that you can stimulate dopamine levels and survive your second honeymoon with your partner.

Get carried away with novelty 2

While you are doing something new and interesting together, you contribute to the production of dopamine. In one experiment, psychologists examined the mutual feelings of 28 couples. During the month, half of them were doing a boring, tedious task, the other 14 couples were involved in an exciting new activity for them. Couples, engaged in an unusual and interesting business, noted that during this period their intimate life acquired more passion. Newness is one of the most effective ways to increase dopamine levels.

This incentive can be found everywhere, from visiting a recently opened restaurant around the corner to a joint trip to China. Let it be a romantic weekend in a hotel or another city - the unfamiliar environment often promotes passionate sex. Any of your experiences of novelty can be reflected in the bedroom. The newer and more exciting your activity together, the more dopamine your brain will produce.

novelty in sex
novelty in sex

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Laugh Together3

Humor brings a zest, enthusiasm, a factor of surprise to a relationship, which also entails the production of a "pleasure molecule" by the brain. If you ask couples how they got through their long-term relationship, most of them will answer that their general attitude towards humor helped. Find comedy films, shows and shows that make you both laugh, watch them together and laugh together. Humor, like passion and novelty, boosts dopamine production. And when the fun and laughter is gone, boredom enters the relationship.

"Uncertainty is the essence of romance" 4

This statement belongs to Oscar Wilde, and he was right. A game that stimulates expectation and portends reward is a long-standing strategy that can win love. When you receive a hint of a pleasant surprise, your curiosity flares up and a wave of excitement sweeps over you in anticipation of something special. This dopamine is released into the bloodstream, making you anxious and restless.

Schedule “surprise dates” regularly. Let one of you think of a day or evening walk, keeping your plan a secret, telling the other only about the dress code and when to be ready. These kind of surprise dates with guesswork and guesswork will enrich your relationship with the spirit of romance. But this is just one of the ways to create mystery, cause anxious anticipation and provoke the production of dopamine. Make pleasant sudden gifts to each other, let us understand that you are making an effort, you appreciate your partner, and this is always flattering and causes a wave of the hormone of pleasure.

relationships need novelty
relationships need novelty

Make love5

During orgasm, the brain releases dopamine, however, its production also occurs during skin contact during caresses, hugs, and kisses. Do not forget that the fire of passion is always present in your sex, novelty is also necessary in lovemaking. Surprise your partner, add a playful element, try something new not only in bed, but also before sex. Make love in an unexpected place, at an unusual time, use candles, music, underwear, sex toys, lubricants and massages.

Keeping love in a relationship is a mystery, but don't underestimate the biochemical basis of passion. When there is “excellent chemistry” between partners, desire and unrestrained sex remain in their life together.

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