4 Reasons To Break Up With Your Girlfriend: Don't Make These Mistakes In The Future

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4 Reasons To Break Up With Your Girlfriend: Don't Make These Mistakes In The Future
4 Reasons To Break Up With Your Girlfriend: Don't Make These Mistakes In The Future

Video: 4 Reasons To Break Up With Your Girlfriend: Don't Make These Mistakes In The Future

Video: 4 Reasons To Break Up With Your Girlfriend: Don't Make These Mistakes In The Future
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how to find another girl
how to find another girl

There are many reasons why continuing a relationship (or even starting it) with a particular girl is impossible. First, you need to figure out what factor prevents you from building a happy romantic and sexual relationship at the moment (and is it really so critical), and then we move on to practical advice on the topic "How to find another girl?"

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  • 1 Situation 1: a girl loves another
  • 2 Situation 2: the girl's parents versus the relationship
  • 3 Situation 3: the girl doesn't love you
  • 4 Situation 4: a girl dumped you
  • 5 Correcting bugs
  • 6 Where?

Situation 1: a girl loves another_1

The criticality of the situation: 7 points out of 10.

Solution options: if you were in a relationship with a lady, but ultimately she chose another, see Situation 4. If you are in a friendly relationship (or she does not know about your existence at all), there is a chance of success. If a girl is happy in a relationship, and you sincerely wish her well, you should act nobly and find yourself another lady of the heart.

In a situation where you are pretty close, and you know everything about your opponent's jambs, turn on the mustache that does not suit your chosen one in guys and root it out in your behavior. Become someone she can always rely on.

Danger: do not stay too long in the friend zone. There is a separate category of girls who are ready to endure any humiliation from their boyfriends and continue to pray for them. They call it true love, altruism and other high-flown words.

Psychologists have their own opinion on this matter. Ordinary people are very laconic (and obscene) on this score. A rose smells like a rose, even if you call it a rose, if a girl does not listen to anyone's arguments and uses you exclusively as a vest for tears, forget about this masochist and find yourself another muse.

Situation 2: the girl's parents versus the relationship_2

Criticality of the situation: 8 points out of 10 (if the opinion of the parents for the girl is the law, she is used to obeying them in everything and does not dare to contradict), 5 points out of 10 (if the girl respects the people who gave her life, but is used to making vital decisions herself) …

Solutions: First, find out why you became persona non grata in this family. Perhaps the girl's parents have heard very controversial rumors about your person? If this is the evil slander of envious people, restore your honor and prove that you are a worthy contender for the hand and heart of their daughter. If you really sinned in something, not in word, but in deed, prove that you have changed for the better.

If the girl's parents are not satisfied with the characteristics that you cannot change (origin, past, etc.), try to establish at least neutral relations and have less contact with the father-in-law and mother-in-law.

How to find a girl
How to find a girl

Danger: if your girlfriend is under the control of her parents, think three times whether you really want to connect your life with a girl who is not ready to take your side in a difficult situation.

Situation 3: the girl doesn't love you_3

Severity: 9 out of 10

Solution options: unrequited love is beautiful only in numerous dramas and sentimental ballads, but in real life, playing with one goal does not lead to anything good. Both people should invest in a relationship. If you do not feel the return from your girlfriend, and she does not consider it necessary to change her attitude towards you, the best option for your couple will be a breakup.

Situation 4: the girl dumped you_4

The severity of the situation: 8 points out of 10

Solution options: statistics show that many couples decide to restore their relationship after a breakup - someone realizes that feelings have not yet faded away, others simply do not find anyone better and get tired of being alone.

But the same merciless statistics asserts that only a few succeed in entering the same river twice and as a winner. If two people break up, then there were good reasons for that (we do not take into account the couples who broke up due to the fact that one watched a new episode of the series without waiting for the second from work).

The second chance should be given to the relationship only if both decided to change for the better, or are ready to completely accept each other with all the shortcomings. Otherwise, it is a waste of time that you both could spend dating and happy relationships with new people.

How not to step on the same rake
How not to step on the same rake

Correcting bugsi

First of all, analyze what caused the breakup (or the inability to build a relationship at all).

  • If the girl could not come to terms with any traits of your character, views, attitude to life, and so on, before starting a new relationship, deal with internal conflicts. But not with the help of alcohol and other questionable methods, but by visiting a psychologist or a good friend with whom you can talk heart to heart.
  • Don't make the same mistakes when dealing with girls.
  • Ask yourself the question "Is it really me?" A lot of people suffer from loneliness just because they are looking for the wrong partners. A lover of a healthy lifestyle is not obliged to suddenly abandon snowboarding and fall in love with nightclubs and TV shows in exactly the same way as a stay-at-home and introvert is not obliged to become the soul of the company to please someone.
  • Find yourself someone with whom you will be comfortable and good for who you are. Then the changes for the better will take place naturally and of your own free will, and not imposed from outside.
Where to look for a girl
Where to look for a girl

Where? 2

Looking for the other half among mutual acquaintances is not the best option, especially if the former lover has not forgotten yet. Changing your social circle will help not only make new acquaintances, but also take a fresh look at yourself, relationships and the world as a whole.

If you need a short answer to the question "How to find another girl?" then the recipe is as follows: analysis + its elimination + creation of a specific image of a partner suitable for you + work on your external and internal world + expanding your circle of friends = success!

And it will also be informative to read our article on how to leave a girl, follow the link.

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