Do You Need A Man At All? For Health, For Everyday Life, For A Family

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Do You Need A Man At All? For Health, For Everyday Life, For A Family
Do You Need A Man At All? For Health, For Everyday Life, For A Family
Man for woman
Man for woman

Thousands of books have been written about the relationship between different sexes, programs have been filmed, psychological courses have been recorded. The fairer sex is trying to understand how to find, keep a young man, how to build a family, and in general, is a man needed for a woman? Indeed, in the modern world, girls perform all roles, even those originally intended for men (to support a family, protect children, be a support for the second half, etc.).

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  • 1 Why a man is a modern woman?
  • 2 How do women see a real man?
  • 3 Men for women in sex
  • 4 Facts in favor of having sex with a man, not a vibrator

There are more and more self-sufficient women. The idea of ​​independence from men is promoted by many stars (especially after divorces). Some take such information too literally, not realizing that a woman, even being strong and capable of being realized in many areas, needs a relationship with the opposite sex. This is inherent in nature.

Why does a man need a modern woman? I

Nail a nail? I can do it myself! Fix the toilet? There are specially trained people for this! Making money for new home appliances? I have arms and legs, I'll earn it myself! Only those girls who have had a bad experience of building relationships in the past will say this. It seems to them that it is easier to swim in life alone than with a partner. Subsequently, this will lead to isolation and selfishness, and even if a woman wants to, she will not be able to get close to anyone.

For a while, the feeling of omnipotence will work in favor of loneliness, but time will pass, and a feeling of unfulfillment will remain in life. And a relationship with a man gives a woman something that she cannot achieve herself.

why do you need a man
why do you need a man

And why a woman needs a man, you can find out in our article on the link below.

Birth of children

We can say that science has stepped far forward, and in order to become a mother, it is not necessary to have a relationship, and it is not even necessary to give birth. Every woman has a maternal instinct. At a certain age (it is different for everyone), there is a desire to raise your child. You can conceive and give birth to him without a man, but it will be difficult to raise him. With the birth of the baby, the mother will begin to understand how important it is to bring him up in a complete family.

That is why many marriages are preserved for the sake of children, and parents try to find a common language so as not to injure the baby's psyche.

Material support

Ideas of gender equality and feminism are more prevalent today than ever, but men still continue to earn more. This fact is confirmed by the famous Forbes magazine. The Korn Ferry Hay Group salary database was analyzed and it was found that on average in Russia men earn 20% more than women. The stronger sex gets 8% more money, even being in the same position with the weaker sex. And between employees of the same company in similar positions, the difference is 1.4% in favor of men!

Even if a woman earns more, it will be much easier for her, having additional income from a man. She will be able to spend less time on work, get more opportunities for home improvement. She will have time to raise children and the costs of a nanny will disappear.

Financial support from a man is especially important for the fairer sex who:

  • Just learning;
  • Are on maternity leave or position;
  • They don't work for other reasons.
significant other
significant other

During these periods, a woman's income is not able to fully meet her needs. Therefore, from a financial point of view, a man is really necessary for a woman.

To love and to be loved

The need to be needed and to need someone is underestimated by modern women. They, as the keepers of the hearth, need to create comfort for the people they love, to surround them with care and love. It is laid down by nature that a woman is a hostess who cooks and feeds her loved ones. Only a man is able to rightfully appreciate the skills of a girl in everyday life. A study by the Ukrainian Institute of Demography and Social Research has shown that more than a third of men believe that the main thing in a woman is thrift.

In other matters, only those women who plan to build a family need to pay attention to this. If the fairer sex does not set such a goal, then she does not need to cook deliciously and be able to bleach linen.

Protection and support

In childhood, parents provide a sense of security (at least, it should be). As they grow up and "fly out of the nest", a person becomes more independent, but psychologically the need for support remains. The laws of the state are just a formal protection that does not in any way affect mental comfort. Therefore, a person needs support in the form of a life partner. Women are no exception to the rule. On the contrary, they need not only support, but also the ability to protect, solve any problems.

Self-sufficient women are always characterized by a lack of softness, patience and warmth. They have a sharper character, they are fixated on themselves. In order not to turn into a "mumra" from the movie "Office Romance", a woman definitely needs a close man.

How do women see a real man? 2

A man cannot be ideal for a woman, she will still see some flaws in him. The only question is, do his strengths outweigh these weaknesses so that she is ready to put up with them?

a real man
a real man

One of the research centers of the Super Job portal conducted a survey and found out what qualities the weaker sex values ​​in the strong. Based on the data obtained, it was possible to identify the features of a real man for a woman.


Brutal men, who do not know how to enter into the situation of other people and who care only about themselves, attract only youngsters who have watched films about "bad boys". Kindness is very important for most of the women in the survey. It should manifest itself, first of all, to your soulmate, and secondly, to the people around you.

It is important to understand that being kind does not mean being dependable and weak in character. There is no need to lend a huge amount to a good friend if for a while the family will be left without money. In order not to refuse help, you can simply give an amount less or help in another matter.

Good sex skills

Women love sex just like men. But not in a missionary position once a month, without foreplay. A man should try to please his partner in bed, since it is more difficult for a woman to get an orgasm and, in general, satisfy her desires. Scientists from the University of Kansas in America generally found that 8 out of 10 of the fairer sex fake orgasm! Sooner or later, but the companion will get tired of it. Sex is an essential part of the relationship between a lady and a gentleman. Therefore, the ability to bring your soul mate to orgasm and activity in bed are indisputable qualities of a real man.

Healthy lifestyle and good physical shape

On a subconscious level, men and women choose each other as partners for procreation. Why, then, is it embarrassing for a girl to smoke, while a guy even goes?

handsome guys
handsome guys

An ideal man from the point of view of the weaker sex should not have bad habits and a beer belly. A muscular body (in moderation, of course), a well-groomed appearance, indicating health, is important for women.

It is worth noting that many girls are ready to put up with the inconsistency at this point for the sake of other positive qualities of a partner.

Stable income and generosity

Nobody talks about commercialism, but the ability to earn good money and the ability to provide for a family is an important positive trait for any man. A woman sees stability in such a partner, is not afraid to have children with him or start living separately. Even more important is generosity. No need to demand receipts from a girl for a purchase and spare money on a new wardrobe item. The ideal man trusts his beloved's expenses and surprises her.

Family oriented

The priorities of the ideal man for a woman should be family. Work, friends, hobbies and other areas of life - graze the back. The ideal husband spends his free time with his family and children, does not refuse to visit the parents of the half. It is also very important to plan leisure time in a relationship with a girl. This will show the young person as respecting family values.

Striving for success

This rule applies to men who have been working in one place for 20 years with a minimum wage. A woman cannot be proud of such a partner, there is not enough income, which causes conflicts in the family. The representative of the stronger sex brings the main part of the family budget into the house - this is the scheme in most families.

male support
male support

If a man works in a fairly profitable job and the woman does not feel a lack of funds, then the situation is the opposite. It is better not to take risks by changing the source of income, but to develop in other areas, for example, hobbies.

The man is the protector

Everything is simple here: it is important for a woman that she be behind a man, like behind a stone wall. This is manifested in his ability to solve problems, deal with those who offend her or children, to protect loved ones from danger.

A partner with these qualities will be ideal for a woman, even if he has a strange style of dress or a crooked nose.

Men for women in sex3

If a woman knows how to earn her own money, can independently raise children and develop in all spheres, can she live without having sex with a man? Fans of the feminist movement will say yes, because there are vibrators, sex toys, masturbation, after all. However, sexologists are in a hurry to upset girls who think so. During intercourse with a man, physical and emotional factors are associated, which together have a powerful effect on the body.

Facts in favor of having sex with a man, not a vibrator4

Stylecaster, based on surveys and research in different parts of the world, has identified several facts that play in favor of "live" sex between a woman and a male partner.

The first is to improve immunity. Sex really keeps you healthy. This was confirmed by scientists from Wilkes University in the United States (Pennsylvania) back in 1999. They found that students with a regular sex life (2 times a week) had more antibodies in their blood than the rest. The release of hormones and physical activity that accompany intercourse have a beneficial effect on immunity.


Also, sex can relieve blood pressure, which is a "side" of lovemaking, but not for hypertensive patients. Masturbation does not give such an effect, the result is expected only after a full sexual intercourse with a man.

Making love, a person burns about 300 calories in 1 hour. “Working” on your own, you will not be able to achieve such an effect, so it is worth giving a man more time in bed if you are too lazy to go to the gym.

Orgasm relieves any painful sensations. The peak of pleasure provokes the release of hormones that block pain receptors. The pain threshold rises, and the woman feels much better. Therefore, the phrase: “I have a headache” is nothing more than a simple excuse.

By the way, there is evidence that stimulation of the clitoris and the resulting orgasm during masturbation relieves pain on the first day of menstruation, when classes with a man are not comfortable. This is one of the few things that a woman can handle herself.

Appearance is another factor influenced by full sex. In Scotland, the Royal Hospital in Edinburgh, an interesting study has been done. People who have sex with the same partner at least 4 times a week look 12 years younger than their actual age in the eyes of others!

benefits of sex
benefits of sex

This is due to the hormonal surge. The production of estrogen during sex for women means smooth, shiny hair and beautiful skin.

Regular sex is regular menses. For women with a fickle sex life, the problem of constant interruptions in the monthly cycle is an edge. And among girls who have a permanent partner, such a nuisance occurs three times less often. Not for nothing is the first thing that the gynecologist asks at the reception, whether a woman is sexually active, and how regularly.

Thus, one cannot say that the life of the weaker sex without the strong is full and happy. It is very important for women to have a strong shoulder nearby, both morally and physically.

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