How Much A Girl Should Be Younger Than A Guy For A Strong Relationship

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How Much A Girl Should Be Younger Than A Guy For A Strong Relationship
How Much A Girl Should Be Younger Than A Guy For A Strong Relationship

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“All ages are submissive to love”, but how harmonious are relationships with a big age difference? And the big difference is how much? How much should a girl be younger than a guy for their relationship to be strong and healthy?

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  • 2 View of psychologists
  • 3 A girl is 5 years younger or less than a guy
  • 4 The girl is 5-10 years younger than the guy
  • 5 A girl is 10 years or more younger than a guy
  • 6 5-10 years difference: sentence or conditional?

Stellar Experience

Andrey Urgant (not to be confused with Ivan) is 30 years older than Elena Romanova, Bruce Willis is 23 years older than Emma Heming, Johnny Depp is 23 years older than Amber Heard, and finally, Hugh Hefner (the founder of Playboy magazine) is 60 years older than Crystal Harris! There are much more such couples among domestic and foreign stars, many of them have been in a relationship for more than 5,10,30 years. Some say that they are happy and age does not matter to them, others break up in the first month of the relationship. Judging by life experience, we can conclude that relationships can be strong no matter how much younger the girl is than the guy. However, psychologists do not agree with this, or do not completely agree …

Psychologists' view2

From the point of view of the science that studies sex relations, it is more important to pay attention to the psychological age of partners than to the physiological one. Even if young people are of the same age according to their passports, but one of them is distinguished by infantilism, psychological immaturity, this imposes significant difficulties on relations between peers. But in a couple where the girl is 10 years or more younger, the girl's infantilism is more the norm than a deviation.

The girl is 5 years or less younger than the guy __5

The strength of such a relationship is the coincidence of interests, views on life inherent in a particular age. The couple have many common topics of conversation, it is easy for them to find a joint hobby. They value freedom, the desire to travel, live for themselves, and develop. The potential danger of such a relationship is that the girl will want stability, material independence earlier and will wait, and sometimes insistently demand this from her partner. This situation is associated with emotional maturation, which occurs earlier than the guy.

age difference in love
age difference in love

Knowing this, the girl should accept the fact that the guy will grow up later and that the process cannot be accelerated by resentment. Understanding the ongoing changes, the guy can become more responsible and serious. Taking a step towards meeting each other, a couple with such a difference in age will be able to maintain a strong and long relationship.

The girl is 5-10 years younger than the guy __5-10

The age difference of 5-10 years is usually considered optimal: the man has already matured and wants a serious relationship, has a stable job, is financially independent and is ready to take responsibility for his companion. The couple's values ​​and interests overlap. However, due to age, one of the partners (of course, the girl again) may become bored in such a relationship, and will again want passion and romance. Possible psychological unpreparedness for a serious and long relationship.

To keep the relationship healthy, partners should give each other more personal freedom. An understanding of each other's values ​​and desires, as well as a willingness to make concessions, will preserve the relationship for many years.

age difference in couple
age difference in couple

A girl is 10 years or more younger than a guy __10

Such a relationship is quite possible if a man unconsciously accepts the psychological role of a parent, and a girl, respectively, of a child. The desire to fill the lack of parental care grows from childhood and is not realized. Such relationships are not uncommon, many of them are quite successful. Although there are many dangers here: the unwillingness of one of the partners to play the role imposed on him, different values ​​and interests, public pressure, misunderstanding and others.

The Italian motion picture Sorry for Love presents the unexpected love affair of thirty-seven-year-old Alex and seventeen-year-old Nika, as well as reflects the potential complexities of such a relationship and the right to exist of such a union. For couples more than 10 years old, the film can be instructive, in many ways they recognize themselves.

5-10 years difference: sentence or convention? _5-10

The fact that relationships develop harmoniously, be strong, retain romance and passion in themselves, a big age difference does not play a decisive role, but one way or another affects the relationship. The experience of many others, as well as stellar couples, proves this.

unequal age relationship
unequal age relationship

When asked how much a girl should be younger than a guy, relationship psychologists conventionally call the figure 5-10 years. But even if this difference is respected, the couple is faced with their own characteristics and difficulties, which can be overcome through acceptance and attention to the partner. Couples with a greater or lesser age difference also face difficulties that are handled in a similar way.

To build a strong relationship, first of all, it is necessary to have a boyfriend and a girlfriend, as well as the desire to meet each other and take care of the union. After all, there are more significant factors affecting relationships than age.

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