The Main Signs Of A Good Woman For A Serious Relationship

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The Main Signs Of A Good Woman For A Serious Relationship
The Main Signs Of A Good Woman For A Serious Relationship

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signs of a good woman
signs of a good woman

Every man at some point in his life thinks about choosing a companion. By this time, most have a portrait of the ideal woman and the experience of relationships in the past. Sexy or long lasting. Everyone determines the girl's appearance, character traits that suit him. But there are also common signs of a good woman, which will be discussed in this article.

The content of the article

  • 1 "Cheap" woman
  • 2 Thoroughbred woman

To satisfy his needs, a man chooses one woman, and for a serious relationship, another.

Women can be conditionally divided into two types: “cheap” and “expensive, thoroughbred”. And this is not an assessment of the financial situation, but a demeanor and presentation in society, an expression of taste and style.

"Cheap" woman

Ladies of this type in all situations try to be bright and striking. They behave vulgarly and do not respect anyone around. We will try to describe such a person on points from appearance to behavior.

  • Bad taste in the wardrobe. If money, as they say, the carriage, then the wardrobes of such a lady will be packed to the dump and do not fit together. After all, this is not the main thing. The main thing is that things are branded and expensive. Some of the things are not worn at all. Persons without money have few things, but the same.
  • Eyes, lips, nails will radiate a combat look. Eyelashes to eyebrows, red lips, painted far beyond the contour, bright rhinestones on the nails.
  • A woman does not respect anyone around, she is constantly unhappy. Waiters, cleaners or janitors are dismissive. A lady can get nasty, send in four directions, in other words, habalka.

Such a woman treats people in a consumerist manner and looks high, with her nose raised, not representing anything of herself. Has a bunch of complexes and tries to humiliate others. She will call people who have come from the village a redneck, even if she is originally from the village.

She believes that men should pay in all situations, calling those who do not pay beggars fords. Usually such persons are afraid to sell too cheap and marry rich daddies. Appearance, belly size, age are not important. The size of the wallet and position in society are important, since she herself does not want to work.

good women
good women

Thoroughbred woman2

A woman for a family, serious relationships and procreation. The complete opposite of the one described above.

  • Well-groomed hair, makeup, manicure - on the occasion. Such a woman will never come to the office in a leopard print dress. By the way, she may have few things, but they go well with each other. She appreciates the beauty that nature has given and will not pump up her lips with silicone up to the size of two sausages.
  • Monitors the figure and nutrition, because the body is the shell in which we live. She will not remake herself beyond recognition by resorting to surgical methods.
  • She respects herself and will not allow anyone to dismiss her.
  • She is inherent in kindness and femininity.
  • Modesty and restraint. Such a girl will not yell at every occasion and make excuses. If she is wrong, she admits, if she offended, she apologizes.
  • She has a point of view, position in life and hobbies, hobbies. Self-sufficient.
  • Such a girl respects the work of others and says "thank you", for example, to the cleaning lady in the house.
thoroughbred women
thoroughbred women

These are the main signs of a good woman. In fact, identifying such a girl is not difficult. The inner core of a person is felt immediately. But to arrange, to win the heart of such a girl is not easy. And do not expect that after the first trip to the cinema, she will throw herself into her arms and melt.

A thoroughbred girl in most cases becomes a good wife. It will seem both smart and stupid at the same time. Seeing stupid doesn't mean being stupid. The man next to him will gain self-confidence. Will make great strides with support. She will not nag and make comments on trifles.

Of course, the description of a "cheap" and "expensive" woman is a purely objective opinion imposed by society. Extreme cases. And the first type of girls is less common.

You can talk about good and not so women. However, you should choose according to your inner feelings. A woman is not a thing, you cannot choose her like a lemon or a microwave. First of all, there must be emotions. When a feeling arises, you will not understand the signs of a good woman, you will only see dignity. You might be attracted by big green eyes with a fan of eyelashes. It is worth soberly assessing yourself and thinking, "pull" a "thoroughbred" woman or need a simpler girl

women for serious relationship
women for serious relationship

Look at yourself in the mirror, your appearance. Imagine yourself in the shoes of a girl and tell me, would you pay attention to a man like you? Perhaps you should change yourself first. Visit the places good women go to - cinema or theater, cafes at lunchtime. Looking for a life partner in bars or clubs is not a good idea.

If you are reading this article, then you are rather lonely. Do not get hung up on this, the time will come, and you will meet that one. God created people on earth and assigned a second half for everyone.

But there is a certain type of women with whom it is very difficult to create a happy family. Read more about them in our article below the link.

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