Why Is A Mistress Better? What To Do To Prevent Your Husband From Cheating

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Why Is A Mistress Better? What To Do To Prevent Your Husband From Cheating
Why Is A Mistress Better? What To Do To Prevent Your Husband From Cheating

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Almost every second woman can “boast” that her husband has or had a mistress. Each wife reacts differently to such information about her spouse. Someone resigns themselves and pretends that nothing happened, someone tears their hair in hysterics or leaves the house. But there is a category of wise women who develop the best qualities of a mistress, thereby preserving the family and no longer giving the husband a reason to go left.

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Why do men cheat?

No matter how trite it may sound, but, as a rule, the woman herself is mostly to blame for the betrayal of a spouse. If a man in his wife is satisfied with everything, he is unlikely to look for another lady on the side. This happens only if he lacks something at home.

In addition, the relationship on the side is not a reason to destroy the family. After all, no one talks about eternal love, most likely, it is just the satisfaction of sexual desires. Hence the question, why does he seek pleasure on the side? Is it because his wife cannot give him what he wants. For this, it is necessary to have the best qualities of a lover, so that he does not even have a thought that somewhere may be better than at home. It was not in vain that they came up with the saying “A wife should be a friend in life, a hostess in the kitchen and a mistress in bed”.


As soon as the coveted stamp appears in the passport, the woman for some reason decides that she can no longer apply makeup, do her hair, and dress beautifully. And really, why, if he is already ringed and entirely belongs to her alone. Perhaps this metamorphosis with his wife does not occur in the first months of family life, but after a year, this is definitely what happens.

the best qualities of a mistress in a wife
the best qualities of a mistress in a wife

And so, one day a man comes home, and instead of the beauty he fell in love with a year ago, he is met by an unpainted, uncombed Baba Yaga in an old dressing gown and worn slippers. And he wonders where the sexy lady he married has gone.

And at the same time, he comes to his mistress, and she already from the doorway meets him all at the parade, and in stockings, and with makeup, and with a haircut. Willy-nilly, the peasant will be drawn to the beautiful, where they prepare for his arrival, as for the New Year.

Or, here's another example of the wife's misbehavior. Not embarrassed by her husband, or even bringing him to witness, she calmly declares a new pimple on her face or cellulite on her thighs. Some even manage to ask the faithful to help squeeze out a pimple under the arm. However, you must admit that there is somehow little romance and sexuality in such moments. But the psychology of a mistress is that, even on pain of death, she does not recognize the presence of an extra kilogram, calluses on the heel or a broken nail.

Of course, many may argue that, they say, there are no children there, there is no need to cook, clean, wash and iron, so there is time for yourself. But, dear women, admit that if you wish, you can find 15-20 minutes to tidy up your head or nails. Well, no husband would like to rub against his wife's prickly unshaven legs or kiss her hands with shabby manicure.

Therefore, in order not to give a chance for some woman to take your husband away from you, watch yourself. Do not let the body become fat, and if this happens, do not complain to your husband about the tummy that appears, it is better to get rid of it as soon as possible. It is not necessary to meet him from work in a silk peignoir, but at least not in a dressing gown or old sweatpants. Remember, a woman's appearance is one of the best qualities of a mistress, which they use to their fullest.

the best qualities of a mistress in a wife
the best qualities of a mistress in a wife

Mom or wife3

When there are children in the family, everything becomes even more complicated. The wife begins to pay all her attention to the kids, sometimes forgetting about her husband and his needs. Jealous of you at a subconscious level for the child, the husband will be offended and complain about the lack of attention.

Therefore, no matter how huge your maternal instinct is, do not forget about the role of wife and mistress. By not showing excessive custody of children, you will not only avoid the danger of growing selfish, but also free up time for yourself and your beloved husband. After all, it's not for nothing that they say that if a woman has two children and a husband, then she has three children.

Weather at home4

Mood is, perhaps, the most important ally of mistresses. As a rule, the wife will not hide her discontent, anger, resentment, or irritation. Unlike his mistress, who, in spite of everything, always meets a man with a smile, light and without pretensions. Become like her. Never meet your husband from work in a bad mood. Hide your irritation, put aside all problematic issues, at least until the time when he does not have dinner.

Of course, leading a common life, it is difficult to contain sometimes your negative emotions. Relationships undergo age-related changes, mutual resentment, resentment - all this complicates the position of the wife and does not always make her feel at her best, where is it to a permanent smile. But you can't take offense at your spouse for days or weeks. Tired of such a stressful environment in the house, he will one hundred percent begin to look for an excuse to leave home more often.

And that, of course, will lead to the appearance of another woman in his life. Therefore, smile more often at your beloved one, meet every evening as if you have not seen each other for a year, and he will respond in kind.

the best qualities of a mistress in a wife
the best qualities of a mistress in a wife

As shown by a survey among 100 men from 40 to 55 years old, those who were in peace and harmony with their wives rejoiced in the light in the window of their home. Those who were in a quarrel with their spouses hoped that there would be no light in the windows and that the wife was not at home, so as not to see her offended face after a hard day's work.

Strategy and tactics5

Sometimes a woman in a family feels like a commander who often has to choose a strategy and tactics of behavior with her husband. Most often, it depends on the wife what the spouse will be next to her. Mistresses and wives choose a different manner of behavior and influence on the same man.

How does the mistress behave? She always admires a man, making him feel like a king. She likes, or at least pretends to like, everything in him. And how he sits, and how he eats, and even how he goes to the toilet. She will praise him for the way he hangs socks on the chair and for the way he leads subordinates at work. The mistress will admire his toned torso or masculine hairstyle, even if dandruff, like snow, covers the hair.

The wife saws for a light bulb not screwed in, for scattered socks, for an unflushed toilet and unpaid bills. She is irritated by chomping, nose-picking, or scratching her crotch. Where will the husband go, where will he want to be more often? Of course to his mistress. Men are like children, they need to be praised and encouraged, put on a pedestal.

“When Louis XIV, the sun king, took Louise de Lavaliere as his favorite, the whole court was at a loss for what he found in a lame, not very beautiful, boring and modest girl. In fact, the king was captivated by her sincerity and admiration that Louise showed him. It was not for nothing that she was his beloved for many years and bore him three children."

Men also need attention. When he comes to his mistress, she devotes all the time to him alone. She doesn't stand by the sink, she doesn't wash the windows, she doesn't paint the walls. And maybe there are a couple of specks of dust on that pier glass, but she does not run headlong to wipe them with a rag.

the best qualities of a mistress in a wife
the best qualities of a mistress in a wife

Instead, she remembers his shoulders, blows gently in his ear, asks how he’s doing, offers to take a shower and drink champagne together. Every day in his life with his mistress passes like a holiday. So why not arrange such a holiday for him at home.

You should not run around the apartment with a lathered horse all day, trying to have time to do everything at once. No one will scold you for not washing the floor for 2 hours, a dirty cup in the sink, and for dinner the day before yesterday borscht. Help him take off his shirt, hug him by the shoulders, tell him in your ear what a fellow and breadwinner he is.

Suggest hot tea or cold beer. You don't have to pile on a bowl of dumplings and mayonnaise right away. Let him just rest for a couple of minutes while you ask with interest how he is doing at work. Having told at home about a good deal or about the boss of the "radish", he will have nothing to tell somewhere else.

Wife lover6

Attention, care, admiration are all necessary, but what is the best quality of a lover? Of course - passion, sexuality, emancipation.

Unfortunately, after being married for more than a year, many couples go into a stage of monotony, dullness and laziness in sexual terms. Either my wife's head hurts, then she is tired, then PMS and the like. Turn off the light, the spouse demands, it is uncomfortable on the couch, do not shout so that the children do not hear a bunch of other excuses and prohibitions.

For a mistress, the word "NO" does not exist. Always ardent, excited, sexy, passionate, she is ready for any love adventure. That is why men have mistresses in order to get what they do not give at home. For a wife to be the only woman in his life, she needs to be not only a mistress and mother, but also an ideal lover. And for this you need to know some rules.

the best qualities of a mistress in a wife
the best qualities of a mistress in a wife

Personal care7

Take care of yourself, your body, your clothes, hair and manicure. Look in the mirror, you should be happy with your body, then your husband will be happy too. A beautiful and well-groomed body will give confidence and open up new horizons in intimate life. It is not necessary to have parameters 90-60-90 to be beautiful. But never let yourself go to bed with unshaven armpits or wrinkled pajamas.

No bans8

Don't let any restrictions or complexes get into your sex. Allow him and yourself any liberty. Cream on the chest - please, shrimp in the navel - no problem. On the couch, on the balcony, in an elevator or on a chandelier - with pleasure. Do not deny him desires, in his fantasies, let him have fun.

Making love in the last row in the cinema will not only make your loved one happy, but also get aroused. And he will remember this little adventure for a long time, wanting to repeat the sensations.

Don't be prudish when he wants to try out a new pose. If he wants to play doctor, play along with him. You yourself will not believe how role-playing games can excite and please both partners. Experiment with your spouse, have fun together, and he simply will no longer need to seek satisfaction on the side.

Conversations in the ranks9

Don't be afraid to communicate. Try to learn how to talk to him about everything that worries you about sex. Don't be silent about your desires, dreams and fantasies.

the best qualities of a mistress in a wife
the best qualities of a mistress in a wife

If you are uncomfortable with one or another of his actions, explain it to him. If you need more foreplay or some unusual caresses to get an orgasm, say that too. Don't be afraid to hurt your husband or make him feel complex. After all, it is better to immediately discuss mutual desires and jointly enjoy sex than then constantly imitate an orgasm.

And a man, knowing exactly your desires, will try to give pleasure, which will significantly affect your sex life. And when sex is a joy to both spouses, then it becomes even more desirable and hot from this.

Men are turned on by "bad girls." During sex, allow yourself to use swear words. Whisper and breathe your dirtiest fantasies. Having recreated obscene pictures with your participation from words in his head, he will start so that the energizer battery itself will envy you.

I'm not a log! 10

Do not be a log in bed, move in time with your spouse. A few passionate screams or moans will only increase your partner's arousal. A couple of scratches on his back will remind later during the day how good he was that night with you.

Show your imagination in action. Of course, it's hard to come up with something new every time. And over time, all this can become boring. Therefore, at least once a month, arrange something unusual, impudent, obscene.

the best qualities of a mistress in a wife
the best qualities of a mistress in a wife

You can handcuff him today, and next time you can tie his eyes. Imagine, and let him languish in anticipation and anticipation. Such a connection between you will make him cherish his wife, want her, get excited at the thought of her. With him will happen what usually happens in contact with mistresses. Become this woman to your husband. With the best qualities of a lover, you will become the most desirable and unique woman in his life.

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