You're Too Good: Signs Of Inferiority In Men

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You're Too Good: Signs Of Inferiority In Men
You're Too Good: Signs Of Inferiority In Men
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beautiful girl
beautiful girl

Bright, strong, accomplished, constantly in the spotlight. Obviously there is something to be proud of, but does the man next to you make you feel awkward and even ashamed of success and achievements? Perhaps he feels his inferiority and "does not reach" the desired level.

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  • 1 I am small in the world and I am dear
  • 2 Be you an old maid
  • 3 Put on a scarf, throw out your cigarette, stop wearing a short skirt
  • 4 Need to match
  • 5 You're too …
  • 6 Faster, Higher, Stronger
  • 7 You don't need it
  • 8 And in our apartment …
  • 9 Total control

I am little in the world and I am dear

This is how a man positions himself who is uncomfortable next to a successful woman. An attempt to belittle her, since he himself does not hold out, and you need to start doing this with a sense of your own worth.

Actually, this is a favorite technique of many men, who can be safely attributed to the "illiquid". They constantly talk about the fact that there are fewer men in the world than women, so you need to fight for them and, if you are lucky enough to get at least some one, you need to take care, take care of and cherish it. Only they forget to mention that there are fewer men only after 40 years, and grandmothers of 80 years old experience critical values ​​of the “shortage” of men.

Be an old maid for you2

Constant reminders that "the clock is ticking", that time is running out, is also a sign of a man's insecurity. The conversations about the time to start a family, make children and stop being so successful and purposeful are repeated every day. Often they are not supported by hints that he will fly away to a more accommodating lady. Gradually, an image of an old maid appears in my head, who lives out her days all alone with a cat - a castrate.

Put on a scarf, throw out your cigarette, stop wearing a short skirt

And other statements in the same spirit from the lips of a beloved man. At first they seem like cute expressions of care, then I want to laugh, “Oh, hello mom! Nicely disguised!”, Then they just start to annoy. If you continue to follow these tips, you will gradually feel a return to the state of an irrational infant. This baby, without the supervision of a wise mother, will gouge his eyes out with a fork and fall face down into a plate of semolina.

Why is he doing this? It is clear why, he is uncomfortable next to an adult woman. After all, she can do a lot by herself: from choosing clothes to a successful project. Therefore, it is necessary to turn her (a woman) into an infantile and incapable of independent action being.

too good
too good

You need to match4

To correspond to his beloved and the only one, otherwise he will go to a more successful applicant. In order to match, you definitely need to change yourself: lose 3 kg, become more fun, fall in love with political debates, football and poker. Why did he get involved with such an imperfect woman remains unclear?

You're too … 5

Smart, kind, beautiful, bright - the list is endless. Does everything that seems to sound like a compliment turn into terrible vices when performed by a man? This is a clear sign that he is very bad around such a woman. Next to her, he feels inferior and insignificant, so he tries in every possible way to belittle her, turning her advantages into disadvantages.

Faster, higher, stronger6

When a man finds it difficult to come to terms with a woman's success, he begins to prove that he is better. This desire turns into a constant struggle and competition: who earned more, who made more deals, who is the most fashionable and handsome. He needs to be proved, otherwise he will simply be crushed by a feeling of his own inferiority. Therefore, there can be no compromises, he must win at any cost. Only now it becomes unbearable to live with him.

guy doesn't match
guy doesn't match

You don't need it7

You don't need a second higher education, you don't need a promotion at work, you don't need to expand your business. Anything that can help you develop, achieve your goals, become better is not needed. Because a man is already bad, and with further growth of a woman it will become even worse. It will be good for him if she begins to rapidly degrade to the level of lying on the couch with seeds for another stupid series. Therefore, he will use all conceivable and inconceivable arguments to dissuade him from achieving what was intended. It is even better to disaccustom yourself to set goals for yourself.

And in our apartment … 8

This is generally already an extreme case, when open bragging about the level of income, available assets and property begins. Apparently, the man could not find other advantages in himself, and he is trying to compensate for this serious drawback with the size of his wallet.

Sometimes this can manifest itself in a latent form, in the form of too expensive and fanciful gifts, a deliberate desire to drive to expensive establishments and defiantly pay for everything. The goal of this behavior is one - to make a woman feel awkward and feel more confident at her expense.

not worth you
not worth you

Total Control9

Constant calls and messages trying to find out where and with whom a woman spends time is a sign of an acute sense of insecurity. If a relationship is just starting, then that's okay. If a relationship has been developing for a long time and the course of precious metals envies their stability, and a man does not calm down, he still doubts that he is worthy of such a wonderful woman.

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