What If You're Tired Of A Girl? And Why Did It Happen

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What If You're Tired Of A Girl? And Why Did It Happen
What If You're Tired Of A Girl? And Why Did It Happen

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serious couple
serious couple

A relationship between a man and a woman, so beautiful and exciting at first, can develop into something big and beautiful, or it can turn into a routine and simply tire. So what should you do if you're tired of a girl? Psychologists say that if a man, waking up in the morning, looks at his soul mate without irritation, but also without the same tenderness, this may be just about fatigue. But at the same time, it is not at all necessary to make fateful decisions and destroy everything - this is said by the same psychologists. They recommend that you just take a break from all this and first understand the reasons for what is happening.

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  • 1 Poor men, or by the way of education
  • 2 The daily routine is not something to blame
  • 3 Passion is the path to success
  • 4 A little bit of summary: how to defeat fatigue

Poor Men, or Speaking of Education

What does this education have to do with fatigue from a girl? Very much even to do with it, although at first it is really difficult to connect these two phenomena. The fact is that men have been engaged in various adventures for centuries: they fought, traded, charlatanized and traveled. And here, from about the end of the 19th century, they began to instill completely different values ​​that are in their blood. They began to be told that the main thing is the family, and the home lifestyle is the norm. So the result was a conflict between many centuries of nomadism and adventure and some one century (with a small tail) of settledness and tranquility.

Of course, we cannot say that men who are suitable for this do not exist at all - they exist and there are a lot of them. But your fatigue from your girlfriend and relationship suggests that you definitely do not belong to their category. So it turns out that you need to throw her and look for another hug? Most likely not, because the man gets tired rather not from the one next to him, but from what he does not have. So it will be enough to let a little adventurism into your life and go on an adventure together to breathe new life into love.

If you succumb to the temptation and still change the girl, then after a while you can find that TV is tired of her too. So, in most cases, jumping from bed to bed is not an option, although for a while it can really be both distracting and entertaining.

Daily Routine Not Something To Blame_8212

But it is the typical everyday troubles that are usually to blame for the fatigue of the girl. Of course, when the same thing repeats from day to day, the passion for the girl gradually goes away, but is the routine really to blame?

tired of the girl
tired of the girl

What men usually complain about when they talk about her. You probably know about this firsthand - there is a loss of excitement in the presence of a loved one, and monotony in sex, and a loss of spontaneity in life in general. In short, typical problems. Often added to them is the desire to be alone, fenced off from his companion, and sometimes from the whole world, irritation from the fact that a girl is nearby and fantasies about sex with others. Sound familiar?

But this is a problem that can be solved, because it is you who have ceased to be romantic and adventurous. Can't you give your woman more what you gave before? After all, you can very much!

It's just that you yourself made such a decision - and it is important to understand, which led to the fact that passion and romance went away, giving way to warm and calm evenings. At some point, you thought that giving yourself to your soulmate is tiring, because where, then, can you get the strength for everything else? And it was at this moment that the turning point occurred, which led to what it led to.

In total, we can conclude that the reason why you are tired of a girl lies in yourself, or rather, in the fact that you threw your masculine nature into a far corner!

liven up relationships
liven up relationships

Passion is the path to success_8212-2

Feminine nature is strange and contradictory. The fair sex is fond of strong and confident men who do something interesting, and then strive to make them less mobile and more domestic. This is largely an instinctive behavior dictated by fear of loss: a woman is afraid that such an attractive man will definitely be hunted by other representatives of her gender (and this fear is not so unfounded). Therefore, she seeks to domesticate him.

And the man eventually has a feeling of uselessness, he begins to yearn - and eventually gets tired of the one who did all this. Here is such a paradox - instead of tying a man to herself, having domesticated, a woman eventually pushes him to leave.

And so you figured out the reason for your fatigue from the girl, but now what to do with this information? Of course - use it for the benefit of yourself and your relationship! Because without good feeding, they will definitely wither.

joint hobby
joint hobby

The way out is simple - you need to start a joint hobby.In general, it doesn't matter what it will be - cycling, crossfit, ikebana or paragliding. The main thing is that you really like it, so much so that you can captivate your girlfriend with it. And then everything will work out for you for sure!

A little bit of summary: how to defeat fatigue2

Feeling tired of the girl? Here you need to stop and realize that a particular girl has nothing to do with it and the cause of fatigue is rooted not in her, but in you. So there is no need to solve the problem of relations with a specific partner, solve it radically and comprehensively.

And above all - get carried away with something. A man without enthusiasm becomes like a zucchini that grew up in a swamp without the sun - just as pale and tasteless. The nature of the hobbies itself is not important, but it should capture you entirely - then the girl will follow you, as a result, together you will be engaged in breeding Tuscan snails or collecting coins of a centimeter in diameter. And then there will be no trace of fatigue!

sport and potency
sport and potency

Finally, you need to do sports. Opponents of a healthy lifestyle can wrinkle their nose as much as they like and argue that potency disappears from training - you can't argue with statistics, but she claims that a man who is in good shape feels like a real leader. His girlfriend constantly admires him, and it's definitely impossible to get tired of this!

From time to time, even the closest partners get tired of each other, so you shouldn't worry too much or leave the girl. You just need to regard this as a signal to change your life!

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