How To Meet A Guy's Parents? Good Advice

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How To Meet A Guy's Parents? Good Advice
How To Meet A Guy's Parents? Good Advice

Video: How To Meet A Guy's Parents? Good Advice

Video: How To Meet A Guy's Parents? Good Advice
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meeting the boy's parents
meeting the boy's parents

Sometimes, when everything is already approaching this terrible stage, the girl sometimes really wants to think that her boyfriend is completely an orphan. But, fortunately or unfortunately, everything usually turns out to be wrong and the question arises - how to survive the acquaintance with the guy's parents?

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  • 1 Preparation
  • 2 On the battlefield
  • 3 Most important

This stage is important and undoubtedly necessary, especially if everything is going to be serious with you and your young man. Naturally, you can't refuse in any way - the guy at best will think that you are a weird girl, but rather he will just be offended.

So, since this cannot be avoided, you need to properly prepare.


The outcome of many battles is often a foregone conclusion before the start. What does it mean? And the fact that you need to prepare for a meeting with parents with adequate seriousness. First, you need to figure out what to wear (you don't have to ask the guy, he is still probably not in the tooth in this). It is best to wear your most casual outfit, one that would be appropriate for an interview or a business meeting. Makeup may or may not be present - act as if you are going to work in the morning. Ultimately, this meeting is not as scary as it might seem in panic. Nevertheless, you shouldn't put too much effort and transform into a nun straight from a nunnery - people are not idiots and they will figure out your feigned decency and sinlessness in no time, and this, consider, is a spoiled first impression.which will not be easy to fix.

On the battlefield2

So, the dress is selected, by some miracle they did not kill you and were sent into the apartment - this means that the second stage begins. Often, this will be a joint home dinner. And a natural question arises - how to conduct this acquaintance with his parents? How and what to say or is it better to be silent?

It is certainly necessary to speak. It will be at least strange if you, as a partisan, do not say a word. What to talk about? Here's a quick list of tips for a productive conversation:

behave with a guy's parents
behave with a guy's parents
  1. Tell us about yourself: where do you study, where do you work, what are your hobbies.
  2. Have a genuine interest in your parents
  3. Tell about your parents
  4. Praise your young man
  5. Unobtrusively share your future plans

There is nothing wrong or selfish about talking about yourself. On the contrary, it is very important for a man's parents. They, probably, like any good parents, love their son very much and will not want any little jerk off their boy. Therefore, you need to show that you are not going to sit on his neck (even if you are going to, but talking about it at the first meeting is not at all necessary), that you have your own life and are not an empty shell. Be humble but honest - talk about your merits and convince the guy's parents that your acquaintance was not in vain.

Take an interest in your parents, and most importantly, your mother-in-law. Girls fear their mother-in-law no less than men of mother-in-law, and there are objective reasons for this. Until you convince your boyfriend's mommy of the opposite, she is your main rival and it is her approval that must be sought in the first place, because, otherwise, the mother-in-law will do everything possible so that nothing will work out for you with your beloved.

Think about your parents as well - moreover, you will almost certainly be asked about this. A girl who remembers her roots will only arouse respect and trust from others. Moreover, most likely they and your parents belong to the same generation, which means it will be easier for you to establish a trusting relationship and please your father-in-law and mother-in-law.

meeting with the boy's parents
meeting with the boy's parents

Don't forget about your boyfriend who's sitting next to you all this time - he definitely needs to be praised. But still, don't overdo it. Flattery may be good, but not in this case. Any parents want to hear how their child is praised, but this should not be difficult for you - you are not with him for beautiful eyes (although the eyes can also be praised)

It is also important to show the seriousness of your actions. Prove that you won't dump their boy as soon as the opportunity arises. This should also not be difficult - you agreed to meet with his parents, which means you need more from a young man than sex a couple of times a week.

Most important 3

And yet there is advice that is more important than all of the above. One, neglecting which, you risk failing everything. Be sincere. As simple and corny as it sounds. Do not be afraid to show yourself somehow wrong, in the wrong light. Ultimately, until you meet with the guy's parents, you will not know exactly who they want to see next to their son, nor will you know if they consider you worthy to bear his last name.

It may happen that they don't like you - but this is not the end. With all the misunderstandings and frictions, you can come to the desired result only in one case - if you are honest with others and most importantly with yourself. In this case, even without earning love, you will always earn at least respect, but sometimes this respect is much more valuable.

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