A Billion Guys In The World. One Threw - Will There Be Another? Verified

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A Billion Guys In The World. One Threw - Will There Be Another? Verified
A Billion Guys In The World. One Threw - Will There Be Another? Verified
One threw - there will be another
One threw - there will be another

The guy threw, what to do, how to live on? Everything is broken, the state is similar to a fire - the house burned down and you walk through the ashes and ask yourself: “How is that? What's wrong?" The surging emptiness is ready to crush, break. It’s especially bad when he disappeared without explanation. You stand alone as if on the edge of the road, and someone else's life is passing by, and now the edge of the cliff is one step. But no, stop!

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  • 1 Didn't happen. Good girls don't inspire
  • 2 Do not get married, if only married do not disappear
  • 3 Why do you need girlfriends and friends. Tips to give and help to provide

Look in the mirror, but here is the face, haggard, but it is there and there is a full bag of cosmetics, do not throw money away, but for no reason! Tonal, expensive lipstick, eyeshadows, arrows, eyelashes, a bit of blush and soft powder on top. Oh, what a beauty! She squinted slyly, put a smile on her face and Nefertiti was ready. Young, beautiful, smart, full of strength and opportunities, everything is still ahead, there are a million opportunities.

Quickly on dating sites their photos, simple household ones, an avalanche of messages from interested ones will pour. The newcomer, like flies to honey, will only receive compliments. Self-esteem will skyrocket, because you are needed, you are in demand.

Meet, there will be no harm from online dating, talk to the person, play with interest and, lo and behold, they will believe you, proposals will begin to come from all sides, just choose what suits you. If you want, you will make contact, you don't want to, and it's so good, start a file cabinet and write down what you said to whom, so as not to confuse. Tell everyone that it was you who left him, because he was tired, there are plenty of others and will be better.

Did not happen. Good girls don't inspire

Mercantile interest sometimes exceeds all expectations. A young woman dances oriental dances in such a way that you look at her, plays the instrument, sings wonderfully, cooks deliciously, is clean, masseuse and in bed knows how to deliver the highest pleasure. One definition - in the country she cannot find a couple, it would be necessary for a foreigner. The universe throws up options, you can try, for a start in a mild form.

Zhenya is a neighbor, lived in Italy for 18 years, lost his wife, a real foreigner than a couple. For two years I was waiting for rare meetings, emotions were off scale, gifts, flowers, sweets. He's like from Hollywood, handsome, good. After the next meeting, in the morning he said: "Bye" - and did not answer any more calls, put on "ignore". It turned out later through a social network that my mother picked up a rich bride, the wedding took place.

if the guy threw, then another will appear
if the guy threw, then another will appear

So much for a foreigner, harsh manners, nothing personal - business. It's a shame, annoying, but okay. The masseuse has a wide social circle, there is no time to get bored, they call on trips, so you can easily go! Why those nightclubs? All of Europe at your feet, it will be more fun there.

Marry not to attack, if only married not to perish2

What if the guy dumped? What a trouble! It is not yet known whose trouble it is, most likely either the one for the sake of which the change, or the trouble of himself, will run about on skirts. In old age, he will wake up, and there is no one around - and it is boring and sad, and there is no one to give a hand to. He is not worth women's tears, they forgot about him instantly, there are still many adventures ahead.

Yes, the traitor will begin to follow the abandoned one, look for new photos on social networks, console himself with the fact that, after all, it is she from melancholy and in order to annoy, she looks so good and has fun with friends. Longing has taken her, so she is having fun, and not sitting in the corner and shedding tears. Wow! She did not die, did not kill herself, but she goes to parties and has fun, such a scoundrel.

billion guys in the world
billion guys in the world

I suppose he was jealous that without him it was no worse, and maybe even better.

Why do we need girlfriends and friends. Advice to give and help to provide3

Some men believe that friends are needed only for drinking. But that's not the case with girls. He sold his house in Crimea, she was there, helped, supported. The money in my pocket rang, and the friend was not needed, let her go on through life. And she has nowhere to live and no work, she spent time on him. Friends-girlfriends gave shelter, found a housing option, look after the apartment, while the hostess is permanently away.

They offered a job, sell elite teas in an expensive cafe. The girl is in sight, the proposals were different, she chose to move to the glorious and beautiful city of Peter in the salon of a healthy lifestyle to work. He would like to return, but what can he offer her. She already has a different life. The girlfriends helped me to stand on my feet, I didn’t have to drink.

Friends are a great force, and they provided psychological support, both moral and material. Quite often, after a painful parting, a woman will look back and think, how could I love him, there is nothing to look at. The main thing in yourself is not to close yourself, but to go to friends, to people.

If the guy dumped, take some action. Briefly it looks like this:

if a man is thrown, then another will appear
if a man is thrown, then another will appear
  • The most important thing is not to pester him. Don't run around the city making random encounters. It's just annoying. Disappear from his life, let him cool down. He himself is ashamed that he did wrong.
  • Alcohol will not replace communication and will not flood the fire of emotions, it will only get worse. Fundamentally not to drink anywhere.
  • Look around, change the image in clothes, in behavior, become a different person - independent.
  • Do not withdraw into yourself, go to friends, actively promote yourself updated on social networks.
  • Make you jealous by surrounding yourself with guys, even temporary, passing acquaintances.

And then you yourself will decide to either forgive or forget forever, like a bad dream. The decision always remains with the woman.

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