How To Understand That A Man Does Not Need A Serious Relationship And What To Do With Him?

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How To Understand That A Man Does Not Need A Serious Relationship And What To Do With Him?
How To Understand That A Man Does Not Need A Serious Relationship And What To Do With Him?

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Sometimes in a girl's life, it happens that she meets the same knight in shining armor and falls in love with him at first sight. Well, and the knight even seems to reciprocate her, communicate with her, compliment her, flirt and laugh.

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  • 1 No "we"
  • 2 It seems like he was never a child
  • 3 You seem to have forgotten something
  • 4 Light conversations are his strong point
  • 5 Universal gift
  • 6 The busiest person in the world
  • 7 Is he an orphan or what?
  • 8 Truth and nothing but the truth

And now you are already lying in bed together and enjoying wonderful sex and everything seems to be fine, but at some point he suddenly says that he is not ready for a serious relationship and does not want to rush so far and in general, it’s still so good, why limit frame yourself.

And here you lie and feel that something obviously went wrong somewhere as planned, and in general something is not right here, but you also don’t want to miss the man of your dreams and say - yes, of course, let's be friends for now, I wanted to suggest it myself. And then the question arises, will there be something more between you and how to understand that a man does not need a serious relationship.

If a man does not directly say that he does not need a relationship, but you feel that you are not moving towards anything together, then there are several signs to determine this, noticing which, it is worth planning a serious conversation with him and perhaps making a difficult decision.

8 signs a man doesn't need a serious relationship:

No "we" i

You can hardly get him to talk about his plans for the future. And if we manage to bring him to such a conversation, it turns out something like this - next year I plan to fly somewhere; I want to start saving for my own car and so on. The fact is that subconsciously, this is a poorly controlled process, it does not identify you as a couple, and therefore only sees itself in the future. Therefore, it turns out, not “we” will go on vacation, but “I”.

It seems like he was never a child

If you start a conversation about childhood, then he always wants to keep silent and does not tell anything about himself, or even tries to change the subject as soon as possible. The thing is that childhood is too personal for him and he does not want to share it with a person for whom he has no plans. Besides. Talking about children can cause a girl to think about her own children, and he certainly did not plan this.

Man is afraid of relationships
Man is afraid of relationships

You seem to have forgotten something3

If you began to notice that after his presence in your home practically nothing changes, well, except for the position of the toilet seat, and he never forgets his things, that is a reason to think. One of the possible options for checking in this case is to leave some of your things in his apartment if he lets you in.

And if in this case, every time he tries to immediately return the forgotten thing, then this will be another call that he has no plans for a relationship. The fact is that he does not want to leave his things with the woman, because he does not know, what if this is their last meeting.

Light talk is his strong point_8212

If you suddenly began to notice that you do not know anything not only about his childhood, but also about himself, then this is a clear signal that a man does not need a serious relationship. If all your conversations boil down to the fact that you are discussing the last movie you watched, or recent news, but never talk about your problems, personal experiences and his life, then most likely the man does not want to let you into it and is content with the fact that you are somewhere on its outskirts.

Matthew McConaughey
Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Universal gift4

Everyone is pleased to receive gifts, and receiving gifts that you have long dreamed of is doubly pleasant. But if a man is not interested in a serious relationship, then all the gifts that he gives are not at all original. An ordinary bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolate, incomprehensible tubes of ointment for the face, in general, any gift that suits absolutely any female. That is, if he gives gifts not based on what you like, does not individualize them, does not wrap up with a purchase, all these are signs that it is time to seriously talk.

Busiest person in the world5

If every time you call him and write him he does not answer, drops calls, does not view messages on social networks, even if he is online, think about your relationship. Even if after that he says that he was very busy, he could not answer, know that most likely he shows you that communication will happen only when he wants it, and so gradually you will just stop calling and writing to him, and then he …

Doesn't want to live together
Doesn't want to live together

Is he an orphan or what? 6

Most often, if your relationship does not plan to develop into a serious one, a man will never introduce his girlfriend to his family, and all conversations about this will be safely curtailed and redirected to another channel. It happens that a man doesn't mind introducing a new girl to his friends, in this case he just brags about his trophy and achievement, but who his parents are and what they look like, you most likely will never know.

Truth and nothing but the truth7

Well, the very last and simplest thing is if he immediately says that he is not ready for a serious relationship. In this case, everything immediately falls into place and it becomes clear that he essentially only needs sex. There is no point in believing that one day he will come to his senses and decide. If he doesn't want this, then you should think about it yourself, but you just need a partner for sex for an indefinite period, with an incredibly low probability of a serious relationship.

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