What Women Want In Bed: The Perfect Cheat Sheet For Men

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What Women Want In Bed: The Perfect Cheat Sheet For Men
What Women Want In Bed: The Perfect Cheat Sheet For Men

Video: What Women Want In Bed: The Perfect Cheat Sheet For Men

Video: What Women Want In Bed: The Perfect Cheat Sheet For Men
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What women want in bed
What women want in bed

Sex is an important part of a relationship and should not be neglected. Of course, there are many couples between whom intimacy occurs "so-so, it is, and that's okay", but if you make sex better, then the relationship will become much stronger. Sex therapists have found that 80% of women are unhappy with sex with their man, which is a serious figure!

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  • 1 Cleanliness, comfort and pleasant smells
  • 2 The importance of foreplay
  • 3 If a girl does not want sex today
  • 4 Every woman is different
  • 5 Down with the monotony
  • 6 And about the orgasm

You need to communicate with each other, talk about what you would like, but not every girl is ready for revelations on the issue of intimacy. To make it easier for men, we have prepared a small cheat sheet in which we described the most common mistakes in bed and suggested options for correcting them.

Cleanliness, comfort and pleasant smells

No woman can relax during sex if there is a mess around. According to statistics, almost every man does not pay attention to the fact that socks are scattered here and there in his house, there are empty soda cans, pizza boxes, and the dust lies on the furniture as a second layer. It is important for a woman that the room is comfortable. If you already decided to bring a lady to your place, then it makes sense to prepare for this event:

  • remove the garbage in bags, and immediately send it to the container in the yard;
  • dust, mop the floors;
  • tidy up not only the rooms, but also the kitchen, bathroom, plumbing;
  • put on fresh linen.

Do not forget about yourself, too. You need to go to the shower, put on nice clothes, and not the one that is very comfortable, and let the knees "bubble" on the jeans, and threads crawled on the sleeves of the sweater. Remember, women love with their eyes too!

The importance of foreplay2

Contrary to the opinion of many men, a woman may not want sex as soon as you want it. Scientists have found that, on average, 5 minutes are enough for men to arouse, and about 20 minutes for girls! That is why you should not rush, but you need to spend time on foreplay, which will help the partner to relax, loosen up, get excited, and this will add the guy's chances to bring his beloved to orgasm.

If a girl doesn't want sex today3

It so happens that a woman simply does not want to have sex today, and this can be seen in her mood. Well, there is no need to force her to intimacy, postpone sex until tomorrow, or another day, all the same today you will not be able to get the desired pleasure.

What women want in bed
What women want in bed

Psychologists say that a girl, unlike a guy, cannot switch to sex if she has any problems or is physically tired. In the process, she will only think about how to finish everything faster, about the options for solving the piled-up questions. It is at such moments that women stop loving sex, because it should bring pleasure, and not strain. If you see that your beloved is out of sorts today, she is not in the mood for intimacy, then just leave her alone.

Every woman is different4

Most men believe that if one girl managed to bring to orgasm, then it will work with everyone else. This is a huge misconception and a mistake many guys make. They, like robots, repeat the same thing with each of their partners, choosing caresses, movements and postures that drove the previous girlfriend crazy. Is it any wonder that the new passion doesn't like sex?

Intimacy is communication with bodies, and you need to listen to your partner, feel her. If one woman liked kisses on the stomach, another might be unpleasant, one loved the Riding position, the other hated her, and so on. During foreplay, sex, do not let your brain switch only to your feelings, at the same time feel your friend. You will understand what she likes and what not, by moans, movements.

Cheat sheet for men
Cheat sheet for men

And you can't relax with a constant partner. Remember that women are interesting creatures, and if yesterday she squeaked with delight from one, then today she simply may not like the same thing!

Down with monotony5

So, you found out what kind of caresses your partner likes the most, what position she prefers, and try to make each of your sexual intercourse similar in order to please her for sure. But you can't use the same techniques every time. Do not give up on them, but dilute, monotony kills sex.

Make love not only at home, but also in the car, in unusual places (for example, in the restroom of a restaurant). And even if you have been married for many years, you have your own apartment, you need to constantly warm up sexual relations with new sensations. Do not give up role-playing games, use toys.

And about orgasm6

For some reason, men are sure that sex ends as soon as they ejaculate. Yes, you are tired, the body requires rest and sleep, but do not forget about your woman. She also wants to get an orgasm, and she needs to be brought to it. If you graduated yourself, continue to work only for your partner, she will definitely appreciate it.

What do women dream about in bed
What do women dream about in bed

And do not believe the lady, when she starts moaning loudly, most likely, this is just an imitation of an orgasm, so that you have already relaxed, rested. Many women feel sorry for their men in this way, others for themselves (maybe she doesn't like something, and thus she wants to complete the act faster).

Learn to recognize a real female orgasm (we assure you, you will not miss it, and then you will not confuse it with imitation). In the process of sex, ask the girl if she likes it this way, or if she wants it differently, the excited partner will definitely tell the truth!

But why women lie in bed, you can find out in our article further on the link.

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