Are All Men Prone To Cheating: Fact Or Stereotype?

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Are All Men Prone To Cheating: Fact Or Stereotype?
Are All Men Prone To Cheating: Fact Or Stereotype?

Video: Are All Men Prone To Cheating: Fact Or Stereotype?

Video: Are All Men Prone To Cheating: Fact Or Stereotype?
Video: The REAL Reason Men Cheat On Their Partners - Jordan Peterson Explains Why Men Cheat 2023, March
lipstick on the collar
lipstick on the collar

The idea that all males are polygamous haunts thousands of women. It turns out that all men are prone to betrayal and marriage, children, common wealth and long-term love relationships will not become an obstacle for them? For more than a dozen years, many organizations dealing with family issues, as well as publications and psychologists, have been conducting surveys and testing. Their results revealed which men are more likely than others to cheat on their soul mate.

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  • 1 5 main reasons for cheating on the part of a partner
  • 2 In what situations do men cheat?
  • 3 Which women are cheated on more often: 3 types

But if you are interested in knowing who cheats more often - men or women. Follow the link further!

5 main reasons for cheating on the part of a partner

History is cyclical. This also applies to family relationships. The man's past directly indicates what will be in his future. For example, if he cheated during courtship, then in marriage his companion should not expect fidelity. If he had his first marriage, which fell apart on the basis of treason (even because of the current companion), then the second time the situation may repeat itself. “One who betrays once, will betray twice,” is the first reason.

Relationships in the partner's family play an important role in his perception of the world. If the father of the chosen one cheated on his mother, then he would cheat on his girls and wives.

For example, Jack Kennedy's mistresses are legendary, and his father was also convicted of treason.

This tendency especially works where mothers tolerated their father's infidelity. Already an adult son expects the same behavior from his companion. The second reason that some men are prone to cheating is because their fathers did the same.

If a woman's father ran to the left of her mother, she often chooses the same companion as her husband. This happens unconsciously. Children are known to repeat the parental relationship model.

This happened, for example, with Jacqueline (she was the wife of Jack Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis, known for their adventures).

Jacqueline and Jack Kennedy
Jacqueline and Jack Kennedy

Jacqueline and Jack Kennedy

Thus, if a woman had a cheating father, then the husband will not be distinguished by faith.

Rich sexual experience before marriage is the fourth reason why men can "jump into buckwheat." The journal "Psychology Today" conducted a study that showed that men who have many sexual partners are more inclined to have sex outside of marriage, as they are not used to sleeping with the same woman.

The employment of a young person directly affects whether he will cheat or not. People who are constantly busy with work cannot even take an hour to meet with their mistress and not arouse suspicion from their wife. This is a specific deterrent for a man. Uncontrolled free time during the day is the fifth element that increases the risk of cheating on the part of the husband.

In what situations do men cheat? I

The atmosphere and circumstances sometimes play a cruel joke with male representatives and provoke them to an affair. Such situations are an extra temptation for young people:

  1. Evening activities with alcohol, where everyone is beautifully dressed and communicates with each other.
  2. The wife or girlfriend leaves for a long time to another city / country.
  3. Travels or long business trips where a man goes alone.
  4. A woman with a more active position provokes sex.
  5. An unexpected time tête-à-tête with an attractive representative of the fairer sex.
Men are prone to cheating
Men are prone to cheating

Under these circumstances, men are most likely to cheat. But this does not mean that any guy, finding himself in a similar situation, will be delighted with the possibility of intimacy with a new woman. It all depends on his character and life experience.

Interesting research on who cheats on men or women more often is presented in our article at the link.

Which women are cheated on more often: 3 types__3

Often the weaker sex itself becomes the reason for the partner's infidelity. Especially if the girl belongs to one of these types:

  1. Strong and independent.
  2. "Freken Bock", or mistress to the bone.
  3. Lady, or the perfect woman.

The first type - those who will stop a horse at a gallop … These are the fair sex, who took upon themselves work, life, raising children and even repairs. A man in a pair does not feel strong. Therefore, he either becomes "sofa-dependent" or is looking for someone who will seem weaker than him.

When a woman puts life and family in the foreground, forgetting about herself, the man ceases to be interested in her. It is clear that women from time immemorial performed all household duties and succeeded everywhere, but this does not mean that you need to sacrifice time intended for their own development. The stronger sex needs a companion who knows how to maintain a conversation, caring for herself. A clean stove and no dust on the top shelf is not a guarantee of family well-being.

Men are prone to cheating
Men are prone to cheating

Fearing to "take out" the man's brain or cause him negative emotions, some girls put on a lady's mask and do not give free rein to emotions. But temperament only paints a female representative. The "ideal" girl who never expresses dissatisfaction, hides emotions and is a perfectionist in everyday life will very soon get tired of the man.

To believe that all males are cheaters is at least wrong. The tendency to infidelity is determined by the characteristics of relationships within the family, the past of the young man and his character.

Also read about why people cheat in our article further down the link.

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