Different Tastes, Different Interests, Different Habits - The Same Destiny?

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Different Tastes, Different Interests, Different Habits - The Same Destiny?
Different Tastes, Different Interests, Different Habits - The Same Destiny?

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People are different and looking for a person who is similar in everything to himself is a difficult task. Many couples live amicably and cheerfully without sharing their partner's hobbies. How do they do it? They just love and complement each other. A priori, women's and men's habits cannot be completely similar. He will not cross-stitch, and hunting wild animals is certainly not for her.

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  • 1 Fishing is a man's occupation, but women do not mind sitting next to
  • 2 Young girls and guys are easier to compromise
  • 3 What could be more important than sex, only desired sex and something else

But the spouses respect the hobbies of the second half, and although he does not understand anything about the beauty of cross stitching, he will certainly praise the work of a friend. She, too, will accept that he goes hunting for three days, arrives tired, smelly, all smeared. Soak in the bath, wash off and there will be conversations for another week, as they famously sat in ambush and almost shot each other.

Fishing is a man's occupation, but women don't mind sitting next to it

Fishing is fun and takes a lot of time. And how interesting it is to observe nature being in close proximity to it. It is stupid to refuse pleasure to women, to sit in a stuffy apartment at a time when you can spend time next to your beloved in a boat or on the shore, to cook fish soup from a freshly caught fish is a pleasure.

It is not necessary for a woman to grab a fishing rod, get tangled up in fishing lines and string on a hook. Let him catch, and at this time she collects useful herbs for tea, at the same time and will learn to distinguish them, for sure there will be knowledgeable people in the company.

It is a pity and sadness to look at people who live on the ninth floor and get off it only to the store for beer. They don't see any trees or flowers near the house, they just don't notice them. Some people are fond of dachas, they will plant them and admire, it's also not bad, especially if there is a pond with fish nearby, and at the dacha itself there is a barbecue and a warm company.

Without this, work in the country turns into plowing and not all men are interested, and a woman groans and cries and demands participation in her overwhelming work. It’s better to plunge into the wild on everything ready-made, where there is a table and a house under every bush.

Young girls and boys are easier to compromise2

Sometimes bikers rush through the city, where they fly further we do not know. Everyone in the luggage seat, well, almost everyone, has a girl stuck to him with her whole body. And she doesn't care where the iron horse and the faithful rider will bring her, is known only to this horde of nomads.

One destiny
One destiny

What kind of cross-stitching is there, let prim girls do it and whine that no one understands them. If you are an old woman, then embroider, and that's not a fact. Wind in your face, ahead of the unknown and complete trust in your macho. There must be romance in life, otherwise why smoke the sky to become a grouch in old age.

In the meantime, the newly-minted spouses divide the apartment into zones in order to arrange it according to their own taste, because tastes are different. She needs bows and butterflies on the wallpaper, and he needs pistols and crossbows. To each his own, it was not possible to agree, neutral rhombuses did not suit anyone.

The apartment was divided into zones, and the kitchen was started. She is a confident vegan, he is a brutal meat eater. This means that they will cook separately and everyone has their own dishes. And they live in perfect harmony. Children are taken to walk each in his own direction. Warmth, love and happiness reign in the family from trusting communication.

We must learn to negotiate, not push. Making concessions does not mean showing weakness; on the contrary, the ability to find a compromise solution is worth a lot. It also happens that the wife wants to visit, she tells her husband about it, he is not in any, either busy, or sleeping.

Compromise brings different tastes together
Compromise brings different tastes together

And three days later, he already offers to go to the same guests. A smart woman immediately concludes that he needs to say everything in advance several days in advance, must mature and the proposal comes from him, which is also important.

If you do not try, what your soul mate offers, at least out of curiosity, then out of boredom and die not long. You need to get carried away and everything will happen by itself, she will like going out of town with you on a fishing trip, and you do not need to eat her salads, it is good for your health.

People are created different for this, to complement the qualities of character. It does not matter that there is a mismatch of interests, it is more important to know without which the couple certainly cannot coexist.

What could be more important than sex, only desired sex and something else3

Mutual respect leads to the fact that two are able to yield and compromise, listening to other people's opinions.

Desires necessarily coincide even among completely different people, because the range of interests is not so great: to go to visit, to a cafe, to the beach, to a concert, to go out - basically everything or something like that.

Habits and attitudes converge
Habits and attitudes converge

Open communication without concealment and pitfalls brings people closer, revelations bribe and create friendly relations. You can't talk about the meaning of life with everyone, only with a loved one.

Compliments are most likely the foundation of any relationship; they are not a pity for loved ones. It's nice to hear that you are a beauty, a needlewoman and the dinner was a great success. His pride will rise to heaven if he hears that he is the smartest, most skillful, courageous and desirable person in the whole wide world.

Admiring, we give the most powerful energy.

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