That There Is Such A Thing In A Man That Makes His Wife Rage Every Day

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That There Is Such A Thing In A Man That Makes His Wife Rage Every Day
That There Is Such A Thing In A Man That Makes His Wife Rage Every Day

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typical wife
typical wife

The beloved man, the long-awaited marriage, and now the holidays have died down, but the husband stayed, relaxed, his beloved will not go anywhere. You can take a home form of behavior: sofa, TV, tea and a wife in the kitchen. Paradise, grace! But something went wrong. Beloved frowned and is silent, her face is sour, does not smile. Maybe not happy? Well, something is boiling, sometimes it’s straight and you don’t understand exactly what. Pink glasses fell off and that's it.

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  • 1 Happy life hit in the head, brains off
  • 2 Complete discord and bewilderment in family matters for two

He didn’t seem to have done anything wrong, but somehow he became shorter, with a clumsy foot, huge clumsy hands, no matter how he turned his whole body, well, an elephant in a china shop. And his car will not start and the doors in the kitchen are hanging and do not close. It's not clear what to do about it. You look at him and feel nauseous. Where is that attractive romantic who sang songs with a guitar, dedicated poetry, promised a star from the sky? I did not fit into everyday life, I was confused. He scattered socks all over the apartment, mixed dirty linen with clean ones, where he drank tea or beer, threw a mug there.

Happy life hit my head, I kicked my brains out

Football is dearer to him than the birthday of relatives, endless sports competitions on TV, you can't tear yourself away, and he sleeps under the voice of a sports commentator, neither talk, nor consult, nor another family problem can be discussed. The body lies on the couch and does not move. Of course, this behavior infuriates, different thoughts creep into my head: I suddenly fell out of love, is having fun on the side, but what a joy to me from this, I will go with my friends too, I will be distracted.

Yes, yes, I don't like a lot, while the faithful doesn't say anything, but phrases like:

  • he is not interested in his soul mate, whatever you say, he does not seem to hear, he ignores everything, an empty sound;
  • You won't get praise, no matter how long you stay in the kitchen, I ate, I didn't say thank you, I didn't say how tasty it was, but she tried, rewrote the recipes, ran the ingredients around the shops, looked for, tried, cooked, waited for her beloved, she brought beauty to his arrival. To the remark that she was also tired, worked hard at work and at home, she only heard a puzzled answer: “What did you do?”. Wise women advise you to do the opposite, not to cook dinners for your husband's arrival, but to start washing, cleaning, cooking food in front of him, so that you can see how hard it is for you, otherwise it is not appreciated and not noticed. Perceives properly, itself has fallen from the sky;
the girl is unhappy
the girl is unhappy

He doesn't give gifts, money for food is calculated and not a penny more - miser. And that's not all, at the end of the month, report to the penny on what you spent money on, you have to write down purchases down to matches, it is forgotten over time, it is difficult to remember little things. And then there was criticism, I bought something expensive, something could be done without. Not only did I drag everything from the shops, it’s also not that and not so

Complete discord and bewilderment in family affairs for two

  • There are a lot of promises, you wait, there is no fulfillment and there will not be, there is no time to take a walk with the child, after birth he was a little happy, but he is in no hurry to take responsibility. He does not come home from work on time, sometimes he is late almost until the morning, for some reason they do not give time off for “overwork”. He does not participate in the life of the family;
  • secretive, does not initiate into his plans, does not discuss problems together, his beloved empty space, a servant in one word;
  • does not want to talk to the urgent questions of the family, can not advise anything, so that later not to be responsible for the result, she made a decision herself, and be responsible for the consequences, whoever likes it;
wife is mad
wife is mad

a mismanaged, careless lazy person, you can’t trust anything, he doesn’t take part in the cleaning, he doesn’t heat his own food, not only to cook something, moreover, you still don’t get enough to eat, dinner has cooled down, so heat it up several times once, stay in the kitchen instead of resting after a working day

Here she is spinning a squirrel in a wheel, she does not understand why she is so happy. You need to put the child on his feet, and then you can think about yourself. The child also has little joy from such a marriage, only attention from the mother, the father withdrew himself, did not teach anything, he did not buy a single toy, only that there was no dash in the column "father". All this infuriates the beloved and it is no longer possible to revive the old relationship, perhaps.

Life goes on and only begins at forty. In such a scenario, then everyone will go their own way. He will make new girlfriends, and they will marry her again with hands, only the girl's requirements will be completely different. And the former will come to his senses that he is not more patient than her, but it will be too late, he will not return, he will not forgive what has boiled and enraged half his life, enough, let her friends now try this happiness, I concede.

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