Break In A Relationship: Is It Worth It? Psychological Advice

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Break In A Relationship: Is It Worth It? Psychological Advice
Break In A Relationship: Is It Worth It? Psychological Advice

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Some couples, having come to an impasse in their relationship, decide to take time out, in other words, to spend some time without each other. It helps some, they take a break from each other, consider the possibility of continuing the relationship. Others, during the time of separation, understand that the relationship cannot be returned, and it's time to put an end to it. It's also worth knowing that psychologists consider a break in a relationship to be an easy way to break up. That is, one partner cannot muster the courage and say that he no longer experiences love, and the lion's share of pauses in a relationship have this very reason. We offer you to figure out when to take time out, and how to get out of it, while maintaining love.

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Psychological advicei

Experts unanimously argue that a break in a relationship cannot be a way out in difficult situations. You can't just pause love and wait for the issues to be resolved by themselves. If there is a problem in the relationship, then it must be solved, and not run from the "sinking ship" in anticipation of a miracle.

But there are situations when a break is essential. In exceptional cases, partners, being next to each other (with their irritant), cannot soberly assess the situation, and they just need to be alone with themselves in order to collect thoughts in a heap, and then put them on the shelves in the correct order.

Psychologists also advise, before taking a time-out, to understand yourself well. Honestly admit to yourself, and not an excuse for a break for you to break off relations. Think carefully about whether you are ready to continue your life path with that person. If there really is no more love, you need not take a break, but honestly admit this to your partner, it will be easier this way. A former lover will not feed on false hope of a quick restoration of relations, he will immediately begin to wean from you.

When is a break in a relationship useful?

Psychologists have compiled a list of situations in which a pause will benefit both partners. We propose to consider it:

There is love, partners are sure that they want to be together, but their happiness is hampered by a misunderstanding. Lovers constantly quarrel for no reason, cannot be around for a long time, as they begin to "enrage" each other. In this situation, you need to run away for a while, make a list of what does not suit you in your beloved (both boyfriend and girlfriend). Choose from this list everything you can put up with, and what drives you crazy. At the next meeting, discuss the compiled lists, and work together to ensure that each of you gets rid of habits and character traits that do not suit your loved one

Break in relationship
Break in relationship
  • When a couple has been together for a long time, a relationship crisis sets in. At this time, beloved ones can irritate each other, get tired of being around all the time, it even happens that the partners have nothing to talk about, they do not want intimacy. Psychologists recommend going on vacation separately, or just moving away for a while to different parts of the city. Everyone should relax, have fun separately from their partner.
  • Difficult situation. This point includes treason, betrayal, deception on the part of a loved one. People in such situations simply cannot soberly think about decisions if they are next to the one because of whom the emotional shock was experienced.
  • It seems that there is no love, but habit, common interests hold together. In this case, a break in the relationship will help you understand if it is possible for you to live without each other. Some couples in such pauses find their true love, while others understand that it is very difficult without each other.
  • Fear of responsibility. There are people who fear responsibility when they see a relationship move to a new level. For example, a girl is ready to get married, and a guy is an inveterate bachelor who has not previously imagined himself in a serious relationship. He loves her, but is afraid to tie the knot, and it is a temporary break that will help him sort out this matter.

Are there any disadvantages of the time gap3

Of course, do not forget that a break in a relationship can really be the end of love, even if it is. It so happens that during the time of separation, people get to know another person with whom it is interesting, easy, I want to be with him. And then the temporary break turns into real separation.

Does a break in a relationship help
Does a break in a relationship help

And there are situations when, during the pause, partners understand that further continuation of the relationship is simply impossible, no matter how strong the love is. They decide that it is easier to "get sick", to forget each other, than to worry over and over again because of eternal quarrels, misunderstandings, betrayals.

How to take time out while keeping love

Some are afraid to take a break in the relationship, because they believe that the partner will not understand, decides that you decided to break off the relationship in this way. But if you understand that there is nothing further without a pause, you just need it, follow these rules:

  • You need to take a break together, having discussed it with your partner. You should not take a train ticket, leaving a note on the table that you have traveled far to think it over, to be alone with yourself.
  • If the beloved is against pause, explain why she is important to you.
  • Explain to your partner that this is not the end of the relationship, just a short break that will benefit both.
  • Do not go "left" during the break. Many people believe that although the gap is temporary, it is still a gap, which means everything is possible. After a spree, keeping love will definitely not work.
  • During a time-out, you need not just lie on the couch, but do something useful for yourself: sports, entertainment, self-development, learning something new. You should receive only positive emotions at this time.
How breaks affect relationships
How breaks affect relationships

And most importantly, the break should not be longer than 20 days. Psychologists are sure that over a longer period people begin to lose the habit of each other, and they may not want to return to their old relationships.

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