What Qualities Should You Not Look For In A Man For A Family?

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What Qualities Should You Not Look For In A Man For A Family?
What Qualities Should You Not Look For In A Man For A Family?

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What qualities can you never look for in a man?
What qualities can you never look for in a man?

Every woman has her own ideal of a man in her thoughts. Someone wants him to be big and strong, others dream of a simple guy who can be taken care of. But there are several qualities of a man that many women would like to see in theirs. Today we'll talk about what you can't look for in your partner, what traits of his character to “awaken”.

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  • 1 He dreams of being rich
  • 2 Brutal male
  • 3 Jealous
  • 4 Independence
  • 5 Romantic

He dreams of being rich

Many women are sure that if a man dreams of becoming a billionaire, then he will strive for this. Alas, this is far from the case. No matter how much he is brought up, or instructed on the path of wealth, he will not move for financial well-being. And why? Because you shouldn't confuse the concepts of “dreaming” and “striving”.

If a faithful person believes that it is possible to become a successful businessman only after one read "Smart Book", then he will not come to anything in the end.

And there are those who are completely confused on easy money. For example, those that spend thousands of rubles to attend seminars found on the Web. But this is not the worst thing, it also happens that a man becomes a gambler, and soon he will simply love his entire (and maybe your) budget.

Brutal male2

Oh yes, what woman does not dream of falling into the arms of a powerful, strong, with a crafty squint and light unshaven man! Those exist, but they are not created for a family, for a relationship. These males are well aware that they have a huge choice, and that they can change partners at least every hour. Is it worth fighting for this?

brutal man
brutal man

First, it is very difficult to catch one. You will have to manicure and powder yourself every time you leave the house, because macho does not like simpletons. And the macho also doesn't like it when he has only one woman, it's not for nothing that he so carefully rehearsed his look of a hungry wolf!

Next to a brutal man, no woman will be calm for her well-being, because another girl can snatch him away. So, ladies, if you have a choice in front of a macho and bespectacled man, choose the second.


How nice, how jealous you are! After all, this is true love, when he goes crazy only from the fact that you glanced at another! Forget everything you've just read, jealousy is not an indicator of love, and in fact, everything is not at all romantic.

If a man is jealous, then he is just an insecure guy who will have to constantly prove that he is the best. And a jealous person never considers a woman a person, he thinks that she is just a thing that has turned out to be at his disposal. This thing does not know how to think, does not know about honor and dignity, and will not be able to resist the temptation to try another man.

qualities of a man
qualities of a man

Yes, at first everything seems divine. He insists that you are only him, that he will not give you to anyone. She asks you not to wear that short skirt, because everyone is staring at your beautiful legs. He can carefully button up the top button on your blouse, but the moment will come when he will put the burqa on you! Even if he does not wear it, then soon his care and words will grow into actions, sometimes threatening health and life. A jealous person can hit you just because you cast the “wrong” look at that guy.

From jealous to tyrant is only one step. Unfortunately, many men go through this step, and their women, once happy that they are jealous, simply begin to suffer.


This, of course, is a good quality, especially for a man. But in everything you need to have a measure!

If you want to see next to you someone who will never humiliate himself by asking for help, who can take and leave your unloved job, then think about the possible consequences:

correct man
correct man
  • A man can really leave his family without a piece of bread if he is so independent that he sends his boss for a reprimand and goes to work.
  • And if he is so independent that he can do fine without you? You will simply be afraid to reproach him for something, because he will immediately pack a suitcase and leave for permanent residence in a sunny country.
  • You need to be able to ask for help when needed. Man is a gregarious creature, and one simply cannot survive.

Still want that independent? I think not.


Of course, flowers every day and watching a melodrama together is good. But there are women who “melt” from the fact that already at the first or second meeting a man begins to swear eternal love, talk about how beautiful she is, call for marriage. You won't like the reasons for this behavior:

  • He is a marriage swindler, and all he loves is your financial well-being. This is the most common reason for such a rapidly developing love.
  • Perhaps the guy simply does not hope to meet his love, and is ready to tie the knot with the first one.
  • He is a loser in love. Look in his passport and you will see how many times he was divorced.
romantic guy
romantic guy

Of course, you should not immediately dismiss the idea that a man really fell in love at first sight, and this happens. If you consider yourself a woman who can drive anyone crazy in no time, then it's not so bad!

Here, in principle, is the entire list of qualities of men that will not bring a relationship to good. Carefully study your protégé, do not try to awaken one of the prescribed qualities in him, they have definitely not benefited anyone yet!

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