The Nine Best Questions To Ask On A First Date

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The Nine Best Questions To Ask On A First Date
The Nine Best Questions To Ask On A First Date

Video: The Nine Best Questions To Ask On A First Date

Video: The Nine Best Questions To Ask On A First Date
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Nine questions to ask on a first date
Nine questions to ask on a first date

Having to come across as charming, witty, polite on a first date makes even the most unflappable nervous. Keeping an interesting conversation increases your chances, but not only. Communication is an opportunity to find out if you want to continue the relationship.

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  • 1 About the profession
  • 2 About art
  • 3 Expectations in the dating world
  • 4 About brothers and sisters
  • 5 About meetings and loneliness
  • 6 About idols and priorities
  • 7 About travel
  • 8 About plans for the weekend
  • 9 About the next meeting

Therefore, a meeting should be viewed as a kind of collection of information, while not being like a meticulous investigator. So, what questions to ask a girl when meeting? There are several questions that it is advisable to ask a potential partner during an exciting conversation.

About professioni

Most dating starts with the trite question "What are you doing?" The answer does not provide information about what the person really likes. If, instead, ask what occupation he considers his dream job, then you can get an idea of his ambitions, values and priorities, while you yourself become a more interesting and exciting interlocutor.

At the same time, what will naturally flow out of your question, you will find out if he or she is doing something to realize his dream, or if these are empty fantasies. In addition, both of you will broaden the scope of the conversation.

About art2

The question, what is the best work your interlocutor has read recently, will reveal the interests of a potential partner and allow you to discuss them for some time, which, most likely, she or he should like. The question is long enough to cover recently read books, blog posts, and articles. If the girl or guy doesn't read at all (a very warning sign), this can also lead to interesting discussion.

A similar question about what a person has been listening to lately will lead to conversation about music, radio shows, and podcasts. This is much more interesting than just asking what kind of music someone is listening to while enjoying a discussion of different types of art and pop culture elements.

conversation on the first date
conversation on the first date

Expectations in the dating world3

At the beginning of a relationship, it is helpful to clarify if your intentions are similar: marriage, a long-term relationship, or a short relationship. So ask your interlocutor what he is looking for in the world of dating? Instead, clarify what you are expecting, because if you have conflicting intentions, it’s better to figure it out before interest gets too far and feelings may suffer.

About brothers and sisters4

This is a fairly general but useful question. It will keep you busy for a while, does not require participation in the discussion, and can create an idea of the family and the upbringing of the interlocutor. A person's family background says a lot about his personality and your compatibility. Therefore, try to expand the simple listing of brothers and sisters to the limits of polite conversation about where he or she comes from, what relationships and customs in their family.

About meetings and loneliness5

Previous relationships can be a dangerous topic to discuss on a first date, but it is helpful to gain insight into the history of a potential partner's relationship. Questions about how long he or she was single, how long the previous relationship lasted, whether it was the longest, can tell a lot about a person's relationship with the opposite sex.

what to talk about on the first date
what to talk about on the first date

About idols and priorities6

Not too original is the question of who your interlocutor would choose for the company if he could have dinner with three people? But it always helps out when the dialogue reaches a dead end, in addition, the answer will allow you to determine which people are attracted to your partner. The question can be presented in a slightly different form, asking, with whom he or she would like to be on a desert island or go on a yacht to the ocean?

About travel7

Most people light up when given the opportunity to discuss their favorite vacation or trip. Because of this, the question of what the best trip they've had is easy and evokes fond memories, so it's the perfect topic for a first date. If he or she has been abroad, then the answer will give an idea of what the person likes and how he behaves in unfamiliar places.

Along with that, you will learn about a potential partner's penchant for a spirit of exploration, luxury or restraint: whether he hitchhiked in Southeast Asia for six months or went broke on hotels and shopping in Paris. Or maybe he prefers to spend all his holidays in the country?

About plans for the weekend8

First date questions don't have to cover big, life-changing topics. The answer, how a person rests on the weekends, is useful in determining how they are having fun. That way, you can learn about weekly soccer games, wild parties and costume battles or cross stitching, pottery lessons and yoga with one simple question.

questions on a date
questions on a date

About the next meeting9

Let's face it, the purpose of all this flirting is to find someone you want to meet again. If the person is right for you, all of his answers indicate compatibility and mutual interest, why not make a second date? Of course, depending on what you are looking for and whether or not a spark has run between you, the last question about whether you will meet next week may be the most pertinent.

We also recommend reading our next article on what to talk about on a first date in order to definitely please the person!

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