What You Shouldn't Talk About On A Date With A Girl Or A Man

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What You Shouldn't Talk About On A Date With A Girl Or A Man
What You Shouldn't Talk About On A Date With A Girl Or A Man

Video: What You Shouldn't Talk About On A Date With A Girl Or A Man

Video: What You Shouldn't Talk About On A Date With A Girl Or A Man
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What to keep quiet about on a first date
What to keep quiet about on a first date

The first date can be compared to a minefield. You know little or nothing about the person you are about to meet. Deep down, there is anxiety about what to talk about on the first date, so as not to say something that will accidentally offend the other person or put you in an awkward position. Nothing kills the mood, and the chances of continuing a relationship like an untimely joke and inappropriate comment.

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  • 1 About previous girls and boys
  • 2 About appearance
  • 3 About your musical tastes
  • 4 About kissing
  • 5 About meeting with parents
  • 6 About food and drink
  • 7 About plans for the future
  • 8 On racism, sexism, feminism and other "isms"
  • 9 About politics
  • 10 About religion

But sometimes the opposite happens: you sit next to a person who behaves as if he is looking for a reason so that you do not like it in every way. This is because it is difficult for him to find the right themes so as not to look stupid.

There are a few phrases that should be avoided and topics that should be avoided on a first date. They will never play in your favor, no matter in what context they make a reservation.

About previous girls and boys

Saying that your ex (ex) is used to something or did something, even if he found a way to cure cancer, is not appropriate on the first, second, or even third date. No one, under any circumstances, should tell their potential partner about their ex. Similar phrases: "One of my boyfriend …" or "One of my girls …" are also prohibited. People need to create the illusion that all the "ex" are long gone and buried.

About appearance2

Perhaps, by asking something like: “Do you always dress like this?”, You do not mean anything concrete, although it is unlikely. But your interlocutor will clearly hear in these words contempt for his appearance, a hint that he should not remain himself, but rather change his image along with clothes.

Or perhaps you pretend to be better at fashion? Even if this is the case, it is not worth stating it in this way. It may seem strange, but a similar phrase often sounds on first dates and completely shocks the people to whom it is addressed.

About your musical tastes 3

Throwing the phrase, “I have to teach you good music,” during a conversation is not just disrespectful. This discourages the interlocutor, even if you are really well versed in all musical trends and novelties, knowing all the performers by name. But all that the interlocutor hears in your words is that his views on music suck, and it is better to be silent in the presence of such a connoisseur and connoisseur as you.

What to keep quiet about on the first date
What to keep quiet about on the first date

About kisses4

The question "Can I kiss you?" can destroy romantic mood. Even at the first meeting, it will be clear when the partner is ready for the physical form of tenderness. Usually, only mood killers ask permission for the first kiss. Consent will certainly look sexy, but when you understand that the circumstances are appropriate, do not ask permission, kiss!

About meeting with parents5

On the first date, it's too early to talk about what will happen when the guy (girl) meets your mom (grandmother, his family). Some may be flattered by the hint of getting to know the guy's parents and getting involved in your personal life. But most potential partners will be intimidated by this. It may seem that you intend to grab the person with a stranglehold and never let go.

About food and drinks6

It is unacceptable to place an order without asking what your partner prefers. Putting before the fact: "I'll take you a hamburger (salad, juice, something else)" is also not permissible. You do not yet know about the preferences of your potential partner and do not have the right to decide for yourself what he or she wants.

Forbidden dating topics
Forbidden dating topics

About plans for the future7

On the first date, it is very ridiculous to plan any future together. You may think that your suggestions "we must go there and do this together" and other projects may look cute.

But in fact, you give the impression of an overly initiative person who has already decided everything for two. After all, it remains to be seen whether your next meeting will take place, and before you say "we", you should wait until you become a permanent couple.

On racism, sexism, feminism and other "isms" 8

People still think they look attractive when they are fanatical about a movement or foaming at the mouth to defend it. If you have something to say, you probably shouldn't do it on the first date, or you will likely never see each other again. In disputes on such topics, you risk exposing yourself in a completely unattractive light and dispelling any illusions about yourself.

What not to talk about on a date
What not to talk about on a date

About politics9

If you both don’t know what political views each of you has, it’s better to avoid this topic. Such discussions, especially during the presidential elections, can break even established relations. The last thing you expect from the first romantic meeting is to get into the epicenter of the conflict, and listen to what candidates your interlocutor considers idiots, because you inadvertently entered dangerous territory for conversations.

About religion10

Like the previous two topics, this one is even more sensitive. While it is important for people to know what a potential partner's religion (or lack thereof) is, this should be done neutrally, without discussing each other's religious beliefs. In this case, you run the risk of hurting a person's innermost feelings.

But how to make a good impression when meeting a girl's parents, you can find out in our article further!

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