How To Become Attractive To Women: TOP - 10 Tips

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How To Become Attractive To Women: TOP - 10 Tips
How To Become Attractive To Women: TOP - 10 Tips

Video: How To Become Attractive To Women: TOP - 10 Tips

Video: How To Become Attractive To Women: TOP - 10 Tips
Video: 10 Instant Ways To Be More Attractive To Women (Proven By Science) 2023, March
Signs of male attractiveness
Signs of male attractiveness

Scientists have analyzed the image of the ideal man, reflected in sociological studies conducted among women over the past decade. Thus, it became clear what elements, according to the ladies, make up the sexiest man. You can also apply some of these things to become more attractive to the opposite sex.

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  • 1 Sport and very little stubble
  • 2 Drink beer, eat meat
  • 3 Put on your home apron
  • 4 Dominate the bedroom, defend in public
  • 5 Make her laugh
  • 6 Your size matters
  • 7 Be reliable and faithful
  • 8 Show her your scars
  • 9 Be a patriot
  • 10 Get a puppy

Sport and very little stubble i

Although women are not fans of the bearded lumberjack, they like the hair on men's faces as much as the muscles. However, the quantity is crucial. In a study from the University of New South Wales, women viewed a series of images of smiling male faces with varying levels of facial hair growth. Ten-day-old stubble was rated the prettiest and sexiest, while clean-shaven faces were the least attractive. Perhaps these ladies were too picky, since they called the five-day stubble "spotted" and the regrown beard was considered "too big."

Drink beer, eat meat2

Believe it or not, women don't like vegetarians. This conclusion was made based on more than 2,000 women's opinions presented by the Austin Reed clothing brand. The study found many other things as well, but perhaps most interesting was the fact that the ladies found the most attractive men who preferred beer to wine and other spirits. And it was completely unexpected that most women consider the decision of a man to become a vegetarian disgusting. So guys, meat and potatoes are your path to success!

Put on your home apron3

As gender norms are being challenged, it has been found that women find men extremely attractive when they offer household help. In fact, among married couples, this leads to better and more frequent sex, fewer fights, and more willing women to forgive minor male faults. These results come from research from Cornell University, which collected data on marital relationships from 4,500 couples across America.

Dominate The Bedroom Defend In Public4

Metrosexual men can become part of some women's fantasies, but most ladies are not eager to enter into relationships with them. In fact, only one in five women would prefer a guy who prioritizes his appearance.


According to a study of 3,211 members of the Victoria Milan site, women are attracted to a "matured" lover who prefers to dominate the bedroom. In the same way, they need a man who can protect her, including verbally. Current that, what is important is not attractive appearance, but a real defender.

Make her laugh 5

A sense of humor and the ability to make you laugh is considered perhaps the most important quality in a person. According to a 2007 study by Richard Lipp, based on an online BBC poll of more than 200,000 people from 53 countries, the secret to attractive men is humor, followed by intelligence and honesty. Men have come to the conclusion that the most important qualities of a woman are intelligence, good looks and humor. So yeah guys, we're a little shallow.

Your size is important6

This is something you cannot fix, but women find attractive: the height of a man and the size of his penis. A study by the National Academy of Sciences and published in the journal Proceedings found that penis size has a huge impact on male attractiveness. The survey involved 105 women who were asked to watch video clips of naked men with different heights and sizes of penises in order to rate their "general sex appeal" on a scale from 1 to 7. As a result, the study showed that a person's height is just as important as size. his member.

Be reliable and faithful7

Perhaps, if your height and size are not the most remarkable, you will be comforted by another online research result from Men's Health, which surveyed 1,000 women aged 21 to 54. Over eight out of every ten participants considered loyalty to be the most important quality for a man. The second place was taken by male reliability. So, the good guy has its advantages!

Show her your scars 8

If you are looking for short-term flirting, you will be interested in research results published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences. The sex appeal of gentlemen with and without slight facial scars was assessed by 147 women. The result showed that men with scars were rated sexier because they displayed the perpetuated "bad guy" stereotype.

Be a patriot 9

A study by the University of Southampton surveyed nearly 100 women studying in the UK. They were presented with hypothetical profiles of men who displayed varying levels of heroism in various fields such as war, sports and business.

How can a man be attractive
How can a man be attractive

Women were more likely to date guys serving in the army if they were awarded a medal for bravery in battle. The heroism shown in other categories (sports and business) left the survey participants indifferent. Obviously, women want a man to fight not only for their love, but also for the country.

Get a puppy10

A guy walking a dog win-win attracts female attention, girls are often the first to talk to him and get to know him, and he is 30% more likely to get their phone number. This effect is obviously due to the fact that love for animals implies a willingness to care for someone other than oneself. Studies have shown that one in five women find a man who owns a dog more attractive to them.

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