5 Features Of Male Love That Are Different From Female Love

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5 Features Of Male Love That Are Different From Female Love
5 Features Of Male Love That Are Different From Female Love

Video: 5 Features Of Male Love That Are Different From Female Love

Video: 5 Features Of Male Love That Are Different From Female Love
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Features of male love
Features of male love

Men and women. We are so different and in many ways opposite that it is not clear how we are generally able to understand each other. No wonder the book "Men from Mars, Women from Venus" in the 1990s was the best-selling book in the field of popular science literature. John Gray first revealed to the general public the truth about the colossal psychological difference between the sexes.

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  • 1 Physical attraction
  • 2 Male impulsivity
  • 3 Focus on physical intimacy
  • 4 Gaiety and lightness of disposition
  • 5 Openness at the beginning of a relationship
  • 6 Declaration of love

When it comes to falling in love, men and women experience different sensations at every stage of the relationship, from the first date, going through a storm of hormonal cocktails, and ending with the phase of crazy sex. Experts answer some questions, what exactly are the biggest differences for opposite sexes from the moment "I just met you" to "I'm in love with you head over heels."

Physical attraction i

In a study by the Medicis Aesthetics Medical Center, 1000 men and women were interviewed about relationships, marriage, divorce, and intimate attraction. Experts have found that appearance matters for both sexes, but for men, it is much more important to experience physical attraction.

"Men are initially attracted by the appearance of a woman, only after that they can" see "a man and only after a careful analysis of their feelings go to a declaration of love for a woman," says Nicole Martinez, Ph. D. in Illinois. - "They do not think about what good qualities a girl has, so that later they can be enchanted by her appearance."

Of course, a woman may seem much more attractive to them when they get to know her better, but first of all, their attention will be attracted by how she looks.

Male impulsivity 2

Women are distinguished by purposefulness in relationships, they are thoughtful about the very idea of love. Men are more likely to show impetus and assertiveness in actions as soon as they begin to experience feelings. As soon as a guy notices something special in a girl, he immediately goes on the offensive and begins to force the relationship, trying to develop them as soon as possible. If he is very keen, then completely at the mercy of his feelings, he can make a hasty decision about a serious step.

Women are more prudent in all aspects of love and carefully weigh each step of the relationship. "By nature, men are more impulsive where women are cautious and looking for an environment in which they feel confident," said Dr. Martinez. - "When a man is in love, he often acts under the influence of sudden impulses than a woman who is inherent in observation, waiting, until she knows for sure what to do."

Male love
Male love

Focus on Physical Intimacy3

Girls can send dirty sex messages when they are in the right mood, but for them it is more of a game - they tease guys. For men, sex, with a woman they like, is always in the foreground of their thoughts, and for the sake of it they are ready for many crazy actions.

"Research shows that men's views of love tend to focus on the physical aspects of passion rather than emotional stability," says Esther Boykin, licensed marriage and family therapist. “Because men are more lustful, and it's hard to deny. But love is a multifaceted concept and one should not assume that for males it is less deep and meaningful."

Gaiety and lightness of disposition4

Correctly noted: when a guy seeks to cheer up a girl, this is a sure sign that he likes her. Men are looking for partners with whom they can easily get along, feel comfortable and relaxed, have fun with them without analyzing any problems too often. Women in partners are more attracted by intelligence and reliability, a serious attitude towards herself and many aspects of life.

Openness at the beginning of a relationship 5

“When a guy starts to fall in love, he can think of all sorts of things, such as how this girl might one day become his wife. But he won't share those experiences with her,”says Dr. Martinez.

Jenson Ackles
Jenson Ackles

As a rule, it takes much longer for men to express their feelings emotionally and verbally. Most often, they will wait until they feel the reciprocity of the relationship and the security for their own pride.

“Men are more likely to express their love through affection, initiating fun activities and fun with a partner and, of course, sex,” explains Esther Boykin. “Women show affection in other ways, like talking and caring.”

And it happens that feelings flare up or return even after parting. What to do and how to be if the ex has confessed his love, read further on the link.

Declaration of love6

Esther Boykin claims that 70% of men are the first to confess their love: “This openness can occur for various reasons, including the fact that they evaluate a partner's sexual desire as a sign of not only physical but also emotional attraction. This, from their point of view, makes a declaration of love less risky and vulnerable for them. " In addition, assuming the reciprocity of feelings, males more often than women seek to clarify relationships.

How guys fall in love
How guys fall in love

Finally, we can add one more interesting difference. Women are not embarrassed by the fact that they initially did not attract someone's attention. They can love this person by calmly and purposefully developing a relationship with him. “Men need the opposite,” says psychologist Nicole Martinez, “from the very beginning of a relationship, they need to feel that they are interested in a lady in order to become open to meet and first flirt with her.”

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