Already Unbearable To Marry: Signs That The Girl Is In A Hurry To Get Married

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Already Unbearable To Marry: Signs That The Girl Is In A Hurry To Get Married
Already Unbearable To Marry: Signs That The Girl Is In A Hurry To Get Married

Video: Already Unbearable To Marry: Signs That The Girl Is In A Hurry To Get Married

Video: Already Unbearable To Marry: Signs That The Girl Is In A Hurry To Get Married
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the girl is in a hurry to get married
the girl is in a hurry to get married

Not all people are pleased with a free and riotous life, filled with fun, partying and lack of concern for their neighbor. There are unique people for whom obligations imposed by feelings and law are only a joy. We are talking about the beautiful half of humanity, many of whom sleep and see themselves in a wedding dress and a shiny ring on their ring finger.

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  • 2 Opaque hints
  • 3 Meet the parents
  • 4 Unsafe sex
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But such enthusiasm sometimes runs into fierce resistance from the male audience: how can you live together, get used to your characters? If you do not dream of fettering yourself by marriage, then it is extremely important to know the "symptoms" by which it is easy to calculate the "hunter" for unsettled young men.

Frequent romantic encountersi

Behind the scenes there are many rules according to which some time should pass after the first date, at least a week. Modern ladies “pickle” suitors for longer, in order to induce an irresistible desire to see each other. However, if a companion is interested in serious development up to marriage, then she simply does not have extra days for all these sentiments. Probably, she will insist on almost daily joint promenades, in order to properly "test the waters."

The perseverance and perseverance, which the passion shows, signal only one thing - she has her own far-reaching plans. And she will do everything so that very soon you will fall in front of her feet and languidly ask: "Will you marry me?"

Opaque Hints 2

If your relationship has finally reached the point where a beauty appears in the holy of holies - your home - then it is useful to observe her reaction to your environment. Modest women are most often simply interested in interior items or even quietly smile, but "future brides" directly declare that the apartment lacks warmth and a woman's hand.

This can mean one thing - she herself wants to become the hostess, moreover, burdened with a wedding ring. And such an alignment of inveterate bachelors may absolutely not like it. There is only one advice - either do not let you into your territory until a certain time, or speak openly.

when marriage is unbearable
when marriage is unbearable

Meet the parents 3

One of the main "bells" meaning that you are already "on the hook" - the faithful gives out on the forehead that not today or tomorrow you will have to meet her father and mother. In order to avoid unforeseenness, they do not warn about such an event, so that the potential spouse does not have a thousand excuses.

The level of trust shown to you by this gesture can be twofold. On the one hand, a woman is trying to fit you into her own close circle, and on the other, she is giving you to her relatives for analysis. During such a conversation, you will be carefully examined, and then in the kitchen whisper the results of the "research".

It is not advisable to immediately fall into hysterics and run headlong. It is enough to remind the other half that slavery has long been abolished, and you have the right to decide with whom and when to meet.

And if it is she who is to meet the guy's parents, you should pay attention to the details described in our article.

signs that the girl wants to get married
signs that the girl wants to get married

Unsafe Sex 4

One of the extremely insidious things the weaker sex does is manipulate common weaknesses. Well, what kind of male would refuse good sex, especially if the partner allows not to use the ill-fated elastic bands and pour out his love wherever he pleases.

On this, defenseless ladies' men are caught, then demonstrating with a joyful face a test with two strips and reinforcing what he saw with the phrase "dear, you will become a dad!". Fatherhood is wonderful, but the imposed obligation to have children is too much.

In this case, it is necessary to act unambiguously - always carry condoms with you. So that you do not have a grandiose bird chirping in your ear, you must always take care of your safety. Especially if there is no family with toddlers in your schedule yet. But you are advised to think carefully - do you need a friend who is trying to drag you down the aisle by such methods?

Yes or no 5

This point applies to those who are simply not able to read between the lines and understand the actions of their beloved. Straightforward persons simply immediately put an ultimatum: either you play a wedding and live happily ever after, or disperse like ships at sea. On the one hand, this is honest behavior, because the beloved immediately dumps her goals and desires on the table.

the girl is in a hurry to the registry office
the girl is in a hurry to the registry office

On the other hand, such categoricalness does not give a chance to think over everything. To create a new social unit is not to go for milk. Huge responsibility, the burden of family hardships and a bunch of horrors, from which the brutals have goosebumps, often turn out to be simply too much for ordinary guys who have not yet tasted the delights of a bachelor existence.

If you don’t want to march under Mendelssohn’s march, say so. There is no need to invent false reasons, to seek excuses for your words. You have every right to live the way you want, and not according to the rules adopted by society. Therefore, a loving girl will understand and give in, and you should not waste your nerves on principled and selfish ladies.

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