How To Make A Woman Happy: Effective Advice For Men

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How To Make A Woman Happy: Effective Advice For Men
How To Make A Woman Happy: Effective Advice For Men

Video: How To Make A Woman Happy: Effective Advice For Men

Video: How To Make A Woman Happy: Effective Advice For Men
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girls multiplied
girls multiplied

For years, people have been studying various sciences, professional skills, and many other subjects that they meet on the way. But when it comes to the relationship between men and women, most, as a rule, have no idea about the simplest foundations of the psychology of the opposite sex. A lot of guys, trying to build a relationship with a girl, make mistakes of the same type that they don't even know about. Often these oversights become an obstacle in living together and the cause of a breakup. Knowing about the wrongness of your actions, you can figure out how to avoid this and improve your relationship with the girl.

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  • 1 Expand your knowledge of women
  • 2 Do not listen only to yourself
  • 3 Be present emotionally
  • 4 Cultivate Friendship
  • 5 Give the Right Compliments
  • 6 Don't bother
  • 7 Correctly interpret non-verbal signals

Expand your knowledge of womeni

The more efforts you put into studying female psychology, the more chances you will acquire for being in harmony with your chosen one, understanding her feelings, emotions, likes and dislikes. This will lead to a smoother and happier relationship because you can anticipate her wants and needs.

Unlike our parents, who had only literature that is difficult for a non-professional understanding, today we do not need a lot of time and work when we want to learn about the relationship between the sexes. Many sites and forums specialize on this topic, and a lot of research has been conducted and published that helps to understand what women expect from men, what they accept and what turns them off. You just need to make a little effort to find out about all this and apply it in your life.

Don't listen only to yourself2

Sooner or later a woman will lose interest in you if you spend a lot of effort talking about yourself instead of listening and studying her. Your meetings should not be limited to your self-promotion, when you are trying to convince a girl that you are her best option. It's about mutual learning, understanding whether you fit together or not. Nature has given you two ears and one mouth, which means that you should listen twice as much as you speak.

It is necessary to learn to create at least the impression that the woman is in charge of the relationship.

Happy woman
Happy woman

Be Emotionally Present3

Many men are so busy with their careers, business, friends' problems, sports hobbies that they barely bother to spend time with their girlfriend. And when they are next to her, they do not let go of the phone or can not tear themselves away from the screen, where sports are demonstrated. Prioritize: If a girl is really important to you, then she shouldn't feel like your relationship is secondary to you.

Every woman wants to be adored by her man, to feel valuable and significant in his life. She doesn't require you to be around all the time, but she rightly believes that emotionally you should be with her when you are together. Then she can feel loved. If you don't let your friend know that she is special, then you lose the right to complain when someone else does it.

Cultivate Friendship4

Many men consider friendship with their girlfriend to be unimportant, they think that love and sexual attraction are enough. But friendship and trust are necessary for a long-term love relationship, like the foundation of a house, without which a seemingly solid building collapses from the inside. It is important to understand that falling in love is a passing feeling, and most strong relationships are based on friendship. It is she who creates the unity and support between you, which you can count on in any situation. You can have long-term friendships without close relationships, but you cannot have long-term close relationships without friendship.

Make her happy
Make her happy

Give the Right Compliments5

Men think that every pretty girl just melts when a guy praises her looks. But more often, she perceives it, consciously or intuitively, as a veiled desire for sex with her, which is essentially true. If you see only her attractiveness and do not bother to find out her character and other qualities, then you are not worth reciprocity. Having found what to say about her thoughtfulness, sense of humor, observation, compassion, kind-heartedness, you will show yourself from a much more radiant side. And she will be more grateful to you than for a compliment on how these jeans and a blouse look (read: tight ass and chest).

But how to properly compliment a girl about her beauty, you can find out in our article, then follow the link.

Don't bother6

Sometimes men are too "tenacious" and annoying when they meet a woman who has seriously interested them. Experiencing strong excitement, they show a greater onslaught than is necessary to attract attention, and are like a vice that has a death grip on the victim. This can significantly embarrass, annoy and eventually alienate a girl, especially one that belongs to an independent type of character.

Stop yourself, take a deep breath and take a step back. Thank her for the wonderful meeting and tell her how you had a wonderful time with her. When you say goodbye, do whatever you can to avoid texting her every five minutes or calling her back every hour. Do not worry about her disinterest, if you show patience, you will rather help yourself than harm.

How to make her happy
How to make her happy

Correctly interpret non-verbal signals7

Women often do not say in words what they want or what they dislike. If you don't learn to understand her non-verbal messages, you will never be able to form a deep emotional connection with her. Think how well you know the girl you love and with whom you want to live happily ever after? How much effort and time have you put into communicating with her to get to know her better?

If she is really important to you, spare no effort trying to get to know her more, pay attention to what she tells you when she is really silent. With a certain amount of patience, you will learn to better understand the woman you love and will be able to bring more happiness to both of you. Indeed, for a relationship, two people are needed who want to learn, understand, communicate and support each other, not only when everything is good, but also when it is bad.

Read our article for real tips on how not to raise a bitch from your beloved woman.

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