Devilish Beauty: What Are The Disadvantages Of Having An Affair With A Beautiful Girl?

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Devilish Beauty: What Are The Disadvantages Of Having An Affair With A Beautiful Girl?
Devilish Beauty: What Are The Disadvantages Of Having An Affair With A Beautiful Girl?
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a beautiful couple
a beautiful couple

The external data of the partner play a significant role, because initially a person falls in love with his eyes. There are exceptions to the rule when love flares up instantly and literally at first sight makes you forget about everything. But still the statistics are relentless: the prettier the face and the sexier the body, the greater the chances of romance. It is harder for guys in this regard, because female beauty can charm and literally drive you crazy. After all, it is not for nothing that it is said that a beautiful woman is heaven for the eyes, hell for the soul and purgatory for the wallet. Even if you are determined to conquer a true beauty, you need to prepare for the next moments in your relationship.

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  • 1 Fierce competition
  • 2 Intrinsic insignificance
  • 3 Limp doll
  • 4 Selfish love
  • 5 Contrived commercialism
  • 6 Groundless jealousy

Fierce competition

Imagine that you are next to your companion, and she looks just stunning. All males roll their necks around, and she walks, proudly raising her head. Nothing out of the ordinary. However, there is also a drawback - you will be perceived as a serious obstacle on the way to the luxurious forms of your passion. The fact that the majority around will sleep and see her on their penis is not worth talking about. So be mentally prepared for the fact that, even if mentally, she will be fucked. In all poses.

Intrinsic insignificance 2

No matter how great the guy looks, a very pretty girl will still do him in this confrontation. Therefore, do not blame me, but many people will simply not notice your presence if she is nearby. Sometimes it will even seem to you that you have become invisible - empty glances through you will become a confirmation of this. Accept - if this is really your half, then nothing can be done about it. After all, she, like a pheromone bomb, will attract everything male within a radius of a couple of kilometers.

Limp doll3

Guys will agree that as soon as they see the owner of juicy forms, whose breathtakingly delicate and elastic hemispheres peep out of the deepest cleavage, the brain turns off completely. And if every feature in the beloved is perfect in all its senses, then this is a complete end to reason. You will be able to manipulate and twist any rope. It will be necessary, and you will break off at two in the morning to look for jam from guava. And you will be absolutely happy about it. If you start to feel pressure from the fair half, then the choice is yours - to stay close and endure or leave.

Cons of an affair with a beauty
Cons of an affair with a beauty

Selfish Love 4

No matter how hard you try to bring down your beautiful girlfriend from heaven, her self-confidence is unshakable like a tank. Since early childhood, she heard compliments addressed to herself, which were then confirmed by the admiration of men. She broke hearts many times, rejected and did not feel anything special about it. It's simple - her ego is much bigger than you can imagine. Of course, there are thousands of ladies who are calmer and do not have inflated self-importance. But if at least a shadow of doubt about the egoism of your betrothed has crept into your brain in love, then it's time to connect the head that is on top.

Far-fetched commercialism 5

Do you have a solid bank account or at least a cool home, car? Not? This does not mean that others will not think so. Everyone needs a logical explanation that next to an ordinary boy there was a real goddess.Variants, such as love from the first moments, similar interests, coincidences of characters are swept aside immediately. It looks too much like a melodrama plot. But the fact that your beloved only needs money is a common legend in this case. Even if you have a mortgage for a hundred years and ten loans, society will broadcast that even these pennies will go into the pocket of an greedy girl.

The consequences of a relationship with a beauty
The consequences of a relationship with a beauty

Groundless jealousy 6

Have you caught yourself thinking that you are gradually trying to control your beloved? Checking phones, answering her cell phone calls, or keeping track of who she walks with. Jealousy eats away from the inside, because you will be sure that you are not worthy of the love of such a sex bomb. Trying to justify your own low self-esteem will only lead to quarrels. Moreover, you will be in the role of the hysteric, not her. Are you so confident not to get paranoid trying to find imaginary lovers? If not, then you shouldn't even start this obviously failed romance.

The tips above are nothing more than a guideline. Unfortunately, more beautiful girls instantly begin to speculate on their appearance, literally extorting gifts and other life benefits. Nobody claims that all the charms are completely bitches. But if you are not sure that you can harness this wild and uncontrollable power, then there is no need to start a relationship with a flawless beauty. Indeed, at best, you can be left with a broken heart, and at worst, with an empty wallet in the bargain.

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