Mouth Shut: What You Shouldn't Tell The Whole World In Secret

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Mouth Shut: What You Shouldn't Tell The Whole World In Secret
Mouth Shut: What You Shouldn't Tell The Whole World In Secret

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mouth shut
mouth shut

Friendship has been tested over the years, and there is nothing better than a loyal friend by your side in difficult times. Such a person will not give up, support, lend a helping hand, remain a vest into which you can cry. Some people, having found such a person, completely forget that not all their problems should be hung on their neighbor. Even if the burden on the soul is such that one cannot budge from monolithic sadness. There are some topics that shouldn't be brought up in a conversation, even if your trust level is at its highest. And if to mention it, then only in general phrases.

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Otherwise, you can imagine how wrong it would be to dump all your experiences on a friend. First, you will make him worry, although, in fact, these are not his problems and only you should solve them. Secondly, a devoted ally will certainly want to give advice, gradually imposing his point of view, which may go against yours. It doesn't end well, so below you can see a list of topics that are best not to mention in a dialogue with your best friends.

Let the secret remain secret

Quarrels always happen in any couple. Big or small, they invariably make you nervous and reckless. If you want to continue to maintain your reputation as a great couple, then do not try to describe in paints your last discord, during which you broke all the dishes and exchanged impartial nicknames. Perhaps they will regret you, saying how unlucky you are. But another option is also possible. Now your companion will certainly be associated with negativity and will try to demonstrate this whenever possible.

Find a way out of your overwhelming resentment. The best way is sports. Box for a couple of hours or do a dozen other squats. This will not only get rid of bad thoughts, but also benefit your health. And there it is a stone's throw to reconciliation with a half. Whichever side you look at - sheer benefit.

what not to talk about
what not to talk about

Erotic dreams2

The sexual side of a relationship is a holy inviolability. Many are accustomed to the stereotype of how men share with the company the details of the last night, flavoring everything with a portion of obscene jokes, and the ladies, in turn, do not miss the opportunity to tell their girlfriends what he is like in bed. However, this has nothing to do with real and sincere relationships. Squandering such information to the right and left, you can sooner or later come across a condemning look of your half. Who would be pleased if his intimate talents were discussed by strangers?

Instead, you can talk in general terms about how good everything is. God forbid, to back up your words with photos or videos, because this is also beyond reason. Just keep the image of a happy and contented person, then unnecessary questions will not arise.

Uncommon budget3

Starting to live together, people have common hobbies, common acquaintances and a wallet. Who and how much will invest in this bank - the information is also strictly confidential, therefore it would be wrong to disclose it even to the closest circle. And it will be even less honest to argue with your partner because he cannot fully help you in accumulating money. It does not matter who it is about: guys and girls in this case are equally inclined to complain about the unfairness of fate.


If you want to maintain warm feelings in a relationship, then the issue of finance will not rise outside the walls of your home. Consider this a law or a recommendation, but without following such a rule, you will not remain in the status of a lover for long.

Sexual fiasco4

Not all of us are gods, and not all of us are capable of pleasing a half with enchanting sensations in bed several times a day. There are also cases when intimacy does not work at all, leaving an unpleasant aftertaste in the soul. Sharing such things with someone other than a loved one would be immoral. Even if you want to describe in paints how you tried, and he or she pretended to be an unworked timber. For the sake of a couple of jokes and dubious support, you should not risk the trust of your life partner, and even create not the best reputation for him.

Whatever difficulties may occur between two people, there is always a way to overcome them once and for all. The desire to constantly "drain" all information to an outsider, even a good person, becomes a pathological addiction and threatens the healthy development of relationships. Therefore, before once again running to your girlfriends or falling to your brothers, it is better to get rid of all negative thoughts with the help of sports or hobbies, and then hug and kiss your soul mate tightly - this kindred spirit will definitely understand you.

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