Parting Or Victory Of Feelings: What To Say Before Leaving?

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Parting Or Victory Of Feelings: What To Say Before Leaving?
Parting Or Victory Of Feelings: What To Say Before Leaving?

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pie in the face

According to statistics, there are practically no people who, at least once, have not experienced sorrowful agony from breaking off relations with a partner. And if there are people who live to the very end with first love, they are rather an exception to the general rule. There is a simple explanation for this: the likelihood that you will immediately meet a person who is 100% harmonious with you is extremely minimal. Even if Mrs. Fortune smiles in life, it is a fact that everything is okay on the personal front.

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  • 1 Is it worth staying
  • 2 Do I need to fight
  • 3 Is it possible to agree
  • 4 Is it difficult to disagree
  • 5 Farewell is not in English

But as soon as you or your half came up with the idea of ​​parting, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons, and then sit down and talk in private. There is a need for this, because it is possible to find out not only the cause of the conflict, but also the ways of its solution. In the end, it may also happen that you realize the enormity of the act that you decide on, and think about maintaining warm feelings. What to ask your loved one and how to behave correctly? More on this below.

Is it worth staying i

Whatever negative emotions prevail at the moment of your conversation, you will not be able to do without asking if there is a reason to continue the meetings. Sometimes, in a fit of rage, you can forget about how warm there was between you and what pleasant memories unite you. Maybe this is the first date when you couldn't take your eyes off each other, or a joint outdoor recreation? Whatever emerges in your subconscious mind, you cannot just take it and delete it. And if there is more good left, then there is definitely a chance for a successful continuation of the novel.

Do I have to fight2

Any relationship is always a job. And sometimes it may not be as pleasant as you would like. When the first quarrels or controversial situations arise, some will decide to let the situation take its course, which comes to rupture. First of all, make sure that no matter how painful it is, you fought to the very end. And this struggle was not one-sided. If there are still ways to improve communication, then you should not sweep them aside. Who knows, maybe in 50 years you will remember this conversation with a slight smile and be glad that you did not act rashly, giving up your personal happiness.


Is it possible to agree 3

Probably, there are no people in the world who would be identical in their aspirations, desires, outlook on life. Sooner or later a situation arises when you need to defend your point of view even in front of your loved one. Even if you decide that you are not destined to be together. Compromise is a great way to avoid hurting someone's feelings and preserve love.

Try to make concessions in some situations and ask for the same soul mate. Perhaps the root of the evil lies in the fact that you showed dictatorial inclinations and did not allow a loved one to express their emotions? Then fix everything immediately, becoming softer and more compliant.

Is it difficult to break up 4

Even if all the previous questions did not have the proper impact, and you are also full of determination, it is still necessary to decide on the shore the question of what your communication will be after the "point of no return". No matter how strange it may sound, even becoming independent and independent of each other people, you can remain friends. Well, or at least friends. It's not at all necessary to go into the Cold War regime and look for 101 ways to spoil the sweet life of an ex-lover. This is uncivilized, and it completely negates everything that happened before. Show that your words in the past are worth something by saving face even in the face of sadness.

K / f
K / f

Another point that must be clarified is mutual friends. Whatever it was, but if you have them, then you will have to intersect. And if this every time will cause another scandal and tears, then you should warn your friends in advance about your appearance. Don't try to pretend that you don't care - the truth will come out and it will only make it worse.

Farewell not in English5

Conversation is an important part of a romantic relationship. It doesn't have to be overly frank dialogues, it's enough just to be honest, and first of all to yourself. Analyze if enough words have been said that are important to any person. Have you talked about how much you love and want to be loved, what plans for the future (especially joint ones), what worries you and what you wanted to change? If not, then your romance was initially doomed to failure, so don't make the same mistakes next time.

What to say before breaking up
What to say before breaking up

A breakup will always be a sad experience, no matter what words of encouragement you hear. Even if you realize the rationality of such an act, it will not be superfluous to talk once again face to face. Perhaps all your arguments will be shattered by strong feelings that warm in your chest. And this will be exactly the reason that allows you to stay close to your loved one.

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