Here Without A Chance: How Beautiful It Is To Refuse A Date

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Here Without A Chance: How Beautiful It Is To Refuse A Date
Here Without A Chance: How Beautiful It Is To Refuse A Date
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Girl in glasses
Girl in glasses

Remember, you have had situations when a new acquaintance actively insists on meeting. Most people know how to determine when friendships want to be replaced by romantic relationships. This is not always necessary and appropriate. There are many acquaintances with whom it is pleasant to communicate, even to be friends, but I absolutely do not want to move on to more intimate relationships.

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Today we'll talk about how you can get away from an imposed date, but remain friends. Indeed, one does not always want to openly send a person. There is tact in all of us, telling us to regret, not offend, and cheat. The excuses are often very explicit. As a result, the person is even more offended than if he was openly answered with a direct refusal to the offer to walk under the moon.

In order not to be considered a hypocritical villain who spat in the soul of a good person, we will tell you about several life hacks in behavior, possible options for avoiding unwanted contacts.

Conversation "without cuts" i

The surest way is to have a frank conversation with a person. Naturally, he is unlikely to like your message. The main thing in this matter is to be tactful, but not to evade the answer, as in a frying pan.

In any case, people always want to hear the truth. If today you agree to an unwanted relationship, then tomorrow your secret will be revealed. The result is an opinion of hypocrisy and deceit. Then all this will turn into a massive story about your dishonor and deceit, which will be told by a mutual acquaintance. Why arrange problems for yourself from scratch.

That is, when you break yourself, make a deal with your conscience to save the good guy from the bitter truth, be ready to take the final result upon yourself. Answer the question a thousand times: "Am I ready to sacrifice myself?" Most probably not. If the answer is yes, then it would be nice to contact a psychologist with the problem of low self-esteem.

Excessive employment2

The trick is as old as the world, but it still remains one of the most popular and effective. When a person very persistently and for a long time hints at a desired meeting, you can refer to a lack of free time. There is no time even to drink coffee with girlfriends, a whole mountain of work.

Repeat the same reason several times, and the person himself realizes that they do not want to be perceived as the chosen one for life. This is a normal practice, if you honestly discuss all the points, put information on the shelves of strength and desire. Moreover, the person is unknown, you don't want to turn your soul at all.

how can you get out of a date
how can you get out of a date

By the way, this technique works for you too. Having referred to deeds several times, in the end you will most likely start doing something that has long been postponed for later. This is how our brain works. You are lying to a person, and in order to justify yourself, you really find important things that you did not want to do before. So you can learn English, take care of your figure, read an interesting book. Use your free time rationally, instead of mindlessly flipping through the feed on Instagram.

Report love relationship3

We are not talking about the moment when you actually have a permanent partner. Here it goes without saying that he refuses to meet with a new acquaintance for quite objective reasons. We are talking about a situation where, in fact, you have no relationship at the current time.

Hundreds of thousands of women, and sometimes men, do this too. When you declare unfreedom in your personal life, you cut off persistent courtship from an unwanted object. Of course, there are persistent individuals who are not stopped by marriage, having children, and so on. But over time, it will come to them that you do not even want to give meaningless chances and empty promises.

how beautiful it is to get away from a date
how beautiful it is to get away from a date

Plus, this way you can secure your personal space, protect your personal boundaries. If a person is aware that a place in your heart is taken, he is unlikely to act stubbornly and tactlessly, fearing punishment from the acting boyfriend.

Silence is gold4

If you have already tried all the excuses, and the person continues to aggressively attack your social networks and instant messengers, there is one simple way out - ignoring. Not all people on this planet are ready to understand and accept rejection. There are also those who suffer from mental illness, for example. Therefore, it is worth worrying about your own safety and peace of mind.

It's not for nothing that the Internet came up with adding to blacklists and blocking. Another question is that an active character can try to reach out from fake pages and new profiles, which are not at all difficult to create.

The complete lack of response to messages and calls as a result will lead you to your cherished goal. The person will simply have to come to terms with the impossibility of dating. If you are being achieved through all obstacles, then it may be worth evaluating the impulse and giving a chance.

how to get out of a date
how to get out of a date

The easiest way to avoid dating, at first glance, is to honestly explain why. But not everyone is ready for frankness. The fear of offending and hurting a good person sometimes leads to the creation of happy couples. But this rule applies in exceptional cases. More often it happens the other way around - people are simply wasting precious time that they could have spent more usefully than pity and fear of a frank conversation.

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