5 Actionable Tips: How To Survive A Terrible Date?

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5 Actionable Tips: How To Survive A Terrible Date?
5 Actionable Tips: How To Survive A Terrible Date?
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girl with bird
girl with bird

Now many make new acquaintances via the Internet. Writing to a person you like on social networks is not as scary as approaching a beautiful girl on the street. Taking into account the numerous online dating sites, things are even easier. Everything is perfected here, the algorithm works like a clock. If you like it - you like it, if you don't like it - you swipe to the left. The mechanics are simple to the point.

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  • 1 Change the course of the conversation
  • 2 Going to the cinema
  • 3 Walk in the fresh air
  • 4 Straight Talk

It happens that after a little dialogue on the network, you make an appointment. A priori, a date cannot take place in full accordance with the scenario that each of its participants previously prescribed in his imagination. Sometimes the meeting takes place in a disgusting atmosphere. This is influenced by mood, energy metabolism, the appearance of a partner, and whatever.

Getting up and leaving with the phrase: “You don’t suit me, adies!” Is simply not cultural. Although this option happens quite often. Even worse, if the interlocutor decided to go to the toilet room, and there he disappeared. Today we are talking honestly about how to survive an unsuccessful romantic evening and leave it without losing dignity and good manners.

Change the course of the conversation

It is not a rare case when you are waiting for a gorgeous nymph with a gorgeous figure on a date, but a standard short girl with two pigtails comes. Even so, don't despair.

Agree, you can immediately understand whether you are attracted to a person or not. But you can spend the evening having a pleasant conversation. Perhaps right now fate has thrown you an interesting acquaintance, which as a result will develop into a long-term friendship.

First, find common themes. The correspondence in the network managed to show that the person is interesting, multifaceted. Not only for the beautiful photos you marked the user, right? So with absolutely every person you can spend half an hour.

Do not see points of contact, start the dialogue in a standard informal channel. You can always chat about the weather, sights, travel, outlook on life. A helpful tip is to avoid potentially provocative topics. These include politics, religion, family life, childhood. The first two points in 90% of cases provoke you into an argument. Why darken an already not very successful evening with aggressive arguments and debates.

Nightmare date
Nightmare date

Going to the cinema2

Advice for those who are looking for a companion exclusively for the visual component. If what the chosen one looks like is very important to you, do not arrange the first meeting in a restaurant. Offer to go to the cinema for the movie you expect. This way you can save yourself from uncomfortable situations.

A handsome man with a relief figure has come - feel free to continue your evening in the cozy atmosphere of a trendy bar. Didn't fit in many ways - watch a cool movie and disperse like ships at sea. You won't even have to explain anything. You just set aside for the session just enough time to look through the tape and exchange a couple of polite phrases. Now great and urgent things await you.

In addition to the fact that a visit to the cinema can save you from unwanted conversations, you can carefully study the person. In especially touching moments, it can tear. If he starts to grin maliciously, then in future relationships do not count on compassion and understanding. As a result, cinema is not only a pleasant pastime, but also a source of useful knowledge about a satellite.

Walk in the fresh air3

Here you come to a cafe. The conversation immediately went wrong. We even managed to scratch a little against the background of different views. Offer to take a walk along the waterfront.

Firstly, cases when the first meeting with a person takes place in an uncomfortable environment often end with Mendelssohn's march. A huge number of couples assure that the opinion of their today's spouse at the beginning of their acquaintance was simply disgusting. Over time, dislike grew into a frenzied passion and acceptance of all the advantages and disadvantages.

How to iron out a terrible date
How to iron out a terrible date

Secondly, a leisurely walk along a beautifully illuminated reservoir can set you both in a completely different way. People enjoying the beauty of the sunset become more vulnerable and emotional. Openness to dialogue appears. You can also look at how a person behaves in silence. Sometimes words are part of a fictional image. A kind of protection falls off at the moment when complete silence sets in.

Straight Talk4

If you think the best way to end a lousy date is to run away from the scene of the fighting, you are the most selfish. Your companion may experience completely different feelings.

Think, it would be nice for you to be in a restaurant alone with an unpaid bill. Or imagine a situation that you were getting ready, preparing, dressing up for a long time, and a new acquaintance left after 5 minutes, referring to unexpected important things.

Remember that even the smallest deeds for one are destructive for another. You never know what goals were pursued by a beautiful girl who came to the restaurant to meet you. Maybe this is her first foray into the world after a difficult break in a past relationship. If you run away, then she will close again, and even worse, she will fall into depression.

The easiest way is to talk frankly. Dating means you give a chance. But no one can guarantee a successful meeting.

Terrible date
Terrible date

There are a lot of ways to spend, at first glance, a nightmare date. The main thing to remember is that everything in this life is fixable. If you pull yourself together, do not aggravate the situation, approach this with humor and understanding, then the evening can change dramatically. The main thing is to be honest and frank in relation to yourself and the new person in your life.

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