The Main Reasons And Differences Between Male And Female Jealousy

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The Main Reasons And Differences Between Male And Female Jealousy
The Main Reasons And Differences Between Male And Female Jealousy
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polar points of view about cheating
polar points of view about cheating

Hundreds of thousands of books have been written about the differences between male and female perception of the world. People are constantly trying to understand why we are so different. But no one will give answers to such questions. In fact, even two women are not always able to accept each other's point of view. What can we say about the opposition of different sexes.

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  • 1 A woman's view of infidelity
  • 2 Flirting in public places
  • 3 Correspondence in social networks
  • 4 Communication with an ex
  • 5 What do men talk about?
  • 6 Challenging clothing
  • 7 Parties with friends
  • 8 Relationships at work

Disputes are ongoing on all topics. Conflicts occur on a seemingly unreasonable basis. Well, for example, who should cook dinner today if both family members worked the same time. Why should a father do homework in mathematics with his son, if the mother is a professional engineer, and he is a music teacher. You can quarrel over anything, but the main stumbling block is infidelity.

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What is sometimes a nonsense conversation for men, a lady can perceive as insulting flirting for her. Men, on the other hand, often sin with bans on short skirts, because everyone around will start staring at the legs of his chosen one. We look at the world in different ways, cheating is no exception.

A Feminine View of Infidelity

So, to make it clearer for men, let's look at the most popular moments that women sublimate into jealous feelings. Let's make a reservation right away that the things that will be discussed can irritate a strong half of humanity. Likewise, not every lady will throw a scandal on this basis. It all depends on the upbringing of a person, his level of self-esteem, life principles and personal prejudices.

Flirting in public2

Buying bread in the supermarket with your wife, you smiled at the cashier. So what? But the girls subtly feel the vibes that their gentleman bestows on strangers. Most often, situations are sucked out of the thumb, but it's better not to risk it.

The man begins to explain his behavior with banal politeness. Like, he wanted to cheer up the shop employee, expressed gratitude for her work. Your wife is unlikely to be satisfied with such a response to jealousy if her nature has already fantasized the possible consequences of an exchange of radiant smiles.

Correspondence in social networks3

In this case, it all depends on whether it is really possible to trace the flirting in the correspondence. There are many women for whom it is generally impossible to understand the reasons pushing a man to look for new acquaintances on the Internet.

man and woman against treason
man and woman against treason

For example, if you set passwords on your gadgets, and she still figured out the exchange of pleasantries with a pen pal - expect a scene of jealousy. A person who is in the mood for a scandal will always take the opportunity to arrange it. The problem is that men and women love to spy and dig into each other's correspondence.

How many funny pictures about this are circulating on the Internet? Millions of funny situations. Although a huge number of stable relationships fall apart due to correspondence. Indeed, once seeing an exchange of hearts with an unknown resident of another city, a woman will regularly try to catch the chosen one in the future.

Communication with the ex4

For a man who has linked his life with a jealous woman, there is no more gross mistake than maintaining friendly relations with his ex. No matter how hard you try to explain that you have many common friends and interests, it is unlikely that you will be able to build a trusting relationship with your current hysterical passion.

wife looking for signs of cheating
wife looking for signs of cheating

After all, it's really about trust. A person who is confident in himself and his partner will not deliberately seek confirmation of his zealous hypotheses. If she is constantly trying to catch you, then the relationship is doomed to an eternal state of guerrilla warfare.

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What do men talk about? 5

A man, by the way, can be jealous of all of the above points in a relationship. Not only girls get into the phone of a loved one, guys sometimes go for more cunning tricks. To begin with, they are better at technical innovation. As a result, the girl receives total surveillance using applications and programs created just for this purpose.

Defiant clothes6

When his beloved goes to the office in a dubiously short skirt, the man begins to twitch. We look at the selection of wardrobe differently. If a girl dresses up more for herself in order to feel confident in her irresistibility, then the guy decides that the reason is in search of a new boyfriend.

wife decided to cheat on her husband
wife decided to cheat on her husband

How many short shorts and T-shirts with a deep neckline were sent to the far corner of the closet. Men from all over the world expressed a huge number of bans on flashy makeup, high heels and tight-fitting dresses to their soul mates. Do not count.

Party with girlfriends7

Many men are sexist and don't even try to hide it. If their woman is good and honest, then her friends are necessarily passionate nymphomaniacs. When a girl is about to spend an evening in a restaurant with her friends, she may hear a lot of fantastic prejudices about women's companies.

Be sure this evening beauties will appear to the world, before which stupid ladies will not be able to resist. If they decide to have fun with alcohol, then the head will not think absolutely. Also, a girlfriend with a snake character will push you to cheat.

girl wants to change
girl wants to change

A selection of irrefutable evidence of who cheats more often, we have already collected for you in the next article.

Relationships at work8

When a colleague offers to give a girl a ride home after a difficult meeting, she hardly expects that her husband will run out of the front door with a malicious grimace on his face. And such situations happen all the time.

I could have taken the metro. I would have called, I could have come myself. He drives you to seduce. It is such unfounded reproaches that the wives of jealous people hear. It's good if a conflict happens between the two of you. After all, not everyone can restrain their rampage, they can even reach a massacre.

Jealousy is a toxic condition. First of all, it destroys the nervous system of the jealous person himself. It is terribly difficult to live with such a person. Yesterday he threw a scandal on one occasion, and tomorrow you no longer know what to expect. Claims replace one another. The reasons are becoming more and more fantastic and petty. If a person really loves you, then he will not independently and purposefully look for a reason for a quarrel. Moreover, men and women sometimes do not understand each other at all.

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