Love Has Passed, And Tomatoes Do Not Wither: How To Forget About The Former?

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Love Has Passed, And Tomatoes Do Not Wither: How To Forget About The Former?
Love Has Passed, And Tomatoes Do Not Wither: How To Forget About The Former?

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beautiful girl
beautiful girl

People meet, people fall in love, and … part. Unfortunately, many relationships come to an end. There are many reasons, they are very different, predictable, expected and not, illogical or spontaneous. But one thing remains unchanged - whoever was the initiator of the breakup, whatever the reasons led to the breakup, the past always leaves a long unpleasant aftertaste.

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  • 1 Realize
  • 2 Unleash emotions
  • 3 Reboot
  • 4 Purification
  • 5 Live!

When people were bound by strong love, some of them cannot leave the outdated relationship for years. How to step over the past and start living anew? What to do to put an end to it forever?

Realize i

Let there be a strong all-consuming love, let it seem to a person that this will no longer be. Let this relationship last for several years. But that's all. The relationship is over. This is sad and difficult to accept. But this must be done. Life does not end with the end of a relationship. You need to accept this, and accept yourself as an independent person, independent of the other person and his environment.

Then the easy acceptance of the end will come. Yes, he was a good, sometimes not very, person in life. To say thank you to him (not personally, of course, but to myself) for the experience, impressions, pleasant and not so good. But his time is gone. A new stage in life has come, in which you do not need to take empty experiences.

It will take time. At first, thoughts about the past will be frequent. This is an occasion to reflect on the actions, stupidity and wrong decisions that accompanied the couple during the relationship. Formulate a clear list of qualities that a person would not want to see in a new lover. Consider new moves and solutions, in case similar situations occur with another person.

No need to regret the lost “best” man or “best” woman in your life. It is not, and the past was definitely not that “best”. The best is yet to come, and everyone creates it for himself. Remember the cult series, when a friend after a divorce told a friend: “There are so many types of ice cream in the world, and you only tried vanilla. But there is also chocolate, strawberry, mint. So grab a spoon."

Unleash emotions 2

There was a parting in a quiet way or with shouts and smashing dishes, after that, emotions always remain. Unspoken words, resentment, unspoken tears. You shouldn't keep it to yourself and accumulate nervous tension. You need to free yourself. We remember the first point - to realize. And only a cold and sober head, free from feelings and emotions, is capable of realizing. So, you need to throw out these emotions.

past relationship
past relationship

Throw a mini-party with friends and a bottle of whiskey or martini, go to a bar, a noisy nightclub, dance to the pain in your legs and wind in your head. Not a “noisy” option? This means that you can close at home, shout as urine as possible until the walls crack, cry bitterly, turn on a sad movie and cry over it (if you need stimulation).

Break the watch, perfume she presented, cut the shirts, belts, socks she bought. For girls - the same. No need to regret (this is a good perfume, this is an expensive dress!). These are constant reminders. And they are not needed. You can buy a dress, socks and shirts - generally in constant sales.

Allow yourself to be extreme, for example, skydive. This method will kill two birds with one stone - and it will help to throw out emotions and stuff with new impressions.

ex girlfriend
ex girlfriend


Rebooting helps not only with breakups, but also in everyday life. It helps you gain strength, new impressions, relax your soul and free your head from unnecessary painful thoughts.

The simplest and most effective reboot is a change of scenery. You can start small - arrange a global rearrangement of the house - change curtains, rearrange furniture. Change the supermarket where purchases are made every day. Let another store be further away, an extra walk won't hurt. You should also change your favorite coffee shop, which was always visited before work. Fortunately, there are many of them, and everywhere there is very tasty coffee.

Allow yourself to walk every evening, changing places - today the park, tomorrow another, then cycling (or skiing, skating, if winter), then to the main square. Well, the global part is travel. It is not necessary to go abroad, but if there is such an opportunity, it should not be missed. You can go on a weekend to another city or to the sea. Take a vacation and go to your grandmother in the village, get some fresh air, relax and finally visit your beloved grandma.

got out of relationship
got out of relationship


You should clear not only your thoughts, but your environment. Get rid of everything that resembles past relationships - photographs, toys, gifts. They are useless. Valuable memories will remain so, but the soft toy will be an eyesore and collect excess dust (this is the question of rebooting). You also need to cleanse yourself of your favorite drinks and food. Find another favorite wine. Go to wine tasting, try new things, and finally learn to understand it. It's also a good distraction.

Live! 5

Accept your freedom. Eat delicious food, drink expensive wines. To go where the soul has long been asking. Find a new one, or pursue a long-forgotten hobby - learn Chinese, attend an art school or dance class. Live!

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