A Married Woman, And What Is The Beauty Of Such A Connection?

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A Married Woman, And What Is The Beauty Of Such A Connection?
A Married Woman, And What Is The Beauty Of Such A Connection?

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Married woman
Married woman

The reasons why men have mistresses are many, and they are very diverse. These reasons in most cases do not depend on the man's marital status. Both married men and single men have similar reasons. These reasons also do not depend on the woman's marital status, free or married; men only just count the pros and cons of a possible relationship.

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  • 1 No commitment
  • 2 Easy target
  • 3 Less waste
  • 4 Confidentiality and security
  • 5 No responsibility, there is a man
  • 6 The main thing is appearance
  • 7 Out of competition

In connection with a married woman, and here the opinions of ringed eagles and bachelors completely coincide, men find more pleasant moments than negative nuances. Pleasant, of course, in the male sense.

It would seem that there are so many young single unmarried girls. And the attention of a man is attracted by a busy woman. What is the reason and what to do if he has "laid eyes" on a married woman?

No obligation

The first and, probably, the main reason for the relationship with a married woman is the lack of prospects for the development of relations. A man, like a woman, knows before establishing a relationship that this will not last long. And if for a long time, then definitely without the goal of creating a new family. The woman is already married, and this is a guarantee that she will not drag him to the registry office, and he is not considered a candidate for husbands and a potential father of the family.

Easy Target 2

You don't have to spend a lot of time or go far to find a married mistress. Female colleagues, acquaintances from the fitness club and neighbors, they are all nearby and all so different, and almost all so misunderstood by their husbands. Courting a man isn't worth much effort. The poorly disguised desire for her attention is quite enough to understand - to be or not to be your novel. And, being in a relationship with her, a married lover does not require much time and attention.

She does not need to be taken to the cinema or escorted home, constantly calling or writing love SMS, spending more time together. She has a family - a husband and, probably, children, so after intimacy she herself will rather run home. A married lover does not require any displays of care, warmth, and long conversations are not necessary with her. The man's task is sexual satisfaction, and her husband is responsible for her happiness or unhappiness.

Less spending3

Men are by nature tight-fisted and find it difficult to part with their money. In the case of an affair with a married woman, this fact is of no small importance. You don't have to spend money on a married mistress, give flowers and gifts - how will she explain them to her husband? No need to drive to restaurants or take on vacation, often she pays for the taxi to the house herself. Celebration of significant dates and holiday greetings also disappear, all these are the duties of a husband, not a lover.

Privacy and security 4

The strict and unconditional confidentiality of the relationship is guaranteed by the already existing marriage status of such a mistress. She will not tell everyone about this relationship, she will not make scandals from scratch, throw tantrums if the man postpones the meeting. She doesn't need publicity, she has no intentions to destroy her family. She will keep everything secret, even if the man breaks their connection without explanation. In addition, the danger of exposure brings a spicy note to relationships and makes them more passionate.

Woman married
Woman married

No responsibility, there is a man5

In a relationship with a married lady, a man no longer needs to play the role of a breadwinner for the family, protector of the family hearth and support for family members. The personal qualities of a man are of paramount importance. A man does not even need to show or have a steely masculine character, to be purposeful, successful, loyal or intelligent. Attention is focused on his sexual attraction to the chosen one and his ability to realize passionate fantasies, his and hers.

Appearance is key 6

When choosing a married woman as a mistress, a man, as a rule, considers only external data. He does not need a needlewoman or a culinary genius, he is not going to live with her. The man also does not insist on her loyalty (she has a husband!). But he gets a nice bonus - with a married lover, the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases is minimal, especially since the risk of infection is primarily concerned with the woman, in order to keep the fact of treason a secret.

Out of competition7

Men are predators by nature; in the struggle for another prey, they subconsciously compete with other males. Having a married mistress is the best way for a man to assert himself, to raise self-esteem in his own eyes. He seduced the woman of another male, which means he won the rivalry, and each time, giving sexual pleasure to his mistress, he gets a feeling of his own superiority over his legal spouse.

married woman
married woman

And all the same psychology of the male makes the man regularly replenish his collection with new "trophies" - women. In this “gathering” the main thing is not quality, but quantity. And therefore, when choosing a married woman as a mistress, her marriage status still plays a primary role, often overlapping any outstanding external data.

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