How To Understand That You Have Chosen The Wrong Girl For Life? 6 Reasons To Break Up

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How To Understand That You Have Chosen The Wrong Girl For Life? 6 Reasons To Break Up
How To Understand That You Have Chosen The Wrong Girl For Life? 6 Reasons To Break Up

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man gives flowers
man gives flowers

Unfortunately, very often people live with each other for many years and do not want to accept one truth - this is the wrong person. People get so used to the daily routine, albeit unwanted, that they refuse to admit to themselves that the person close by is not at all the one who is needed. A painful relationship that has been dragged like a dead weight for several years seems familiar, because everyone has it.

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  • 1 I don't want to go home
  • 2 Call Mom
  • 3 We were in a hurry
  • 4 The child will keep the family
  • 5 I will propose and it will change
  • 6 she annoys me

Relationships are work, right? No not like this. Relationships should be enjoyable, fulfilling, relaxing. Sometimes it seems that the girl is the same, because she is sweet, modest, cooks, cleans. What else do you need to be happy? Why do unnecessary and wrong thoughts come into my head? The answer is simple. So she is not "the same". And the thoughts that are born in the head are not without reason. These are the bells that the time has come for a change.

I don't want to go home

Such a thought does not occur to a person who is in a happy relationship. A person does not want to return home when no one is waiting for him like that, or the wrong person is waiting. Outside the house, a man seems to be freed from the shackles, he feels freer than at home next to a woman. And the return becomes akin to a test. This does not mean that the woman is expecting him angry with a bunch of grumpy nonsense and a heavy rolling pin at the ready. No, she can calmly cook dinner, greet him with a smile and not even understand what efforts he should cross the threshold.

A happy man will want to be home faster. Even if there is a frustrated and angry spouse. He will want to caress her, calm her down and spend the evening in an embrace watching a movie.

Call Mom 2

No, not to take the recipe for her signature cake and arrange a surprise dinner for your favorite. A man wants attention, wants to share problems and experiences with his mother or friend, but not with his woman.

Or the woman herself is too busy with herself that she does not pay due attention to her man, and he is forced to look for him in other people. Either the man himself does not consider it necessary or does not sufficiently trust his half of purely personal experiences.

guy changed his mind
guy changed his mind

We hurried 3

When young people have such a thought, it is not just a bell, it is a screaming alarm. When a man thinks that he was in a hurry to get married or live together, he realized that he was not ready for serious changes. Or he realized that he was in a hurry with the choice of a life partner. In any case, the difficulties of living together should bring the couple together. And if they distance people from each other and make them regret the decision, then this decision really became a mistake.

Some people, instead of peacefully disperse and start looking for "their" person, with whom it would be easy, reliable and correct, they begin to look for other methods of smoothing out problems. For example, young people, especially women, have the "brilliant" idea of ​​having a child.

The child will keep the family4

This is the most absurd idea that can visit young heads not yet parents. Even more stupid is to realize such thoughts. A child should be born into a loving family. It should not become a means of achieving harmony in the family.

the guy doubts
the guy doubts

Using the child as a method to change something in the family, generate new sensations or ignite cooled feelings, people expose themselves and the poor baby to even more torment. Now only 2 people are affected. With a child, a woman will not become loved. With a child in the family, problems will only increase, and 3 people will already suffer.

A child should be desired in the family, and not a truce through the birth of this child.

I will propose and it will change 5

The same absurd thought from the series “let's make a child and it will be better”. If a woman in a relationship does not bring joy and satisfaction to a man. If he is not satisfied with her character, manners, habits, then marriage will not change her. Do not naively believe that her bad behavior is the result of a hidden resentment that he has not yet asked for her hand. Even if this is true, then why does a man need a woman who only needs a formal ceremony, not a man.

After the wedding, she does not turn from a toad to a princess, as in a fairy tale. And a man will not get used to her character and will not force himself to love her under the pressure of the ring on his finger. And the intention to make a woman his wife should be from great love and a desire to spend many years with this man, a desire to raise children whom his wife will give him. Getting married in order to love or fall in love with yourself is like shoving oats into a dead horse and hoping that it will come to life and drag the cart further.

doubts about the girl
doubts about the girl

She annoys me6

When young people begin to live together, it is time for grinding in their lives. When they get to know each other and their partner's habits again. During this period, people are looking for compromises, make concessions and learn to coexist together. Finding some annoying and unpleasant little things in each other is normal. But, when a person does not outgrow any annoying manner of a partner, and there are more and more such trifles, it is worth considering whether it is the person himself who causes such negative emotions.

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