How To Control A Girl? 4 Psychological Techniques For Managing A Woman

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How To Control A Girl? 4 Psychological Techniques For Managing A Woman
How To Control A Girl? 4 Psychological Techniques For Managing A Woman

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how to control a girl
how to control a girl

The problem of relations between men and women has haunted humanity for many centuries. Indeed, the couple's personal relationship is not always as smooth as we would like. Every man and every woman has a picture of their happy life from a certain age. Everyone imagines what kind of partner they see next to them. What character should he have, how to react to certain words and deeds, how to love. But in real life, everything turns out to be far from the case.

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  • 1 The art of word
  • 2 Choice without choice
  • 3 Expert opinion
  • 4 Time = result
  • 5 Don't lie

A smart and cunning person sometimes resorts to manipulation techniques in order to achieve the desired result from a partner. This is not always bad, and sometimes it even helps to keep the relationship. The article will tell you about how to manage a girl. No, these are not methods of cruel manipulation in order to completely control the life of another person. These are some clever tricks that can help men smooth out fights and avoid major conflicts.

The art of wordi

"Women love with their ears" - they say for a long time. A woman really needs to talk often about her beauty and talent. It is important for a girl to know that she is loved and desired. Why before the wedding (or before the first intimacy) do men shower their women with flowers, compliments and gifts? This is nothing more than a game, a manipulation. The goal is to make the girl your own. And it works. She marries him, gives birth to children, shares the bed only with this man. She thinks it was her dream.

Why do men forget about this cute game after the wedding? A man wants a delicious dinner, an ironed shirt every morning, and a beautiful woman at home. The man says how amazingly his wife cooks, praises every cooking and thanks. A woman is not just pleased, it makes her want to please her husband with a new delicious dessert. And so in everything. You need to spice up compliments and bodily expressions of gratitude - kisses and hugs.

The main thing is not to overplay, compliments should be sincere and to the point. Women are very perceptive and know their own worth. And in the event of a fiasco, a bad theater of one actor will be quickly brought to light.

Choice without choice 2

The desires of women are endless. The opportunities for a man are often small to satisfy all the "want" of his couple. And I want to please my beloved. Conflicts often occur on this basis. There is a way out - to provide a choice of several options, any of which suits the man. Create the illusion of choice for a woman.

How to control a girl
How to control a girl

A simple example is rest. The girl wants to go to the sea. But her husband cannot afford to take her to Bali or the Maldives. Then it is worth giving her a choice between Thailand and Turkey. Of course, you need to make strong arguments in favor of these resorts. Usually, a lady, delighted with the news of an early rest, will choose between the options provided. You can also limit the timing of the choice, say that the vouchers are running out, you need to buy as soon as possible. Then the girl will not have time to think about other options.

Expert opinion 3

This technique partially applies to the previous one. This is the ability of a man to correctly and competently argue his point of view. Show yourself as an expert in the matter. Then the woman will have no doubts, and she will agree to the proposal of her companion.

Women are very fond of smart men, so why not play on this sometimes ?! It is important to remember that a man must really be smart and very smart. Especially when it comes to an equally smart girl. Such a person will easily crush a man's attempts to appear smarter.

Time = result4

When a man has an idea, and he is not sure about the consent of his companion, you need to give her time to think it over. You can throw a thought at her once in a conversation, as if by accident. After a while, remind about this, add a couple of weighty arguments. Show her "accidentally" found articles and photos on the topic.

Manipulation methods
Manipulation methods

A woman will think about it, weigh the pros and cons. One day she can come up herself with a conversation or immediately with consent. The main thing is not to press and not put up arguments. Excessive persistence depressing, and the woman in this case takes an aggressive and defensive position.

Don't lie5

Any of the methods of managing a soul mate will be effective if it is not aimed at hiding lies. Men can use tricky techniques to avoid conflict. In order to be able to correctly present alternative options for actions and desires, and so that the woman remains satisfied. How to control a girl to hide a lie? No way, the truth will sooner or later become known. The pain of betrayal and lies will remain forever.

It is very important to know the difference between psychological control techniques and brutal human manipulation. Manipulations are resorted to by immature men who are not able to influence a woman in a peaceful way. Incorrect techniques include:

  • Money. Some men think that whoever has money is right. If a man needs a woman personality, and not a driven gray mouse, you should not resort to tyranny.
  • Sex. When a man is offended, he deprives his spouse of sex. When he needs something, he "loves" her to shaking legs. These are the techniques of infantile over-aged boys.
Manipulate a girl
Manipulate a girl
  • Swearing and humiliation. When a man doesn't like something, he starts screaming, hitting furniture, and sometimes raising his hand to a woman. This behavior is also called hysterical. Little spoiled girls usually do this.
  • Pressure for pity. This is a favorite manipulation of the companions of female moms. The man begins to complain how poor, unhappy he is, how tired he is. This should not be confused with the situation when the husband deliberately shares his problems with his wife for the sake of supporting a loved one.

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