How To Understand That You Are Indifferent To A Man: What Should Not Be Ignored

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How To Understand That You Are Indifferent To A Man: What Should Not Be Ignored
How To Understand That You Are Indifferent To A Man: What Should Not Be Ignored

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indifferent to a man
indifferent to a man

The relationship is completely based on the work of both partners, and when someone starts phony, you can see it right away. As a rule, men sin this, and each has its own reason for this. Someone lacks the thrill, someone is mired in the hopeless dullness of everyday life, and someone has never even thought about a serious relationship. But in all cases, a woman suffers, who had the imprudence to fall in love with a man who is indifferent to her, or built a relationship with a man who has ceased to appreciate them. So how to understand that you are indifferent to a man and is it possible to somehow fix it?

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  • 1 Big secret love
  • 2 Relationships that do not warm

Great Secret Love

Girls begin to suffer because of the unrequited love for the guy since school. And indeed, if all the fair sex even then knew how to determine the complete disinterest on the part of the strong half of humanity, hundreds of liters of shed tears and kilograms of ice cream could have been avoided.

Let's say there is a nice guy in mind at the university or a nice employee in the next department, with whom communication takes place every day, but it doesn't go further. How to understand that you are indifferent to a man if you have not met yet?

Doesn't offer help. Every man wants at least a little bit, but to be a hero. It doesn't matter what scale the help may be: good advice on a working project or heavy folders with documents delivered to the last floor without an elevator. The rule is simple: a man undertook to help - he is interested, even if he cannot pick up a fallen pencil for a lady - he is indifferent to her

  • Not talking. Communication is the cornerstone of any relationship. If a guy himself does not go into conversation and in all possible ways avoids contact with a girl, you definitely should not hope for more.
  • Flirts openly with everything that moves. When a man has in mind a potential lady of the heart, everyone else fades into the background. So a flirting young man is not trying to provoke jealousy, rather - he most clearly demonstrates his indifference.
  • Does not notice changes in the environment and appearance. A new hairstyle, blouse, phone case or shoes are always under the gun of an interested man, which is why he will never be stingy with compliments for a woman in the direction of a new thing. And an indifferent man will not notice a shiny bald head, even if it shines directly into his eyes.
  • Do not look. It's nice to meet the loving eyes with the person you like. But unfortunately, an indifferent man does not waste time with women who do not interest him.
  • Gossips. If other people's feelings have become public, polite people usually do not discuss them, as do those who do not want to hurt the person who is revealed. So if falling in love has become a hot topic for discussion by the guy himself, he simply does not care what feelings the girl is experiencing at this moment.
reasons for a man's indifference
reasons for a man's indifference

If there is one or several signs at once, the young man is really indifferent. But do not immediately despair, because he may be shy or not see the girl's interest. In this case, you need to try to “hook” your passion, that is, use female cunning and attractiveness. Facial expressions, gestures, looks and the right words can demonstrate interest in a young person. And if he still does not respond, then it is better to back off and not waste time.

Relationships that do not warm2

And it happens the other way around. The relationship appeared thanks to mutual sympathy, but over time, the girl begins to notice that not everything is as smooth as she would like. How to understand that you are indifferent to a man in this case? They say that love lasts three years, but for many couples this is a false statement in both positive and negative ways. It is worth thinking about a man's behavior in a relationship if he:

  • Looking for reasons not to return home. Things that make you stay late at work are the first bell. Few are fortunate enough to date a workaholic, so a man who does not want to return to the abode of coziness and comfort should be a cause for concern.
  • Doesn't care. He is not at all upset that his beloved has not put on a hat, forgot his phone, is not dressed for the weather, or will be getting home alone late in the evening. When a woman does not feel the custody of a man, we can say that he is indifferent to her.
How to understand that you are indifferent to a man
How to understand that you are indifferent to a man
  • Not interested in current affairs and does not notice changes in appearance and surroundings.
  • Doesn't discuss future plans. Romance is also hidden in simple conversations about planning children, a future vacation, or a simple trip to the store. But what conclusion can be drawn about a man who cringes from discussing joint plans? He is completely indifferent to a woman.
  • Refuses sex. Physical intimacy is one of the foundations of a healthy relationship. If fatigue, lack of mood and other excuses are heard in the bedroom very often, this is a bad sign.

But sometimes an indifferent man can be given a chance, if the problem is not in his passivity, but in the fact that the relationship itself does not seem to him as attractive as before. It is enough to bring more colors and variety to family life, and even the most indifferent representative of the stronger sex will begin to appreciate his beloved woman. We will teach how to understand a man in the next article.

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