If A Girl Obeys A Guy, Is This A Normal Relationship?

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If A Girl Obeys A Guy, Is This A Normal Relationship?
If A Girl Obeys A Guy, Is This A Normal Relationship?

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A girl in search of a soul mate always dreams of meeting a strong and strong-willed man to be behind him, like behind a stone wall, to trust him and rely on him completely and unconditionally. But when he meets such a person, it is not clear why he is trying to change and remake him for himself.

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  • 1 What is correct female obedience?
  • 2 What is the benefit of female obedience?
  • 3 And if this is not the man whom you want to obey?

Thus, all relationships are repeated, from year to year the girl wants to be weak and strong at the same time, but she remains alone. So maybe it’s better for the girl to obey the guy and live happily ever after with him?

In girls, nature has the ability to obey and be dependent on men. The only problem is that they don't use it. They no longer recognize their leadership and the right to choose, they only demand that everything be the way they want. Girls are no longer afraid of anger, no longer lower their eyes when they are ashamed and defend the rightness, even if they know that they are wrong. Is it all right?

It may be enough to play feminist and give the rod of control to a man. All the same, everything will return to normal and she wants the man to take full responsibility.

If you are lucky, and the young man is strong enough and able to take full responsibility for himself, then it is time to stop arguing with him and give your life into his hands. You need to give him the opportunity to make all decisions himself and be responsible for them, trust him, and then he will not disappoint. Despite the iron rod, it is very important for a guy to feel support and understanding, words will cheer him up and give strength to move mountains, thanks to which the relationship will become happier and stronger from this.

What is correct female obedience? i

Many women, as soon as they hear about submission to a man, imagine life without the right to vote and lack of freedom. But this is not the case. Obedience and submission to a man means that a woman gives a man the opportunity to make decisions for himself, be responsible for them and be the main one in the family. If the wife has her own opinion, then she has the right to share it and discuss it with her husband, but the final decision still remains with him.

female obedience
female obedience

A good wife should not only be able to listen and hear, but also have self-esteem, only such a woman can be called a woman with a capital letter. Obedience is not slavery, and not violence, it is a woman's choice, which she takes on her own, for the welfare of the family.

What Benefits Female Obedience? 2

Many married men begin to grow up the career ladder, at the moment when the wife changes her attitude towards them, when she begins to listen and obey. This behavior is not due to fear of the husband, but to respect and trust in him. This is one of the most powerful ways to show love for a man.

Benefits of female obedience:

  • The support of a woman is very important for a spouse, thanks to her he becomes more confident in his abilities, and, accordingly, happier. If a man is happy and contented, he will do everything to make the woman happy.
  • The responsibility that used to be completely on the shoulders of the woman will be transferred to the shoulders of the man. All that remains is to analyze, express your opinion and agree.
  • The woman will be taken care of, at last she can feel like a weak and fragile girl.
  • Silence and harmony will appear in the house. There will be no more scandals and abuse.
submission to a guy
submission to a guy

And if this is not the man whom you want to obey?

Very often there are cases when women complain that their man is irresponsible and powerless. After several attempts by a man to do something, the woman criticizes and even more suppresses the masculinity in him. You can't do that! If you once chose a person and promised to be with him in joy and sorrow and help him, then it is necessary to do so.

The duty of a woman is to help and support her spouse in any situation. Let the man make a decision and make a mistake, but he will receive invaluable experience, from which his male core is formed.

Submission to a man is not easy for a woman. It is very difficult to readjust and start thinking differently after many years of monotonous thinking. But such work on oneself is very correct and necessary, since thanks to it, relations will become stronger, mutual understanding and mutual respect will only grow, and there will be love and harmony in the family.

Over time, a woman will understand that she made the right choice, placing responsibility on her husband. Men, due to their calmness and poise, are able to make more correct and reasonable decisions.

guy tyrant
guy tyrant

Stop resisting and fighting for independence, defending your innocence if you want good family relations. Love your man for who he is, help and support, open up for him a world full of opportunities for development. Stop pulling everything on your shoulders, it's time to relax and have fun.

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