What Does A Relationship With A Mistress Lead To? Interesting Examples

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What Does A Relationship With A Mistress Lead To? Interesting Examples
What Does A Relationship With A Mistress Lead To? Interesting Examples
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relationship with mistress
relationship with mistress

So, Her Majesty's mistress. How many mixed feelings have merged in this word: love, hate, joy, anxiety, loss, gain and shock. The problem that the institution of the family is now undergoing is simply global, and its scale is very frightening. The relationship with a lover is a multifaceted one that needs to be explored better.

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  • 1 Stages of development of a relationship with a mistress
  • 2 For what reason do you want to go to your mistress?
  • 3 How does it end?
  • 4 Scenario 1
  • 5 Scenario 2
  • 6 Scenario 3
  • 7 Conclusion
  • 8 How to get out of a relationship with a mistress with minimal losses?

Conjectures, disputes that have been going on for centuries since biblical times, push not only a man interested in the presence of adultery, but almost the entire community to think about the versatility of this phenomenon. A lover, moralists say, is practically a predator for a family man, she eats up the resource, first of all, the most valuable - his soul.

After all, it is not for nothing that the Holy Scripture says that "because of the multitude of sins, love in man will grow cold." And love, as you know, moves everything. The name "mistress" makes a very superficial and irresponsible relationship, which does not commit to anything.

In our time, it is a scourge of society, which leads to emptiness and complete degradation of the individual as a whole. As much as we would not like to understand and delve into this, no one has yet canceled the laws of being.

Society sees in such women HUNTERS, for whom there is nothing sacred. These "individuals" suffer from this - it is unlikely, but each of them has its own explanation for their "Love". Often this is the most primitive terry egoism with a different vector and size of destruction.

Circumstances for both parties, both for the mistress and for the man, are stalemate, and one cannot do without various kinds of losses, both material and spiritual.

Stages of development of relations with a mistress i

If, as they say, “the stars were formed this way” and a relationship with his mistress began, you need to remember at what stage this very chemistry takes place, which makes you think about the desire for intimate meetings …

A glance will start everything. How much has been said and written about him, and this is both facial expressions and gestures … This will be a word later, but for now - a look, it is often alluring, promising, mysterious, encoding a "victim", and this victim goes "like a boa constrictor on a rabbit." But stop - you can still change and get away from that destructive force, which after several stages will not leave "stone but stone", so to speak, in a man's life, but alas … the instinct of self-preservation does not work, and the victim is involved in dialogue.

about the relationship with his mistress
about the relationship with his mistress
  • The word will follow after the look. As you know, it is the gateway to everything that will be done later. The timbre of the voice, the gentleness of addressing a man with the words that are necessary and correct for him will do their job. “You don’t need a knife on a fool, you wink at him a little, and do with him what you want” - just like in the tale of “Buratino”!
  • Action, decision about desire for intimacy. This is the final stage before the final "fall" of the man.

Touching is a sign that the victim has already swallowed the "bait" as gentle touches and strokes with words and eye to eye looks have already done their dark job.

The reason that a man leaves for his mistress, as you know, is already inherent in him. An endless desire only to receive resources of various kinds and to give slightly less than what was received, because the victim, that is, the mistress, bears the responsibility for the relationship.

What values ​​do these relationships carry, and in general, is there happiness in this story for both the man and the mistress? Here you need to stop and think about what you are spending your life on.

For what reason do you want to go to your mistress?

Oddly enough, this is self-respect and lack of love. All the time it seems that somewhere they will love and appreciate more. Since it is difficult to give up your resource, then it would be logical to look around and re-evaluate the “values” that were at the time of the relationship with his mistress. But alas, this often does not happen

relationship with a mistress what to expect
relationship with a mistress what to expect
  • At home, relations with his wife are at an impasse, and everyday life is tortured, and the wife does not say affectionate words. New touches, etc. And I don’t want to work on mistakes and on my relationship with my wife, but why be modest there, there are not even such thoughts, because it’s easier and easier, and also because there is a certainty that no one will ever find out and the secret will not be revealed, but to take a ride “On someone else's wing” is a very tempting offer.
  • Many ordinary people talk about the so-called "greasy dressing gown", but then they cheat on their wives and in a negligee, and how many women and good housewives, and just loyal ones, who are able to keep their home, join the ranks of those left behind by their husbands, then how? And why is this happening?

Another popular answer - because the wife, partner has ceased to suit, because the man is polygamous … - both answers are correct, but in fact not men are polygamous, but people in general - both man and woman. After all, as you know, two people participate in bed, and today, in principle, the moral is such that there is no need to look for a mistress - she herself is somehow miraculous. Most likely, there are fewer men than women, and society does not condemn “this” either.

Even in society, it is allegedly believed that a man needs sex more than a woman. But then why would he need two women? The need for sex can also be satisfied with his wife, the expense with his mistress is much greater - material, energy, mental, mental, and just the energy consumption is much more, higher and more expensive, but this state attracts a man more and more, and the adrenaline factor is not canceled. Most likely, that is where, so to speak, “the dog is buried”.

relationship with mistress what is it
relationship with mistress what is it

How does it end? 3

In any case, all these relationships will not end without loss - both for a man and for a mistress, this is already unambiguous. And as everyone knows, many memoirs have already been written and rewritten about this.

Scenario 1_1

Adultery is always interesting at the first stage. Sharpness of sensations, touches, novelty will do their job, but here this peak smoothly flows into stability, and this look is no longer so worried about as, in fact, there is no thrill in touch. The deed is done, "Annushka has already spilled oil," the fall is inevitable. After the storm, everything declines: feelings, emotions, actions, and this whole story dissolves into the bustle of life very quickly and irrevocably. Nobody and nobody owes anything. By rim solution. This is a light version of the death of a failed hybrid love. We can say that this is the most common plot in the history of a man's relationship with his mistress.

Sadness and disappointment, depression, drawing all forces, energy and plans into the pipe of being - this is what a man gains in return after such a relationship with his mistress.

what is a relationship with a mistress
what is a relationship with a mistress

The question arises: is the game worth the candle? Think for yourself, decide for yourself whether to have or not to have. It remains to be hoped that common sense will prevail and the man realizes how negatively this kind of relationship affects the personality, family and family values, and the man will return home to his wife.

Scenario 2_2

He is the heaviest, the saddest, and practically the longest-playing. When a mistress begins to pull a man out of the family. All boomerang laws are included.

After much research, psychologists began to argue that the Karptmann triangle is involved here. This is when there is a victim, that is, the wife, the aggressor, that is, the mistress, and the rescuer is the husband. This is Cartman's psychodramatic triangle. The main manipulative - depressive factor is that they all walk along this triangle, as if in a vicious circle. And they do not just walk, but actively torture each other.

They manipulate each other, it happens that this process is delayed for many years or, in extreme cases, for many decades. A man cannot make a choice that would break this solid triangle. A man “saves” either his mistress or his beloved wife, and as you know, it is impossible to sit on two chairs for a long time both in the literal and figurative sense of the word.

what does a relationship with a mistress mean
what does a relationship with a mistress mean

And so he is torn between two: his mistress and, accordingly, his wife. The whole catch lies in the fact that the mistress has no responsibilities and dreams of an easy relationship, flirting, attention, and the more irresponsible she is to a man, the more she lures him into her networks, since he is also interested in such a relationship of irresponsibility and complete and real pleasure. And both of them want only this. And when she plays with you, she will leave. What will lure you into her network even more and the man will definitely want to return his mistress.

All this is very similar to a long-playing record, until someone's nerves get over it, but this is the story when everyone is completely satisfied with everything, and only death can someday interfere with this very long life story. Often this is the case when a man's heart “surrenders”, so to speak, due to the fact that it is on the man that there is very strong pressure and great load from both his wife and his mistress. The bottom line - on the bottom line, we have a long-term relationship with adrenaline jumps.

Scenario 3_3

How does the relationship end in the next adultery, when information about the prodigal husband reaches the wife, children and all relatives? In this case, the situation becomes critical for everyone. Clarification of the relationship cannot be avoided, and, moreover, everyone with everyone. In such a tense atmosphere, relations, first of all, between the husband and wife, deteriorate. The wife cannot withstand the intensity of passions and exposes her husband with things to his mistress, and this is all she needs. So, "prey" in the cage.

Relationship with a mistress
Relationship with a mistress

The mousetrap slammed shut, and the stop is called “sad,” although, according to statistics, two out of four men leaving for their mistress want to return, the third one dreams of it, and there is also one that remains. The "poor man" is trying to convince everyone that this option is just what you need. But we all know that the intensity of passions subsides in the second or third year of residence. Sweets and bouquets are already behind, and “the prose of life” begins - everyday life, worries.

The man understands that it will not be possible to light up as before, and deep down in his heart that he was mistaken, but alas, the wife cannot be returned, and if it is returned, it will not be the same, and not only the wife suffered, and children. Broken family ties with - that's what will be much harder to forge.

The novelty subsides, and the problems double, and after all, the two of them - both the man and the mistress are used to only receiving pleasure, but at the same time not bearing any responsibility for anything, but this, as you know, is a different story.

Conclusion 4

The conclusion of this story is as follows. It is not necessary to expect that the situation with his mistress will somehow "settle down". A woman is more patient than a man, they can wait indefinitely. Another thing is whether the ex-wife needs such infinity with tears, hysterical quarrels and shame?

Relationships are a two-way movement, where two people work, and not so that one draws conclusions and changes, and the other does not work on the relationship at all. It would be better, of course, not to get into a relationship with his mistress, but to work on the problem that has arisen.

what can be a relationship with a mistress
what can be a relationship with a mistress

Here an anecdote involuntarily comes to mind - “Darling, will you regret it when I leave you for another woman? Honey, why should I feel sorry for someone else's woman? But seriously, as the Holy Scripture writes: Blessed is the man who does not go to the council of the wicked and does not stand in the way of sinners and does not sit in a meeting of corrupts”. And in Proverbs it is directly written “do not plot evil against your neighbor, when he lives with you without fear, because an abomination before God is a depraved one”. At this point, to be honest, you can't add, don't take away.

How to get out of a relationship with a mistress with minimal losses? 5

And the exit, as you know, is where the entrance is. In short, crawl away if you have already crawled. In some cases, small, and in others - in big leaps and bounds. Run, as they say, in the famous film - "I go to my beloved, I go to my wife." And always, when you really want something new, renew your relationships, not women.

Love each other and do not allow all and sundry to have access to the most valuable treasure called FAMILY. Good luck, you will succeed.

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