Why Does A Girl Ignore The Guy She Likes?

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Why Does A Girl Ignore The Guy She Likes?
Why Does A Girl Ignore The Guy She Likes?

Video: Why Does A Girl Ignore The Guy She Likes?

Video: Why Does A Girl Ignore The Guy She Likes?
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Why does a girl ignore
Why does a girl ignore

There are people who, when in love, love romantic dates, popcorn and cheese balls. Others become more extroverted, gentle, submissive, aggressive, childlike, direct, or passionate. It all depends on how the person deals with this difficult, inexplicable feeling.

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  • 1 Overflowing strong emotions
  • 2 When brains boil
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  • 4 Lack of consistency
  • 5 Ignores, means afraid to be disappointed
  • 6 He can hurt

Each girl has her own style of loving someone, which can be the answer to the frequently asked question: "Why does a girl ignore a guy if all the signs that she likes him are on her face?" And like that! In this way, only in a way guided by her, she can show her attitude towards a person - by ignoring the feelings of a man in love.

Of course, such behavior can disappoint and plunge a man into confusion, as he craves love or attention from his beloved. The first thing that comes to mind is either the man did not look after his lady of the heart properly, or he did something that undermined her confidence. Worse, she has lost interest in the young man.

Some may have a "I get what I want" attitude, others a "do or die" attitude. Someone sees their connection with a man as, “I can conquer the whole world with you,” while some can calmly say “if we are going to be together, then everything is God's will” and simply surrender to fate.

Such options for relationships are understandable, since people are in love and are justified by their own feelings. However, the stigma of ignoring those to whom a woman is not indifferent is assessed as insensitive, heartless and absurd.

Why does a girl ignore a guy if she really likes him? It seems completely contradictory. Ultimately, because of such strange behavior, girls fall into the category of misunderstood and thereby create a stereotype of insensitive, manipulative and indifferent for themselves. As a result, their chosen ones bow their heads and, like beaten dogs, mince back, causing a feeling of pity.

But even if we assume that these guys mean much more to girls than they actually look, no one would believe it. But in vain. To understand more deeply why some people resort to such love, it is worth considering the main factors that are directly related to this.

Overflowing strong emotions i

Girls are distinguished by increased impulsiveness, and it is worth noting that the closer the guy approaches the object of his adoration, the more diligently the girl begins to move away from him. The first thing that comes to mind regarding such behavior is that the girl is indifferent and does not want to get closer in any way. But this is just an assumption, in fact, emotions take possession of her so much that she cannot cope with them.

if a girl ignores a guy
if a girl ignores a guy

The fullness of feelings affects the girl in the opposite direction and she is looking for somewhere to hide, because she is unable to withstand such pressure. This is especially pronounced when a young man is near - the girl is aware of the attraction of her heart, but at the same time she herself is not yet completely sure of the guy's motives and feelings towards her.

This moment is especially critical for her, it is he who drives her away from her beloved. Someone can in simplicity call her an insecure and notorious person who is not able to understand herself, but women have always been difficult to understand, especially if the love sphere is affected.

When Brains Boil 2

The mere presence of a young man can cause a swarm of all kinds of thoughts, and it is impossible to analyze all these countless thought processes. They pile up the girl's consciousness so much that by ignoring the guy, she thereby unconsciously tries to escape from all this chaos in her head.

"What is he up to?" "Can you say that?" "What if I do this?" "What was he thinking about?" "I look good?" "Am I that predictable?" "What did he mean?" All these numerous questions pour out into inexorable dialogues in the female brain and deafen it, and the girl begins to slowly retreat.

Why does a girl ignore a guy
Why does a girl ignore a guy

The subscriber is unavailable or out of network coverage 3

Despite the fact that a girl is always ready for the sake of a young man to do anything and everything at any time, she prefers not to show her availability once again. After all, if she does not keep aloof, next time it will be hard for her to say no.

Everyone has personal space and personal time, as well as a sense of pride and dignity. It is too risky for a girl's feelings to reveal her loving and dependable heart every time at every call from a guy.

Lack of consistency 4

Women notice any little things and details, and they especially note the inconsistency of a man. If a man has a similar flaw, then he will no longer be taken seriously. The woman will quickly lose interest in him and stop waiting.

And if she began to ignore, but does not avoid relationships, then perhaps it gives time and a chance to fix the situation: learn how to manage time and plan things, not leave everything for later and do not do it at the last minute.

He said - did, but not that today - one thing, tomorrow - completely different.

the girl ignores the guy
the girl ignores the guy

A woman expects concreteness from a man in everything, in business, in relationships, in views and in solving serious issues, and the floridness and inconsistency only emphasize that the man is not ripe.

Ignores means afraid to be disappointed 5

A loving girl always keeps her lover in the field of her attention: his every step, every action, every word, and, accordingly, expects a similar attitude. But what happens if she doesn't get what she wants? Any deviation can cause frustration, despair, sadness.

Maybe for a guy it will seem nonsense if he does not laugh in response to her joke, or does not smile at her glance, does not appreciate her any efforts, but the woman's heart will suffer from this. This is why a girl prefers to stay away from a guy who has already captured her heart, because he is the only one who can make her feel rejected.

He can hurt 6

When a man who is loved takes the first step, destroys all artificial barriers and gets to a woman's heart, he must understand that female ignorance is just a facade that protects her quivering feminine principle. And if a man really loves and intends to conquer him, in case of victory he must be ready for love, which will give him the whole world.

ignore the guy you like
ignore the guy you like

Truly loving people (women), not emotionless punks, who are absolutely boring, ruthless and impassive. They are simply the complete opposite of all these traits, because they tend to keep their love in their hearts and bow to it, they tend to be impulsive and illogical. When a woman is in love, she is the most fragile, affectionate, sensitive and caring. Love makes women very vulnerable.

That is why women begin to build high walls in front of them, assuring a man that he is not able to destroy them. But in fact, their hearts have long been in men's hands, which can hurt painfully. The feeling of fear of possible mental pain forces you to reject real happiness. Who said a woman who ignores is insensitive?

On the contrary, she is too sensitive, and tries by any means to protect herself so as not to be broken with a broken heart. And while it is the hardest for such a woman to express her real emotions, the truth is that she is the most expressive and open.

And sometimes women can just be offended by something, and therefore begin to ignore. Why girls are offended is another question. We are looking for the reason in the next article.

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