Is Gender Equality Necessary? Contemporary Feminism

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Is Gender Equality Necessary? Contemporary Feminism
Is Gender Equality Necessary? Contemporary Feminism

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gender equality
gender equality

From time immemorial, people have fought to acquire certain rights. Every century, the citizens of our country, little by little, little by little, renounced certain responsibilities and acquired deserved freedom. Then, uncle Lenin came and presented people with communism, with full equating of all workers and denying bourgeois values.

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However, the "heavenly" society did not exist for long, and in 1991 the Russian democratic system appeared. It seems that everyone should rejoice and drown in the abundance of rights, but one question remained unresolved: is gender equality necessary? Is a woman oppressed in modern realities and what are feminists fighting for? Let's figure it out.

Struggle for equality i

Let's be honest, for a long time the fair sex was really oppressed. In fact, in ancient times, they were just an incubator for children and keepers of the hearth. The woman abandoned all her interests and ambitions and obeyed her "master" man.

Over time, everything began to change. The girls didn't like the oppression. It was a kind of underground struggle against oppression. They fought against sexism and toxic language against them.

However, a real feminist fire broke out in the 60s of the 20th century. Prior to that, ladies received the right to vote in elections (yes, this was prohibited for a long time). Now they fought for full social and legal equality. There have been constant meetings and protests that have borne tangible results.

Today, according to the law, a woman is equal to a man. She is free to make her own decisions. She has the right to choose: to build her own career or to raise children.

Feminism still exists today. So what are women fighting for today?

gender equality
gender equality

Modern feminism 2

Intersectionalism, or third wave feminism, presupposes the same struggle for gender equality. However, modern theses sound differently. According to modern fashion trends, men are cruel chunks of meat that have the mechanisms of oppression in their hands. Only they, toxic creatures, are capable of humiliating beautiful and defenseless ladies. The girl, on the other hand, is not able to answer, since she does not have a weapon for retaliatory shooting (refusal to have sex, manipulation and female crying are not considered methods of controlling a guy).

It turns out that modern activists of this movement state the fact that men are bad creatures. In their opinion, God first had to create a woman, and already from her rib, a dork. A reasonable question arises for the representatives of the "beautiful" movement: "Is the Lord sexist, since a woman has left a man?"

In addition, the guy who supports these trends becomes a pro-feminist. However, it still remains an oppressor.

In the eyes of modern feminists, a man must obey a girl in order to prove his loyalty. In fact, this is no longer a struggle for equality, it is a real war for superiority.

all about gender equality
all about gender equality

The whole world is going crazy because of this movement. Constant protests and insane actions drive others crazy.

For example, in Moscow, activist Polina added menstrual blood to glasses of wine and watered restaurant visitors. She did this in support of feminism, so that a part of her ideology remained in every man. Crazy? Certainly. Such "Bloody Poly" you will not wish even an enemy.

True Equality 3

However, one should not deny the fact that women have certain limitations. At the very least, she may not be hired due to pregnancy. From time to time, the guys scoff at the fair sex and make jokes that are unpleasant to their ears.

This must be eradicated. Within civil society, people must respect each other. Everyone's interests should be considered. It is necessary to refuse from total house building.

gender equality - what is it
gender equality - what is it

There is a certain balance in a good couple. The most important thing in a relationship is mutual respect. No one should go overboard with oppression. Happiness - it lies in the usual understanding and listening skills.

Conclusion 4

So is there gender equality in the 21st century? From a legal point of view, of course. In every democratic country, men and women are equal in rights. Of course, there are unpleasant precedents. However, there are a lot of business women to whom no one puts a spoke in their wheels.

Often, couples break up due to misunderstandings, because any relationship is a struggle for superiority. Everyone is trying to pull the blanket over themselves. To avoid conflicts, you need to be able to listen. An intelligent person will be able to bring constructiveness to any conflict situation. You need to be able to make concessions and find compromises.

equality between man and woman
equality between man and woman

It is in love that equality should be. And it is better to close our eyes to world and social dilemmas. First, you need to establish relationships with those closest to you, and then talk about the fate of the entire human race.

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