The Ugly Duckling Or Why Girls Don't Like Me As The Stronger Sex?

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The Ugly Duckling Or Why Girls Don't Like Me As The Stronger Sex?
The Ugly Duckling Or Why Girls Don't Like Me As The Stronger Sex?

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why girls don't like me
why girls don't like me

Situations often happen when people fall in love unrequitedly. When people like us who don't like us. However, it also happens that a guy may stop liking a girl after some time in the relationship, and not only at the initial stage. Why is this happening? Sometimes guys have a question “why don't girls like me as a stronger sex, what's wrong with me?” This will be discussed below.

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  • 1 The guy is too soft
  • 2 The guy is withdrawn
  • 3 Girls do not accept rudeness towards themselves
  • 4 The guy often criticizes the girl
  • 5 The guy often complains about something or someone
  • 6 The guy is passive
  • 7 The guy can be boring
  • 8 the guy doesn't love himself
  • 9 The guy is sure that everyone owes him something

The guy is too soft

At all times, girls were attracted by courageous, decisive and persistent guys. Those who have a commanding intonation in their voices, a steely gaze, a strong-willed chin are doomed to success with women. Yes, a guy should also be sensitive, gentle, but not much.

A girl should look at a man and understand that he is the one she dreamed of. The one behind whom she feels comfortable and protected. The one who never gives offense or offends himself. And the qualities that are in the opposite direction are usually characterized as a sign of weakness and self-doubt. You can be friends with such anxious and gentle guys, but no more. For serious relationships, girls prefer the courageous and domineering.

Guy behaves introverted2

It is very difficult for a girl to feel comfortable on a date with that guy who cannot find a topic for conversation, to connect two words. Sometimes they even answer the girl's questions as if his answers would be used against him. Of course girls are repulsed by this behavior. Because she is set on the fact that she will be entertained and carried away, and you have to pull the whole conversation and date on yourself. It is necessary to be sociable, find out facts about the girl, ask her questions, find common topics for conversation.

Girls hate being rude to themselves3

The guy can be rude, insolent, pin up, inappropriate joke towards the girl. This is mistake. The girl will definitely be immediately repulsed by such behavior and she will not tolerate it. Perhaps some consider such behavior attractive and such a man seems to them domineering, but after a while the girl will still be offended by such an attitude. Therefore, she will not want to continue a relationship with such a rude person.

The guy often criticizes the girl4

He can always look for a catch and think stereotypically. Perhaps sometimes this skill is useful. But only for the one who possesses it. Girls, on the other hand, are unhappy with the fact that there is such a life companion nearby, who is always not satisfied with something and does not like it. Therefore, girls are uncomfortable in such relationships and there is no incentive to continue them further.

what men do women dislike
what men do women dislike

The guy often complains about something or someone5

Nobody likes whiners. The guy must understand that he must pull himself together and deal with the problems that have arisen in life. If you constantly complain about a problem and do nothing to solve it, then nothing will change.

Girls want a relationship that is joyful, not the daily resentment of rising gas prices or lack of fairness at work. Yes, the girl will calm down, morally support, but someday her strength will run out and then she will go to a more confident and independent man.

Guy passive6

The girls are waiting for the guys to win them over. They want beautiful deeds, decisive actions. But some men do not consider it necessary. There is an answer to the question "why girls don't like me as the stronger sex" and it is simple. There is a reason for this and it is one of the most significant. It is necessary to constantly delight and surprise your lady, regardless of how long the relationship lasts - two months or two years.

which guys don't like girls
which guys don't like girls

The guy can be boring7

For some, apart from study and work, life is not filled with anything and girls have nothing to talk about with such guys. Therefore, it is boring with them. It is necessary to have such interests so that the girls wondered how the guy knows so many unusual and interesting things. Girls love to communicate with guys who have seen and know more than themselves. Because such a relationship is beneficial and the girl is looking forward to the next meeting.

The guy doesn't love himself8

For others to love you, you must love yourself first of all. Of course, there are frames. You can't be arrogant and be too narcissistic and narcissistic. It is necessary to find a "golden mean". If a guy perceives himself as insignificant, then why should a girl like him and she should perceive him differently?

why girls don't like me
why girls don't like me

The guy is sure that everyone owes him something

He is sure that girls, friends, colleagues owe him. These guys are selfish and boring. First, they always care only about their needs. Secondly, they do not know how and do not have what can be given to those who are near. Girls do not like such guys, because a relationship is a four-handed job, it is mutual assistance and mutual understanding. And selfishness does not fit here from anyone's side.

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