The Third Is Superfluous: How To Get Rid Of The Girl's Nasty Girlfriend?

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The Third Is Superfluous: How To Get Rid Of The Girl's Nasty Girlfriend?
The Third Is Superfluous: How To Get Rid Of The Girl's Nasty Girlfriend?

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nasty girlfriend
nasty girlfriend

No annoying boyfriends of a girl you like are capable of delivering as many problems as her nasty girlfriend can. Almost every attractive cutie has at least one such, a model of harmfulness and arrogance. And do not doubt that she will do her best to interfere with your acquaintance. If you are with a friend who liked this lady, it is not so difficult to solve the problem. But what if you are alone and a promising romantic acquaintance is on the verge of collapse? In this article we will try to find the answer to this question.

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  • 1 Find the cause - solve half of the problem
  • 2 Tactics and strategy
  • 3 How to gently and unobtrusively get rid of strangers

Find the cause - solve half of the problem

Why did this unpleasant person turn out to be in the society of such an attractive and interesting girl? It just so happened that almost every pretty girl has a friend who is inferior to her in attractiveness, and there can be many reasons for this. Have you ever wondered that the girl who aroused your interest looks attractive against the background of her friend? Perhaps the secret is this, but now we are interested in something else - why is this girlfriend so hostile towards you?

The answer suggests itself, following from the previous one. How often do you think there is a situation where an interesting guy like you draws attention to the brighter and more attractive of two girlfriends? Yes, the reasons for jealousy and envy have accumulated long before your appearance, and all the power of these hard-hitting feelings will fall on you or on any other member of the opposite sex who dares to approach these two girls. As you can see, there is nothing unexpected and surprising in this.

Tactics and strategy2

Whether you like it or not, you will have to interact with both at the beginning of your acquaintance. You already have a slight advantage, because only a very determined young man can approach two girls at once, and such girls like them. And you will both like them. Do not try to ignore the unpleasant girlfriend and try to communicate only with the beauty you are interested in, you will have to communicate with both, listen to both. A friend should be included in your conversation and not feel redundant. If it does, it will mobilize its entire arsenal against you.

Get ready to buy drinks for two girls at once and double your sense of humor. If you can make them both laugh, you are on your way to your goal. Your benevolent humor will easily overpower all the negativity that sooner or later will appear in an unpleasant girlfriend, and you will find yourself in a favorable light against her background. You can also use a joke in order to subtly and subtly make it clear to which of the two girls your interest is directed.

how to get rid of a girl friend
how to get rid of a girl friend

There are two things that should never be done in a situation like this. First, you can't go into conflict with a nasty lady, especially if she deliberately starts provoking him. Any poisonous comments addressed to you only play into your hands if you remain sweet and friendly, when, as a competition in wit with your opponent, you can sideline you. You can laugh it off on her phrases bordering on insults, but do not try to offend or humiliate her, even in the form of a joke.

Secondly, do not try to openly drive up to the beauty you are interested in until you are alone with her. Her friend will take advantage of her presence to sarcastically comment on your attempts and make you look unpleasant. Keep your hormones in check, you are not a dick in pants, but an interesting, versatile, outgoing and friendly good guy, of which there are very few now. By the way, left alone with an unpleasant girlfriend, you can take advantage of this situation to your advantage. Talk to her, ask her to tell about her friend, you can wrap this question in a comic form, she will still understand everything. And in any case, do not show aggression towards her, even in private with her.

How to softly and unobtrusively get rid of strangers3

Sooner or later the moment will come when it will be important and necessary to be alone with the girl you are interested in, and you will have to get rid of her friend. Of course, we are not talking about expelling it, or even less physically eliminating it.

how to get rid of an unpleasant girl friend
how to get rid of an unpleasant girl friend

The easiest way is to invite a girl to dance if there is a dance floor nearby. Dance is a dialogue between two people, and your friend will definitely not get confused under your feet, and you will use the moment to be alone and talk not only in words, but also in body language. Natural biological needs will also give you the window you need: sooner or later, a harmful girlfriend will want to use the toilet. True, she can drag her friend with her, so the method is not the most reliable.

You can also always tell an unpleasant friend about your lonely friend. You probably have at least one of these, but do not rush to name his name, because in the most extreme case, in order to separate your target from her girlfriend, you will have to take "the help of the audience." Yes, in the bar where you meet, for sure there may be a guy whose acquaintance also did not work out, and you can easily offer him to help you "separate" the girls. And if he connects, it will be much easier for you to be alone with your attractive stranger. Ask how to express your interest in her?

This is a completely different story …

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