How To Understand If A Man Is Serious? We Read By External Signs

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How To Understand If A Man Is Serious? We Read By External Signs
How To Understand If A Man Is Serious? We Read By External Signs

Video: How To Understand If A Man Is Serious? We Read By External Signs

Video: How To Understand If A Man Is Serious? We Read By External Signs
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a serious man
a serious man

The older and smarter a girl becomes, the more often she is visited by the question of how to understand that a man is serious. This is due to a reassessment of priorities. Instead of a sugary handsome man who knows how to hum compliments like a nightingale, a woman begins to want stability and serious plans for the future. Therefore, it is useful for every beauty to adopt someone else's experience in terms of an adequate assessment of a sympathetic man.

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  • 1 Studying habits and surroundings
  • 2 Studying relationship behavior
  • 3 Not words, but deeds
  • 4 Expression of feelings

Studying habits and environments i

The basis of the answer to the question of how to understand that a man is serious, you need to start looking not in his behavior during a relationship, but in how he behaves in various situations and with himself. During the candy-bouquet period, the guys try to show their best sides, and modestly keep silent about the shortcomings. It will be very useful to observe a man in the following aspects of life:

  • Is he able to independently cope with all household duties. Cooking, cleaning, utility bills, etc. It doesn't matter if the young man lives alone or with his parents. The latter, by the way, very often deprive a person of the opportunity to gain independence. Yes, and at 40, too.
  • It is ideal to observe how a man relates to life's difficulties and problems. He may grumble and get angry, but at the same time, he will steadfastly find rational solutions and not give up. Tantrums and passivity will be a fat minus for a man.
  • Psychological stability - the stronger sex is simply obliged to be calmer than emotional ladies. Guys also know how to experience a whole range of strong emotions, but the ability to contain them at the right time is the quality of a strong person.
  • Behavior with people around you, in shops and public places. If a young man on a date looks like a real knight, and during an independent trip to the store he simply takes out the brain to the poor cashier without actual reasons (or other unworthy behavior), the girl should think about her possible future.

It would seem, what does a man's intentions and his independence have to do with it. In fact, adaptation to all aspects of life fosters seriousness and responsibility in a person. The words of such a man are more likely to be trusted.

Young people who are adapted to living independently take girls more seriously. And if such a guy does not even consider the possibility of a serious relationship, he does not hesitate to say about it, avoiding possible problems and misunderstandings in the future.

Who is a serious man
Who is a serious man

In simple words, it is easier for a serious man to immediately dot the and. This usually happens at the initial stages of dating. If this did not happen, and the boyfriend does not hint at a deeper relationship, it means that he is still looking closely at his pretty lady, because such people are used to thinking about every step.

If the lady did not find a single match to the above points, then there is a great chance of infantilism on the part of the guy, he himself cannot fully understand what he wants from his half.

Studying relationship behavior2

Masculine nature is distinguished by restraint and discretion, especially with regard to feelings. The girl will have to arm herself with attention and observation in order to consider signs of serious intentions on the part of her boyfriend:

The desire to spend most of your free time on your passion. An active position in communication. Desire for frequent tactile contact (hugs, holding hands, etc.)

How to understand that a man is serious
How to understand that a man is serious
  • The desire to appear everywhere with your half, to be proud and brag about it. If a girl notices that the behavior of her chosen one is changing for the worse in public, this will be a wake-up call.
  • Taking care of your appearance. If a young man does not have greasy hair, holey socks and other attributes of a "real bachelor", then he wants to impress his soul mate, which will be a plus.
  • Visiting a lady he likes, he will behave positively and at the same time modestly. No complaints about problems and empty-handed arrivals.

This behavior in men is not entirely conscious. There is simply a desire to do just that, which will be a clear sign of planning a joint future.

Not words, but deeds3

Compliments and encouraging, warm words are wonderful. Gifts as a desire to surprise and please are also wonderful. But all this can be attributed to the standard courtship of a guy in love. To answer the question of how to understand that a man is serious, one should look a little deeper.

How to understand that he is serious
How to understand that he is serious

A far-sighted suitor actively shows care and concern for his chosen one. Joint trip to the grocery store, midnight trip to the pharmacy for medicines. The desire to cook a delicious lunch, even if there are no skills (though in this case the girl runs the risk of getting inedible biomass, but the main thing is attention, isn't it?). And also a lot of pleasant little things that you need to be able to notice and enjoy them.

Example: a young man gave a girl a notebook, gloves or other insignificant thing that a lady liked in a shopping center, but she said nothing. At first glance, it is a small pleasantness. In fact, this is a sign of great interest on the part of the guy, because he did not mindlessly trudge around the shops, but carefully watched his girlfriend and noticed things that were of increased interest to his beloved. Such things will be clear signs of starting a deeper relationship with the girl.

Expression of feelings4

Even the most reserved and strict man will not be able to resist the lady to whom his heart lies. This translates into the following feelings:

A manifestation of tenderness, and this tenderness can manifest itself in the most unexpected way. Listen to a long story about troubles at work, make you wear a hat in winter, make tea. It also happens that a stern young man at home turns into a teddy bear

A serious man
A serious man
  • Feelings of jealousy. Even a calm and confident person is jealous of his beloved. Jealousy may be hidden, but a discerning woman will notice a change in mood and some tension in her partner.
  • Praise - a man who has established himself in his choice has a desire to emphasize even the most insignificant feature of his beloved (a competent phrase, a particularly successful dish, etc.)

A serious man during a quarrel will try to draw the necessary conclusions and learn lessons in order to avoid this in the future. He does not want to exhaust the conflict as quickly as possible, but wants to sort it out, showing true emotions.

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