6 Ways To Find Out If A Girl Has A Boyfriend

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6 Ways To Find Out If A Girl Has A Boyfriend
6 Ways To Find Out If A Girl Has A Boyfriend

Video: 6 Ways To Find Out If A Girl Has A Boyfriend

Video: 6 Ways To Find Out If A Girl Has A Boyfriend
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butterfly hands
butterfly hands

How do you know if a girl has a boyfriend? Didn't you try to ask just? Well, of course, you will immediately discover your interest, and you will have to get out, if there is one. It is much easier to look at a hundred photos of different years, and guess which of all these wonderful men is a guy, who is just standing there, and who is a brother. It is not always convenient to ask, and there are a lot of ways to find out an important question.

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  • 1 Option not very good - inquiries through a friend
  • 2 Better Option - Observations
  • 3 How to find out that a guy is not
  • 4 And what if she is on the networks - only nominally
  • 5 Detective way
  • 6 The easiest way

Not very option - inquiries through a friend

Some very competent comrades still "send" friends to find out if the girl has a boyfriend. Yes, some peoples practice this, but you will look a little strange if in a European city you arrange almost a matchmaking with a bunch of intermediaries. Girls are people too and want to know who exactly likes them. And if you constantly resolve issues through friends, there is a risk that all of them will acquire girls, and you will remain asking various uncomfortable questions.


  • A girl from the Caucasus. Then it is generally okay to find out not from her, but from male relatives. It is so accepted there;
  • The friend is familiar with her close friends, and can unobtrusively ask about the conversation, and not just ask the girl herself about the guy head-on;
  • A friend communicates with someone at her work or from relatives. The same option, only a little more complicated. She may not be wildly outspoken with her beloved colleagues.

Better Option - Observations 2

In the end, even if you make a mistake, no one will hit you in the forehead for it. Girls are tactful people. At most, they will unobtrusively hint that they do not want to continue communicating in the key of flirting, since there is a guy, he is loved, and everything is in order.

does the girl have a boyfriend
does the girl have a boyfriend

The social network of the one with the boyfriend:

  1. Actually, the photo session "me and my happy relationship." Yes, the relationship may not be very happy, but you need to post photos for your friends. If there is such a thing, then there is a guy. Especially adequate women immediately mark the lucky person in the photo so that you can get acquainted with the competitor and analyze his strengths and weaknesses;
  2. No hints, just her, her hobbies, some "jokes" of a general kind. One or two photos with a man, no long hysterical quotes about love, and a happy relationship. No babies, rings, recipes. She's just. This is the hardest option. Most likely, everything is in order in the pair, there is a guy, he is adequate and no one is going to leave him. If there is no drama, write lost - the relationship is pretty strong;
  3. Showcase "my life with the ideal man". Here she is with a donated iPhone, but a bouquet, look, he ordered a bouquet for her. And what's that? Oh, they're moving into a new apartment. And this? Yes, this is some expensive restaurant or a trendy club. And here they are on vacation. But they spend time in the best country club. Photos appear "in small groups", closer to the weekend. On weekdays - at most, a cat, or a self from the gym. It's all bad, my friend. Yes, not with you, but with her. The relationship is most likely kept on the enthusiasm of the girl who wants to continue and show everyone around her how cool her status is;
is the girl free
is the girl free

Showcase "me and my mysterious admirer". Boxes with expensive gifts, she is in expensive gifts, she is in resorts, she is in a given car, she is in hotels. There may be a man, but he is married. Or a girl plays in front of people that she is "in demand as well as others." Both options are not very good. Most likely, she is looking for a wallet with legs, or she has already found it, and is now trying to take it away from her wife

How to find out that a guy is not present3

No, not all social networks will necessarily be crammed with a cat. Perhaps the girl is in the spirit of modern trends and will overwhelm them with her photos. Yes, if she is not a blogger, and all her photos are only studio, high-quality, with color correction, with photoshop, edited and very beautiful, most likely she is not.

Nowadays, pictures are ordered to have a man for themselves, and this is a fairly common option, unless, of course, she is an information businesswoman, and does not sell any courses online.

The second sure sign is that she will write a lot about relationships, but in some kind of theoretical way. For example, ideal guys, their breeding and hunting grounds, or how she sees the best guy. If there is something like that, the guy is not. But there is a whole regiment of cockroaches in my head from past relationships. Whether you need it or not, it's up to you to decide.

find out about the girl in social networks
find out about the girl in social networks

But what if she is in the networks - only nominally4

Yes, there are girls like that. In pairs, they study, and do not sit on Instagram. They appeared on VKontakte only on the day when the last episode of "Game of Thrones" was released, they are not registered in games, they do not sit in chats. What is she doing anyway?

Something more interesting, not by correspondence, reposts and looking at photos of celebrities with the subsequent purchase of similar outfits on Aliexpress. Girls may not be interested in mass culture and communication at all. Then did you hit or were you lucky? Everything is relative. Someone thinks that such girls are strange. Someone - that perfect.

Detective way5

Yes, you can follow her after couples, for example. Inconspicuous clothing, headphones. Look where she goes. Home? Great, wait, where will he go next. Just stock up on warm clothes and coffee in a thermos. Without this, no surveillance will work. And she can generally stay at home, and you can freeze at the entrance all evening. And the guy can come straight to her house. It is unlikely that you will be able to calculate it by a single-minded look.

an easy way to find out about a girl
an easy way to find out about a girl

The easiest way6

You don't need anything for this. You just have to get to know her and ask. Strange, but this is the best way. But you will not spend a lot of time looking for competitors, thinking about ways to eliminate them and fight them. You can just communicate with a girl, and then you will see if you need this relationship or not. That's great, isn't it?

Yes, but you don't want to listen to a rejection. Think, if you come up today and ask, you will save a lot of time. And you will also stand out favorably against the background of the mass of boys who calculate guys by likes, as well as through subscriptions and general accounts in games.

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