How To Get Out Of Unhealthy Relationships And Get Rid Of Addiction?

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How To Get Out Of Unhealthy Relationships And Get Rid Of Addiction?
How To Get Out Of Unhealthy Relationships And Get Rid Of Addiction?

Video: How To Get Out Of Unhealthy Relationships And Get Rid Of Addiction?

Video: How To Get Out Of Unhealthy Relationships And Get Rid Of Addiction?
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how to get out of unhealthy relationships
how to get out of unhealthy relationships

Getting out of an unhealthy relationship is quite difficult, the reason is that the two met, fell in love, began to live together, helping each other. They did not think about who is trying hard to maintain warm relations in the family, who is more enjoying the benefits of living together.

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  • 1 What is in the "dry residue" after adoration?
  • 2 Dislike is a latent threat to life

Gradually, one of the couple begins, as they say, "pulling the blanket over himself." Then his head hurts, he turns away and is silent. In general, the gloomy one comes home from work and shows dissatisfaction with any everyday trifles.

The second person, and this is most often a woman, tries to please his beloved, dispel his bad mood, and protect him from household chores. She suddenly begins to think that it is her fault that her husband has a headache and is not working well. She tries her best to please him, and he, seeing such a sacrificial attitude, begins to use his exceptional position, subjugating a woman.

What is in the "dry residue" after adoration? I

And now the two, who until recently could not breathe each other, were glad that they were finally together, turning into a master and a servant, into a concubine who could be shouted at, insulted and humiliated. And she will endure everything and forgive, for that bit of love that the owner will generously give her for a couple of hours, and then everything is all around again: a frowning face, a sore head, screaming and insults.

Why do the fairer sex allow themselves to be treated like this? The mechanism of this behavior is laid down in childhood. If the child in the family was not loved and did not give him tenderness and affection, then the child has learned to "deserve love", pleasing his parents.

Dislike is a hidden threat to life2

Experiments were carried out in orphanages, where young children often died for no apparent reason. The children were well fed, they had enough toys, but no one took them in their arms, did not hold them to themselves, as their mother usually does. And the children were dying of lack of love. Then the doctors suggested that the caregivers take the orphans in their arms during the day, talk to them, encourage them, show care.

And the disease went away by itself. The kids developed well and were able to adapt to society. Families sometimes experience the same turn of events. Parents have no time to show their love for their offspring, and it is vital and necessary for them. This is how we get disliked adults who believe that the whole world is hostile and unfriendly.

When they get into married couples, they are afraid of losing their love. And the more diligently they are humiliated, the more diligently they "deserve" good location. This leads to love addiction. Everyone knows that any addiction is harmful. Both drug, alcohol and love are very difficult to overcome. A person simply loses his I, begins to dissolve in his boyfriend, lives his life, but has no interests of his own, forgets about himself and thinks only about how to create better conditions for his beloved.

At the same time, the partner becomes more and more convinced of his privilege to manage his wife, repeating to himself constantly: "Where will she go?!" So he has already quit his job and is addicted to vodka. And she endures and endures everything, loves and loves. But everything comes to an end, all patience and love in one gate.

If a woman does not know how to get rid of love addiction and get out of unhealthy relationships, then she has a lot of work to do on herself, on her beliefs. Of course, it will be bad, there will be a withdrawal that accompanies any addiction. First of all, she must learn to live with her mind and for herself.

how to end an unhealthy relationship
how to end an unhealthy relationship

The first step in getting out of an unhealthy relationship is detachment. The very first thing is to draw a border where there is no entrance to the old one and something personal begins, one's own interests. There will be a fear that you will be left completely alone, that no one in this world needs it. An internal emptiness may appear - this is the second stage of changes. At the same time, we take control of ourselves, which leads to the third stage - to urgently develop independence and be responsible for ourselves.

No need to succumb to provocations from the ex. He can pretend to be sick, unhappy, trying to evoke pity in order to restore everything he likes again. Sometimes they even resort to a variety of threats. They promise to use force, get it by phone, speculate in suicide. He will not do anything of this, only maintain the brand and not be afraid. Show firmness of character.

Having a hobby is very important - it distracts from bad thoughts. See what people are doing on social media. A hobby should not only please, but completely captivate and capture. When you immerse yourself in the creative process, you do not notice the time, everything is easy, the process expresses the person's personality and brings pleasure. Especially if you also get approval from the people around you. Life will be filled with new meaning and sparkle with living colors.

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