Is There A Friendship Between Ex-boyfriend And Girlfriend?

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Is There A Friendship Between Ex-boyfriend And Girlfriend?
Is There A Friendship Between Ex-boyfriend And Girlfriend?

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Friendship between ex
Friendship between ex

"Let's stay friends?" - almost everyone, at least once in his life, has heard such a phrase. And, unfortunately, it does not always mean a real desire of the ex-partner to be friends, most often this phrase is pronounced so as not to greatly offend the former loved one and to smooth out the corners as much as possible when parting. But, in reality, is friendship possible between exes?

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  • 2 Friendship between boyfriend and girlfriend after short term relationship
  • 3 Friendship between ex, after a long serious relationship
  • 4 Friendship between former spouses
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This question is asked by everyone whose relationship is at an impasse and when the only chance not to lose a loved one is to agree to friendship. Do not forget that most partings are due to betrayal, betrayal, deception or everyday problems that "cool" the ardor in the relationship. And after most of the cases, it is very difficult to imagine that a person can become a friend.

After the breakup, many not that they cannot remain friends, but cannot, even, disperse without a war, discussing behind their backs, telling everyone the innermost secrets that will make the ex / ex not look in the best light. Often, former partners try to prick each other as much as possible. But still, how to avoid "military conflict in relations", to preserve dignity and remain in warm friendly relations?

Friendship Between Former Lovers

It will be about the possibility of friendship, after sexual relations, that is, when there was no love relationship between a guy and a girl, living together, dating, and so on. Typically, this type of relationship occurs after one night of sex. Both partners may be so happy with the process that no one wants to end it after the first night.

In theory, and in practice, former lovers can be friends. After all, if love has not arisen, then why not friendship. People who are not connected by everyday relationships and common everyday difficulties often share with each other some important moments of their lives, begin to trust each other and, over time, friendship arises between a guy and a girl. These people have nothing to share, nothing to swear about and ruin the relationship, because, in fact, in the literal sense of the word, they did not exist.

Often, even if they develop relationships with other people, former lovers maintain warm friendly feelings for each other. In this situation, the main thing is that someone does not fall in love for real, otherwise quarrels may arise on the basis of jealousy and imbalance. The bottom line is that if people have nothing to share and there is no place for jealousy, then this is an excellent ground for friendship, because if there is sex for friendship, then why not be friendship after sex!

Friendship between boyfriend and girlfriend after short term relationship2

Sometimes, people's relationships develop at a rapid pace. It would seem that only you were just acquaintances, then friends, when suddenly everyone began to call you a couple. What does short term relationship mean? This is a relationship that did not lead to serious injuries and did not last long. Often, a guy and a girl understand that they are good together and try to create something more like a relationship.

Is friendship possible between ex
Is friendship possible between ex

But as soon as this relationship takes on a more serious turn, people begin to cool towards each other. And relationships tend to fall apart. If we talk about whether friendship is possible after a brief, they can also be called a trial relationship, then, definitely, yes. This can be explained by the fact that a strong affection has not yet arisen between the former couple, reasons for serious quarrels and scandals, and the relationship could arise on the basis of common interests.

And if the relationship did not work out in the early stages, then this does not mean that the former partner is a bad person. Therefore, in case people have not yet had time to get bored with each other and overgrown with everyday problems, but the relationship, like a couple did not work out, then the best option is to give preference to sincere and pure friendship, which, by the way, with the right behavior on both sides, can last for years.

Friendship Between Exes, After Long Serious Relationship 3

In this case, everything is more complicated. It will be about a serious relationship that did not lead to marriage / marriage, but into which the partners managed to plunge headlong. After such a relationship, friendship is possible only if the couple dispersed by mutual agreement and everyone is already happy with another partner. But, as a rule, a long relationship ends because of something more serious, such as betrayal, violent quarrels, betrayal, deception, and so on.

friendship between ex-couple
friendship between ex-couple

The desire to maintain friendly relations arises from the side of the affected partner, because for him, this is the only way to stay close and at least somehow participate in the life of a loved one. The second party, who, for example, has cheated or simply lost any interest in the other half, as a rule, does not need friendship.

An imbalance arises, due to which the weak side imposes itself more and more, tries to show care and attention, and the strong side becomes irritated by excessive care. Under the influence of such an imbalance, friendship is impossible, but even if the former couple tries to be friends, it is unlikely that something sincere will come out.

Friendship between former spouses4

And finally, the most difficult case is the possibility of friendship between ex-spouses. Most often, in addition to the imbalance that was described in the previous example, complicating factors are added. For example, the division of joint property, children, savings, and so on. And the divorce process itself leaves many unpleasant moments for both partners.

Can friendship develop between ex-spouses? Real, sincere, such that "in the snow and in the heat" - is unlikely, but it is still worth keeping respectful calm communication, because, often, after long years of married life, it is not so easy to completely disappear from the field of vision friend friend. This is especially important if you have children together. According to the latest statistics, there are almost 600 thousand divorces per 1 million weddings.

about friendship between ex
about friendship between ex

This is more than half! And only 1 out of 100 divorces can end in real friendship, according to psychologists. They also believe that friendship with an ex-spouse is a losing decision in advance, but do not forget that all relationships are individual and unique. If the former spouses are connected by something really important, for example, children, then you should try to keep communication. But nevertheless, if treason or betrayal was interfered in the relationship, then there can be no talk of friendship if each of the former spouses has respect for himself.

Pros of friendship between ex5

1. Intimate relationships. Not always couples after parting, immediately find a new relationship. And therefore, many former partners have been practicing intimate relationships for a long time to maintain the normal life of an adult.

2. Understanding. If the relationship has been long, then, as a rule, people know each other too well, starting from how many spoons of sugar to put in tea and ending with how to help and what to say in a particular difficult life situation.

3. Have someone to ask for advice. Again, knowing you almost 100%, a former lover will be able to give good advice, realizing that it will help you best.

about friendship between ex
about friendship between ex

4. Share common interests. If you had common interests, for example, music or business, then you can combine business with pleasure. For example, go to concerts of your favorite bands together or over a cup to discuss new business projects.

5. Absolute honesty. It makes no sense for ex-couples to deceive each other. And therefore, you can ask such a person everything that interests you, and, most likely, if he is certainly not an inveterate deceiver, you will get the truth.

6. There is no envy or competition. Unlike friendship between same-sex friends. Here he will not compete in the fight for the heart of a new guy, and she will not envy the fact that you have more biceps.

Cons of Friendship Between Exes6

1. The presence of prohibited topics in conversations. Let the feelings fade away, but it is not very pleasant for each of the newly-made friends to talk, for example, about new relationships, sexual achievements and so on.

2. Suddenly, the feelings are not extinguished. If they have not faded away for both partners, then everything is not so scary and, perhaps, the couple will reunite. But if only one person has love in his heart, then this can cause many difficulties in communication, jealousy and prolonged depression.

friendship between ex
friendship between ex

3 Difficulties in the emergence of new relationships. Perhaps the former partners will be able to build new relationships with someone, but just whether friendship with the ex / ex will suit the new passions? Hardly.

4. Hints. If you have clearly decided for yourself that there is no sex without a relationship, then you may face the fact that all sorts of hints may come from your ex-partner, which is sometimes difficult to resist. If you do not treat an intimate relationship as something holy, then this, of course, is a plus. But if this is considered humiliating for you, then be prepared to face unpleasant moments.

If we talk about whether friendship between exes is possible, then it is important to understand that all cases are individual. Psychologists say that friendship is worth keeping with mutual friends, children, and work. But it is worth giving up friendship if the separation was due to treason, endless jealousy, after physical or mental abuse and assault, or if your partner suffers from alcoholism, drug addiction, and so on.

In general, if your former relationship has caused you a lot of pain and suffering, give it up without regret, friendship will only aggravate the situation. But if the parting was mutual, then maintaining friendly relations will make your relationship more sincere and warm. In the meantime, the phrase "Let's stay friends" after the breakup is the most popular and everyone can decide whether he is ready for such a decisive step!

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