TOP 15 Things Men Shouldn't Do On A Date

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TOP 15 Things Men Shouldn't Do On A Date
TOP 15 Things Men Shouldn't Do On A Date
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no need to do men on a date
no need to do men on a date

Parting is a difficult and unpleasant moment in life. But he can get even worse if you do something terrible that completely ruins the relationship between a guy and a girl.

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  • 1 Control and isolation
  • 2 All Crazy
  • 3 Too early
  • 4 Tough guy
  • 5 No support
  • 6 secretive

The most banal bad thing that men do is bring a girl into a dirty house. It is not surprising that when she sees dirty floors, sheets, not washed dishes and rotten chicken, the girl immediately changes her face and leaves forever. Likewise, some habits can impress a girl so unpleasantly that the last date will be the last. Lovely ladies shared 15 "red signals" that this man they saw for the last time.

Control and isolation i

There are men who are control freaks. So much so that they force their ladies to install tracking applications on their phone and connect it to their own. What for? And to be aware of where and with whom his beloved is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are male owners. When a man says “you are mine” it is very romantic. But, when he demands all the attention, trying to isolate his girlfriend from family and friends, - no. Run away from such a man as soon as possible.

Also, men very often interfere with friendship with another young man. Even if it's a childhood friend. Do not do like this. And they also love to behave as if a woman should ask permission for literally everything. Men need to break these habits if they want a long and happy relationship.

All Crazy 2

Men generally don't talk bad about ex-girlfriend. But, unfortunately, many do so. You don't need to call your ex crazy, hysterical and similar epithets. When a man says that all the exes were bad, "but you are not like that" - a wake-up call. And what is all? Was absolutely everyone crazy inadequate fools? Here it is definitely not a matter of former passions.

And there are also men who ridicule or ignore feminine principles and what a lady wants. She, poor, too, obviously, will soon join the clan of "crazy" exes.

Things not to do on a date
Things not to do on a date

Too early 3

When a man is in a hurry to make plans for the future. He starts right on the first date. It scares and alienates women. Or they confess their love too early.

Tough guy 4

Men sometimes try to show their coolness by starting to analyze the lady who came to him on a date. Often their "genius" conclusions are built on the basis of the girl's appearance. She has black varnish on her nails, which means "you are one of those girls that …". What? Nothing. Then the girl waves to him goodbye, forever.

Another way to demonstrate your importance is a boorish attitude towards service personnel. Such men are immediately blacklisted.

And also men joke. For example, about what "assholes" they are. This is a joke at first. And then it turns out that no.

No support5

When a lady turns to a man with complaints about a bad day, and he begins to dump his problems on her. Such men immediately become uninteresting to a woman. After all, she turns to him in search of support and affection.

What not to do on a date
What not to do on a date

Secretive 6

Women don't like secretive men. When he is clearly hiding something, and when the lady is trying to figure out what the matter is, he becomes angry and aggressive. Or requires showing all the contents of the phone, although he himself does not allow you to look into his own.

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