About Relationships And Money: How Money Can Ruin A Relationship?

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About Relationships And Money: How Money Can Ruin A Relationship?
About Relationships And Money: How Money Can Ruin A Relationship?

Video: About Relationships And Money: How Money Can Ruin A Relationship?

Video: About Relationships And Money: How Money Can Ruin A Relationship?
Video: How Money Can Ruin Your Relationships! 2023, September
relationships and money
relationships and money

People will never get tired of talking about relationships and money, as well as discussing the relationship between these two concepts. How many loud statements were made about the fact that girls only need financial resources, and the guys, they say, should both love and buy a tram. There are also other words: "I am embarrassed to receive help from a man", or "I am angry that my wife earns more." But among these messages you can find a grain of truth, which is worth remembering for the future.

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  • 1 Where do legs grow from?
  • 2 Typical examples
  • 3 Standard family
  • 4 Return family
  • 5 How to make a happy and wealthy family
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Where do legs grow from?

There are only two main problems connecting love and finance:

  1. The reluctance of some individuals of both sexes to grow up.
  2. Strong attachment to old stereotypes.

Now all young girls are at a kind of crossroads, when, on the one hand, aunts and mothers pressure the beauty, telling that she must provide for life, obey her partner, and he, in turn, is obliged to take on the material well-being of the couple.

On the other hand, the realities of our time are pressing, screaming about freedom and independence of the weaker sex. Unfortunately, not all of the older generation have adopted the new rules of the game, in which ladies are no longer required to work in low-paid jobs, obey men, participate in political spheres of life, and try to accustom their children to the old picture of the world.

On the male population, a similar picture also had its effect, because from birth, guys are put in their heads what they should do in the family, and what they get in return. But the harsh reality as usual introduces its directives.

Money is as much the foundation of a union of two people as love or affection. There is no place for commercialism, it is simply not possible to create a happy family without this asset. But finance alone will not be enough, you need to be able to properly dispose of them.

Typical examples2

If we talk about relationships and money, taking the above situation as a constant, it turns out not very pleasant, but a common paradox. Since childhood, many ladies are put into the consciousness that the guys owe them. We must provide, pay and attend to their problems.

At the same time, the girl's duties are suppressed by the freedom that adherents of feminism love to shout about. The result is something like - I want to be independent, but I don't want to provide for myself.

There are women who can be called the complete opposite of the former. When a lady takes on absolutely everything, from work to changing light bulbs. And this behavior can make a complete infantile out of a not fully formed man (a 40-year-old child who is not able to cook an omelet). It is very important to remember two simple truths here:

About relationships and money
About relationships and money
  • If a man or woman has taken over the full support of the family, the second partner will a priori be dependent on the breadwinner / breadwinner. Even if he doesn't want to accept it.
  • Families in which real equality reigns can be counted on one hand. They are followed by a competent distribution of responsibilities. In such a marriage, people know how to communicate and solve difficulties together. One thing is that such families are doomed to face criticism from friends and relatives who “understand life”.

Standard family3

The wife gradually seizes all the levers of influence in the family. Emotions, actions and all the husband's money are under complete control. The very concept - its own development, the matriarch is completely lost. The lady sits at home, is engaged in raising offspring, buys food and cooks.

If there is not enough money in the family, the husband does not earn enough. Here you need to remember what the husband was taught in childhood. Some do not contradict and fall into a state of indifference, work and TV remain of their interests. Other guys can try to prove their superiority, and these are scandals and blows to the nerves.

When a woman stops monitoring social status and appearance, her partner loses interest in her. Hence, young mistresses appear, who captivate with their activity and hobbies.

Return family4

Both spouses are working. The girl in her aspiration tries not to be a burden and takes on more and more. As a result, her salary exceeds the salary of the "earner". To which the one brought up in the spirit of "I am the leader" either begins to feel insecure and takes out his anger at his innocent wife, or relaxes and turns into a teenager. As a result, a woman suffers, who is "both a Swiss, and a reaper, and a gamer on a pipe."

About relationships and money
About relationships and money

How to make a happy and wealthy family5

When a family on the verge of breakup comes to a psychologist and talks about typical problems, doctors try to pay attention to such a wonderful word as compromise. Having decided to start a family, both must decide how the family will be provided for, how they will act if money is not enough. It's not bad to discuss not only earnings, but also the distribution of finances.

  • It is worth understanding that spouses are a kind of partners, and marriage can be considered a contract. Each partner has both responsibilities and rights.
  • On the other hand, it is worth forgetting about the word "must" based on the gender of the partner. A woman no longer has to live in the kitchen, and a man at work. The world has changed a lot.
  • Even if everything is fine, do not forget about your own development. Having a small, but own source of income is the way to self-confidence.
  • Don't avoid financial dialogues. There is such a concept - financial closeness, a couple must learn to discuss absolutely all issues, and come to a mutual decision.
  • Eliminate sacrifice. You shouldn't feel sorry for your soul mate who likes to spend hours on the Internet / beauty salon / fishing. Hobbies should not take the first place in life.
  • In the early stages of dating, take a closer look at how a guy / girl treats money. Even then, the financial model of the theoretical spouse can be assessed.
About relationships and money
About relationships and money

The needs of a modern person often do not coincide with his financial capabilities. Not everyone is able to make every effort to implement their plans. For one, a room in a communal apartment and pasta for lunch is enough. Others want to have their own transport (not economy class) and the opportunity to relax abroad.

When pairing, this is also worth considering. It is necessary to pay attention not only to the similarity in life goals, but also to the ability to achieve them, because everyone can dream.

Correct conclusions6

Re-educating an adult is a rather fantastic task than a real one. People who are afraid to take responsibility are very fond of blaming their soulmate for something in conversations about relationships and money. At the same time, the accuser tries to keep silent about his minuses.

It is worth starting a relationship if a person really knows what it is. After all, it's one thing to go on a date to a cozy cafe, and quite another to live with another person under the same roof. Every person must be able to make money.

About relationships and money
About relationships and money

Many adult husbands ask their wives to end their careers, and they, in turn, comply with this request. Their attention is focused not only on family and everyday life, but also on their own hobbies, while a retired spouse in the event of a financial crisis in the family is quite capable of finding a job, albeit a temporary one. This is just one example of the right family. And there are many such options.