How Not To Get Bored With A Girl? Tips On How To Behave

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How Not To Get Bored With A Girl? Tips On How To Behave
How Not To Get Bored With A Girl? Tips On How To Behave

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don't bother your girlfriend
don't bother your girlfriend

Bouquet and candy period is the most pleasant time of relationship between couples. All these minutes spent together are wonderful. Every movement, every look of the beloved is worth more than all the treasures in the world. This is oblivion, being in your own reality. What sweet kisses, what gentle touches! Sex cannot be compared to earthly joys.

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Long spicy phone conversations. Long and long hours of separation. It all seems like a sweet dream. But dreams do not last forever, one day she may wake up, and you do not. How can we prevent this? How to treat a woman to get bored? How to keep this wonderful atmosphere? You've obviously had these questions once before. Have you already noticed how her gaze grows cold? How does she, promising to call back, do not? How does one cancel a date citing a headache or bad mood?

Your brain automatically starts looking for an error, but scrolling through the memories, it cannot find the moment when the beginning of everything collapses. You start to become complex and nervous, fencing off from the whole world and throwing all your strength into the search for that very mistake. The very unkind moment when the changes began. What is the reason? After all, castles in the air were so strong and beautiful.

The less we love a woman … i

Very often, the fair sex is frightened off by excessive attention, simply called obsession. Men want to show their care, to demonstrate their readiness for exploits for the sake of their beloved.

But sometimes it turns into a selfish game called "Look how I can!" Of course, it is pleasant for a woman to feel like she is behind a stone wall and not to be deprived of male care, but when the guardian does not allow her to step and a step without him, this is already too much. Girls need space for their own actions. It is also very important for them that their opinion is listened to and respected.

don't bother your girlfriend
don't bother your girlfriend

At some point, there is no need to arrange another surprise, even a very pleasant one, a simple walk will be a much better continuation of the evening. You can load her with expensive gifts, and this will embarrass her, perhaps she is from a poorer family. You can take her to sushi bars and pizzerias depending on the modern taste, and she loves Russian cuisine.

You want to ride with the breeze on your lightning-fast Corvette, and she is terribly afraid of fast driving. With burning eyes, you will drag her to the cinema for a cult blockbuster, and she loves romantic melodramas. Men often leave a choice for themselves, not leaving it to their chosen ones.

Therefore, we offer you 17 ideas on how to spend time with a girl and leave unforgettable memories.

Abandoned and abandoned2

The opposite situation happens quite often in relationships. A man, gaining an understanding that the girl has already been conquered and the key to the city is in his pocket, begins to devote less and less time to her. Your meetings are more like handouts on your part than harmony. The most common excuse is work overload. After which, like a trailer, rest with friends follows.

Motivating that you are so accustomed to rest, your soul mate automatically develops the opinion that while staying with her you are tense. As a result, she realizes that you need one thing - to meet men's needs. She already at these moments sees that life with you will be sad and lonely.

Over time, children will appear, and responsibility for them will fall on her fragile shoulders. Household chores and problems are unlikely to worry you much. By entering into an alliance with you, she condemns her whole life to loneliness.

don't bother your girlfriend
don't bother your girlfriend

How to overcome the troubles when the relationship is bored will tell you in our article.


No matter how wonderful the castle towers and pegasus with unicorns are, besides relationships, a woman should have free time. You don't need to take up all the space with yourself. Perhaps your chosen one needs to meet with her mother or sister, share her impressions with her best friend.

And you begin to express zealous discontent. You start thickening the colors from scratch, dropping pipes, dropping calls. In the end, you do your best to ruin your mood. All these actions do not do you honor, and in the eyes of your beloved you will obviously fly down a couple of positions.

Let her go to the bachelorette party. No need to arrange surveillance or attach a wiretap sensor to her dress. Are you interested in women’s gossip? Let him talk with friends, learn stories from their lives.

Most girlfriends love to complain about circumstances and bad guys. Definitely, this will only strengthen your bond. Remember, the forbidden fruit is sweet! The more you can't, the more you want. Constant prohibitions can result in the search for a vest in which you can cry, which will understand and caress. And you just stay overboard. Then it will be too late to repent and there will be no one to blame but yourself.


If you are a confident boxer with experience, and are used to solving all problems with the help of fists, this can scare off your passion. Naturally, sport is health, and fit is also beauty. The ability to defend your girlfriend is a huge plus. But you know, if a pistol is loaded, it will be boring for him to keep cartridges in the store.

It is often difficult for guys with martial skills or just a militant nature to keep emotions under control. Some minor quarrel can turn into a scandal. And that doesn't mean a left hook at all. Harsh words sometimes hit harder than hands. You may not even notice how expressions in the form of arrows will fly out of your mouth.

don't bother your girlfriend
don't bother your girlfriend

When the severity of the moment passes, consciousness will fall into place, but it may be catastrophically late. You can offend with just one word, but it will be unrealistically difficult to establish the old relationship.


To be always desired and necessary, you need to feel the same golden mean. Do not go too far with care and do not let the situation take its course. How many people - so many opinions. The most important one for you is one. It is very important to know the interests of your soul mate and take them into account when spending time together.

And, of course, the foundation of any relationship is trust, and bricks are tenderness, affection and love. How not to get bored with a girl? Be attentive to her and you will understand everything yourself.

You will find even more useful information in our article on how to manage a relationship with a girl.

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