Why Do Men Have Mistresses And What To Do? Tips For Girls

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Why Do Men Have Mistresses And What To Do? Tips For Girls
Why Do Men Have Mistresses And What To Do? Tips For Girls
I want a mistress
I want a mistress

The hackneyed topic of polygamy and monogamy rarely becomes a hot topic for discussion. Truth is as old as the world: mistresses are compared to a restroom where you can relieve themselves; they are disliked and misunderstood, equating them with the caste of lovers. However, his capricious, as in childhood, desire in the words "I want a mistress" sounds clear. The voice comes from the depths of discontent, like in patients with schizophrenia, obsessed with the idea of ​​fix. Interest is born - how much zeal is to make happy the beautiful half of humanity, is it worth sounding the alarm for wives.

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  • 1 Where It Comes From: Childhood Questions About Adult Desires
  • 2 The essence of the existence of mistresses
  • 3 Where do they get them?
  • 4 How to react to a new passion?
  • 5 How does it work?
  • 6 How long is the relationship?
  • 7 The price of love: is it worth the risk?
  • 8 Tips for men: bargaining chip or real feelings?
  • 9 What does the girl think of you?
  • 10 How to maintain a relationship after cheating?
  • 11 On Two Fronts: Skills to Learn
  • 12 Share and keep silent
  • 13 No promises, no problems
  • 14 Don't jump over your head
  • 15 Inevitable consequences

Where It Comes From: Childhood Questions About Adult Desires

If a man knows how to restrain his emotions, then a woman is a volcano of passions, curiosity and suspicion. It is impossible to hide neither the problems nor the joys of a parallel life. It is not difficult to understand why the husband deigned to wish for the best. Just what to do with this fact next?

The essence of the existence of mistresses2

Men like women who have a mystery. Not a secret. Another thing is interesting:

  1. Of all those who want to sit on two chairs, only 24% try to continue the race. Vain attempts turn into a double life and the payment of alimony or, as in the theatrical production "Too Married Taxi Driver", showdowns and legal arguments of the former spouses.
  2. The remaining 76% of men have mistresses for communication, walks. It's like status - an indicator of high prices.

However, the desire to show off bills is not always obtained.

Out of medical ethics and respect for patients (names have been changed): Antosha had a beautiful wife. Everywhere behind her: salons, shopping, seas. Weekdays were difficult, and weekends were much worse. Antosha figured out how to get rid of his wife - to find a job. Well, so that your beloved can afford SPA not only on weekends. The position is interesting, it only brought a little money, or rather, took it away. Her name was Svetka.

That for the company could listen for hours about clients, customers, problems. I have never refused to communicate and go fishing or bowling together. Everything would be fine, but Antosha lied badly. The wife found out both the presence of a mistress and the lack of work.

man wants a mistress
man wants a mistress

The conclusion suggests itself: when the outlet disappears, expect trouble. The departure of a mistress often provokes a divorce. The wife is left to reconcile or … reconcile, but with the loss of the family.

However, there is always a choice. If you don’t like it, it’s not his absence. Of course, you can prevent the appearance of a rival, predict the behavior and desires of the husband, destroy the target on the horizon.

Where do they get them? 3

No, the story about honey places to help men will not go now. Rather, warning SOS messages to women hungry for exposure and juicy details.

  1. Men meet in transport. These are crowded places. Only suitable for pedestrians. Motorists are more likely to meet Madame at gas stations. Of these, 11% of males are ready for “here and now”.
  2. Customer-to-customer installation. How often did you have to watch a picture when a guy buys a household item, furniture, appliances, and a friend-assistant with him? These are the peacocks who disguise themselves as "I came with him." As customers, they are ready to send obscene offers via SMS. It is beneficial to those who are married, and the passion is married. There will be no compromising evidence.
  3. The Internet is the rest of the world, where you don't have to buy anything to get acquainted. Every second has cloned apps with accounts. This is not a split personality, but a typical upbringing.
if a man chooses between his wife and his mistress
if a man chooses between his wife and his mistress

Interesting! In Russia, 78% of men correspond for fun. Some of them switch to calls and meetings, and only 0.6% are ready to continue what they started in an intimate setting.

Wives can be happy, because with such statistics, the chance of losing a man is minimal. But the registry office knows the reasons for divorce best of all. And it's certainly not about cheating.

How to react to a new passion? 4

If your husband says “I want a mistress,” don't panic. Many males try to use these phrases to intimidate their wives. For example, in the east, where polygamy exists, women independently look for their own kind. The latter are endowed with rights and responsibilities. Russian men do not pull two legitimate beauties, so they use the "fallback" tactic.

How does it work? 5

At first, husbands try to be careful, to spend time at certain hours, days of the week. Then addiction appears, which is not so easy to get rid of. If he feels good, he will not change anything for a long time. However, women in secondary roles rarely accept their status as something respectful. Scandals begin. An attempt to replace a wife with children, to recreate everyday life is rarely crowned with success.

if a man needs a mistress and a wife
if a man needs a mistress and a wife

The man is not going to court again. There is a spouse for this. It's easier with a mistress: you come and go. If she claims her rights, she will scare the man away. Often this ends with the return of previous feelings. The wife, as a wise woman, will either accept everything or end the relationship without explanation.

How long-term is the relationship? 6

If he needed another, the sincerity of the relationship and responsibility for the marriage are questioned.

  • According to statistics, half of the husbands return to their wives, and only a third of them remain faithful. This happens after betrayal, deception, set-up, when the eyes are opened to the real attitude of the wife.
  • Some men continue to change their mistresses. This is not due to polygamy and the structural features of the male ego, but due to upbringing.

When a child does not receive love, care and affection, he becomes callous. If he feels good with his mistress, as with his wife, he does not know grief. Self-affirmation is required by everyone, but everyone takes it from different areas of life. Little boys, watching the quarrels of their parents, were often rejected, not understood. Any questions were refuted, scandals were suggested as something normal. In adulthood, infantilism manifests itself in a misunderstanding of what is right. Therefore, men are looking for more ways to give and give love.

why they have a mistress
why they have a mistress

Interesting! Men's care is different from women's. The first love deeds when they see that the object of sighing gets pleasure. Emotional attachment is created. A woman shares her love for the benefit of another: it is comparable to caring for a baby who is completely dependent on her.

The Price of Love: Is It Worth the Risk? 7

Men who set themselves the task of finding another woman want only recognition. But there are exceptions that enter into the rules after the appearance of new sensations.

  • Business trips and delays at work: a frivolous romance, a simple hobby.
  • Constantly spending money on things that are not in the house: a protracted romance that can turn into something serious. Often this gives rise to a second life, where a mistress lives with illegitimate children.
  • Frequent disappearances, delays, gifts on behalf of colleagues and acquaintances: an addiction that can only be eliminated by breaking up a marriage

If the wife leaves, the meaning of the mistress disappears. The very fact of hiding the truth, extreme and to some extent adrenaline can no longer be received. Therefore, it is recommended that kept women understand their place so as not to lose sponsorship.

why is one woman not enough for men
why is one woman not enough for men

Tips for men: bargaining chip or real feelings? 8

When addressing men who have declared themselves "I want a mistress", they must understand the psychology of a woman. When a new model of behavior appears, do not forget that the old one that is applicable to the spouse will change exponentially. This is evidenced by the following factors:

  • Change of mood;
  • Libido changes in relation to the location of the ritual;
  • Everyday life becomes less attractive;
  • Childcare is taken for granted, not happy parenting.

These signs betray almost everyone, even if the wife is silent. Either she keeps a happy nest after 15 years of marriage, or she is afraid of losing the carefree life that will force her to pursue a career after decades at home.

What does a girl think of you? 9

You can want a mistress, just what will you do, men, when she appears and demands attention. The lover is also not a fool, she knows her capabilities and what she deserves very well. The following picture appears in her eyes:

I want a mistress
I want a mistress

The once distant platonically man becomes a part of it. Every day she intersects with him, communicates, tries to look decent. As soon as everything turns into a tight vicious circle, the girl takes her existence for granted. You shouldn't be happy about this. Each time she will spend several hours a day on a bath, make-up, spend money on beauty care, visit fitness clubs and try to keep up with everything in the world. Whether a man will be able to appreciate such sacrifices is unknown.

In the cycle of events, the girl will appreciate, the lover shows some concern, appreciates her efforts and ensures the minimum level of costs. If this does not happen, the money goes to the family and the children, the girl begins to think: it is much easier to be a wife, because she gets everything for free. And for the sake of a second's pleasure, you should not waste time and effort in vain.

How to maintain a relationship after cheating? 10

The secret becomes clear even before the cards are revealed. A mistress can appear from a circle of mutual acquaintances, colleagues, even girlfriends. Revenge for the years of marriage taken away will follow without delay. The supporting heroine does not lose anything if she is an unmarried, free woman. The danger lies not only in undermining trust, but in constant tension between spouses.

why do we need a mistress
why do we need a mistress
  1. Suspicions begin with any call. The wife will check the phone.
  2. All SMS are forwarded to the name of a certain Sergei, a work colleague. Proof is needed here, because the presumption of innocence does not work.
  3. Any explanations about the time will not count.

Note that among the actors there are many men who led double lives. It's not a secret, because being together somewhere in the middle of filming is unbearable. The sensational series "Clone" is worth such attention: the main characters managed to get a divorce, get married with colleagues in the shop, and have children. And after dozens of years to meet again and marry friends, where there was a difference in age, children from previous marriages and alimony. This did not prevent them from living in happiness. Only there the mistress became a wife.

Even take Johnny Depp: he called every beloved one to get married. He was officially married once, but ambition and honesty took up. What can not be said about today's men.

On Two Fronts: Skills to Learn11

Psychologists often discourage men from extramarital affairs that are harmful to health. But if, nevertheless, there is a need to realize libido, here are some tips to use.

why do guys have mistresses
why do guys have mistresses

Share and Silence12

When you managed to get into a mess, in no case talk about the family. Any comparisons with my wife will be sideways. Better to remain a free and lonely wolf than to become a manic person.

Unfaithful men often begin to suspect their wives of the same deeds. This suggests that the spouse is cheating. Try not to take quarrels in public.

No promises, no problems13

Expectations that are not met by a lover can play a cruel joke. It is worth discussing all the moments in advance with the woman who is with you for the sake of comfort.

If it turns out that you cheated on her, sound the alarm. Pretending to be sick and unnecessary is easier than taking responsibility for your life.

Don't jump over your head14

You shouldn't show your best. The ability to be a friend and lover, a family man and a great macho will only renew interest in your person. It is recommended to limit communication "on business", without unnecessary meetings over a cup of coffee.

why do men have mistresses
why do men have mistresses

Inevitable consequences15

And again statistics, from which it is impossible to hide. The University of Mississippi conducted a social survey of men who once cheated on their wives. They agreed to be tested and tell their truth about the observations:

  • Almost half admitted that they are stressed when they lie.
  • 48% of the rest try to rest alone in order to cope with their conscience.
  • And only 2% of all men regret having committed crimes of honor.

It is noted that not one of them repented, on the contrary, convincingly assured a group of researchers of the rightness and the need to do so and not otherwise.

A very interesting survey gave birth to the conclusion: if a man wants a mistress, he gets it, risking everything. However, before the march to the left, no one had thought about the consequences. Perhaps due to the inability to think ahead, sayings sometimes appear "… having lost crying." But this is a completely different disease.

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