Signs Of A Bad Wife: How To Recognize Her And What To Do?

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Signs Of A Bad Wife: How To Recognize Her And What To Do?
Signs Of A Bad Wife: How To Recognize Her And What To Do?

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Signs of a Bad Wife
Signs of a Bad Wife

Scandals, intrigues, investigations: and this is only an obvious part of a girl's behavior, which, by virtue of her character, can suppress male pride. In the family, quarrels are born caused by misunderstanding between spouses. There are fights, sort of like, “darlings scold, only amuse themselves”, and a lot of such squabbles, which develops into a constant negative.

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  • 2 Home tyrant
  • 3 Syndrome of pathological bitch
  • 4 The impossibility of a man to be such

And many men admit that their wives were obedient, submissive. Women blame the spouses for everything: “he took a good one, but made a monster out of me”. Is there a sign of a bad wife, and how to recognize the essence of a worthy passion at the stage of a relationship? Psychologists talk about all questions, share opinions and life experiences.

Symptoms of understatementi

In Russia, there is a syndrome of insolvency among women and men. As the father of the Christian Orthodox Church says, the powerlessness of a woman grows under the pressure of a man. When the weaker sex tries to break free from the shackles of humiliation, a strong man grows up with the signs of a weak woman.

She becomes enduring in character, emotionally stable, with a core. A man, losing control over his beloved, ceases to feel his power and need. Work does not bring joy, no one waits at home, and thoughts of having children remain in dreams, because a successful wife does not seek to close herself in four walls and devote the next five years to raising babies.

Does this cause confusion and ambiguous feelings in men who seem to be ready to compromise, but in everyday life it is easier for them to shift responsibility and care even for themselves onto fragile shoulders?

Home tyrant2

There comes a day or period when a woman is ready to marry, to surrender to her husband and children. Women's time always goes faster, therefore, when the question of family responsibility arises, often the stronger sex turns out to be so vulnerable and weak that you want to take everything into your own hands. In the eyes of the earners, the chosen one acts as a tyrant:

  • She nags her husband for banal pranks: he didn't wash the dishes, didn't put things away for the wash. It would seem a trifle, but it works, supports itself, provides comfort.
  • The husband is tired, and the wife needs attention. Kahn, she dared to wish for the best when he survived a reprimand from his superiors and wants to rest?
  • She tells her friends the details of her intimate life: the height of impudence, because only men, the main gossips of human relations, are destined to do this.
  • Refusal of sex - no comment.
  • Calls into question the consistency of the husband as a man. Unscrupulous arrogance that hurts right in the heart.
  • Argues about what he does not know. It's just infuriating, especially when trying to prove your truth.

And also the wife does not cook borscht of their principle, does not like the mother-in-law, and she herself knows better how to dress for a bachelorette party a true "woman bitch". All would be fine, but men are sometimes themselves to blame for such an outcome.

bad wife
bad wife

K / f "Joy"

Syndrome of the pathological bitch3

This is the real reason why the future relationship between spouses can be determined. Initially, a girl, being a bride, can show disrespect to a man in the form of silly jokes, statements about parents and appearance. This should suggest the difficulty, the impossibility of building a calm relationship. The hallmark of a bad wife is constant control and distrust.

The institution of marriage upsets the problem more globally. First, couples are formed by young people who are not yet mentally mature. They are interested in trying themselves as husbands, bitch girls agree to take on the heavy burden of marriage, combining it with study and life. Secondly, a large number of young people is in a hurry to enjoy each other's company, often marry in spite of their parents, wanting to prove their independence.

good or bad wife
good or bad wife

K / f "I don't know how she does it"

Due to constant problems, not knowing the half better, women become aggressive, bitchy. This is often due to an attempt by adults to interfere with their personal lives.

The impossibility of a man to be such4

It is not for nothing that there is a belief when it is said: one does not leave bad things. The same applies in a modern way - "husband and wife are one Satan." The saying is as old as the world, but the meaning is in the similarity of the characters of two people who have lived together for many years. And this is where the fun begins. A modern man cannot realize himself as a breadwinner.

There are conveniences in which it is impossible to exercise power The very fact of the position in society suggests that the masculine gender has lost its significance. Everywhere now women rule: career and business, home and everyday life, they even manage to bring up children. Where to show yourself to your husband? It remains to monitor the success of his wife, who bypasses him by four heads. For information on how not to spoil a man and correctly identify a strong and weak man, read the link.

Some believe that the weak half of humanity is taking on too much. Perhaps so, because a sign of a bad wife is a complete inadequacy to the criteria for choosing a female role. If a partner understands her purpose, she is able to give her husband a wheel, rewarding with both affection and imaginary admiration. Let it be feigned, but wise, because the salvation of the family, as before, always depends on the mistress. Who's the neck to all heads..?

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