The Girl Is Constantly Asking For Money. How Do You Know That She Is Using You?

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The Girl Is Constantly Asking For Money. How Do You Know That She Is Using You?
The Girl Is Constantly Asking For Money. How Do You Know That She Is Using You?

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girl asks for money
girl asks for money

In various forums on the Internet, you can often come across guys thinking about relationships with the opposite sex, in particular about the financial side. The problem looks like this: a girl asks for money, while she herself may not even work, she demands it every day, and if the guy refuses her, she immediately takes offense at him and may even stop talking.

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  • 1 How much is love
  • 2 Signs that you are being used as a sponsor
  • 3 Girls who only want money
  • 4 Money is not happiness

The main question that worries in this situation is "not because of the mercantile benefit, is she with him." The guy asks the users for advice on what to do with such a relationship, because you want real mutual love and respect, and the girl is fooling around. Many are offended and do not understand why the girl does not appreciate him as he is, is not content with what she has, but constantly demands. Maybe everything has a price or is it a “merchandise-merchant” relationship? And where will they lead then?

Interesting fact! In France, it is customary to pay on a date "every man for himself." Only in the case of a long-term relationship does a man pay for a woman. Also, the French rarely give flowers and gifts to their chosen one, which speaks of their practicality and frugality. It is believed that the French invented heart-shaped valentines. Nice and rational.

How much is love

If you ask a girl directly about whether a relationship is built on money, then most likely she will answer in the negative. A template question will receive the same template answer. "Are you with me because of the money?" "What are you, of course not." It would be strange to hear something else. In the end, maybe the girl herself does not give an account of this.

On the other hand, if a girl asks for money, then the man considers it his duty to give it to her, because he is a breadwinner by nature. Girls, on the other hand, on a subconscious level strive to find a reliable, and as they usually say, a “not greedy” man with whom they will create a family, give birth to children and it is important that they do not need anything, for this a strong shoulder is needed.

So, perhaps, they really think not only of themselves, but also look far into the future. After all, the prospect of being the wife of “the most honest, but the poorest policeman in the role of Svetlakov from Nasha Rashi attracts few people. The son is dressed in a bag, from the sections you can give the maximum for swimming, since there is only enough for underpants, the wife glows with thinness, soup made of water with salt for dinner. This is of course a parody and an exaggeration of reality, but there are such families in life.

the girl asks for money regularly
the girl asks for money regularly

Signs that you are being used as a sponsor2

Answer the test and if there are more positive statements, then bad news for you.

  • She chooses the meeting place and more often it turns out to be a cafe or restaurant.
  • She rarely calls herself, she may not pick up the phone, but answer the SMS to the missed call.
  • He rarely kisses and does not always allow himself to be kissed.
  • There is no intimate relationship.
  • She talks about her problems, but she herself is not interested in yours.
  • Often he drops an incoming call in front of you and does not allow you to look into the phone.
  • She communicates with her ex, although she speaks negatively about him.
  • Spends more time with her girlfriends than with you.
  • Doesn't give gifts or indulge in cooking.
  • Her friends are dismissive of you.
girl asks for money
girl asks for money

Girls Who Only Need Money3

Consider the distinctive features that will indicate a needy or a girl with big demands, who saves her money, but easily disposes of strangers.

Lack of etiquette indicates an ill-mannered person, and the signs below indicate a woman in need of money. It seeks to get them from a man. With the help of an experienced look, you can recognize a hunter for wealthy men.

  • She dreams of a trip to distant countries and often thinks and talks about it. Can casually talk about a country cottage and a car. Naturally, she herself cannot afford it. Most women who are not obsessed with foreign countries and expensive gifts want more essential things (dog, perfume, marriage, etc.). But what can she herself give a man?
  • Has a blank look. Such a lady is rarely in a good mood. She is often preoccupied with something and considers life to be unfair. Doesn't like to discuss films, music, art. Obsessed with financial problems.
the girl asks for money regularly
the girl asks for money regularly
  • There is nothing to talk about with her. Her inner world is poor. He only understands the topics of wages, real estate and the elements of a successful life. Itself has nothing of this. It is better not to discuss your achievements in the field of career and prospects with such a person.
  • Selects a copy of a well-known brand. You cannot prove to such a lady that fakes are always of low quality and it is better to buy things from inexpensive but good domestic manufacturers. She has a prejudice that a promoted brand with a logo on all clothes is much better. In fact, she is shy about her income and tries to assert herself with the help of luxury fakes. Unfortunately, this only indicates a lack of a sense of style and limited mind, as well as an inability to choose a good thing that will last a long time.
  • Shows off a lot of jewelry. At this house, you can see five rings or a thick chain with a bracelet on the hand. It is hung with jewels. Moreover, they were not purchased on the market or on sale, they do not consist of stones or jewelry. Such decorations may not even match each other. A woman is sure that the more “shiny” she has on her, the more expensive and wealthy she looks.
the girl asks for money regularly
the girl asks for money regularly

Money is not happiness4

In general, if a person truly loves, he will not have the thought that he is being used as a wallet or as a housekeeper. And if a similar thought flashes in a fit of quarrel, it is better to drive them away. By the way, marriages of convenience, when both know what they need from each other, rarely end in divorce. After all, both can clearly name what they expect from the chosen one and do not fool their heads, they do not have vague ideas about the ideal partner.

In general, each situation is purely individual, for example, she needs money for food and necessary clothes, or just for a new phone and another package of cosmetics, so if a girl asks for money, then she needs to understand the situation. A somewhat close relationship plays a role, whether they are together for a long time, live together or just friends, whether the guy works.

For details on why a man gives money to a woman and what good he gets from it, read the next article.

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